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Sarah's bar is close to shutting down for the evening when a beautiful stranger comes in with a limp and asking for a scotch.
A companion document to Blood and Lace, to be updated with the various characters and notes presented in the story for easy reference.
A soldier returns home to her lover
Hi there!

just a quick glimpse of my new illustrated short story, co-written with Voe Grevioux. It's fully written and the illustrations are completed at 70% approximately.
This package will be free to my patreons once it's completed, so if you like my art and stories, feel free to check my page and help me create cool stuff :)

thanks and see you soon !
Young mutant Wingbat has had a crush on the beautiful, quiet X-23 for a long time. Now that he finally has a way to get with her, though, he's not so sure it's a great idea...

Commission for Wingbat.
Commander Shepard and Tali'Zorah go on a date. It does not end as planned.
An Elven Princess, and a Human Witch Knight take shelter during a blizzard, and find comfort within each other's arms through the storm.
Elina was a devout woman, until a vampire arrives while she prays, and shows her the desires that lurk within the paths of darkness.
 A snippet of my on going story for my Dominion's Chain project. 
- The entire chapter as well as Sinfulwolf's Shackles of Hate story can be found 
December 1941; A German Occult program has managed to summon demons from another world. While they wanted soldiers, no one has yet complained about the beautiful succubi that came forth instead.
Looking for some fun while on R&R, Sgt. Vikki Fenris runs into an attractive pilot and soon finds herself in the other woman''s bed.