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Net Neutrality was repealed, but Congress could still overturn the decision. If you care about the future of the internet (and porn), stay informed and contact your representatives in Congress. If we can let them know what this means to us, maybe we'll win? Fingers crossed. You can still check out these sites for more info. 

6/20: Check out my blog for regular Hentai Foundry story recommendations!

Comment below or contact me at to ask for commissions (read: custom made porn)

Short commissions open 8/8 ($20 fixed) now available (2 of 5 slots taken): As of today I'll be adding a new option for commissions. Short commissions have a capped/unchanging price of 20$, and should be finished somewhere between a few days to a little over a week. Short commissions will have 1-2 characters max, one sex position/act, a bare bones plot, and no matter how long in word count the story gets, you will still only pay $20 (this means that the story at minimum will be 2,000 words, but the story could also be longer, basically as long as it takes me to turn your ideas into a story) at the end of the day. My new policy on commissions is that I will be working on 1 long commission and 1 short commission at a time, so if I have a big project that I'm working on, people will still be able to get something simpler if they want it. 


LONG COMMISSIONS CLOSED 6/18 ($0.01 or 1 cent per word aka 10$ for every 1000 words)-2/3 commissions finished

Note: Commissioners by law should be at least 18 years of age or older, and all payments should be sent through paypal, specifically using the "pay for goods and services" option. Here is a whole post about stuff you should make sure to do to make these transactions safer and less complicated: 

EDIT: Here's how we do Invoices, because apparently those are just better: 

-Profile art by Jummy and commissioned by Windstar for one of my stories, and avatar by an awesome artist and close personal friend! Check out their poop:  (I really like the little ghosts they have floating across the screen)

Content Restrictions:

Stuff I'll do
-Vanilla (Any standard, mainstream sexual practices including but not limited to oral and anal sex)

-Furries (the humanoid, bipedal type, so no straight up talking animals)



-Anything gay, lesbian, bisexual or transgendered, including "traps"

-BDSM/rough sex (face-fucking, spanking, etc.), master/servant is fine as long as it’s only degrading in play and not excessively cruel, pain/pleasure again is fine, but nothing too extreme, and of course bondage (ropes/chains/blindfolds/gags/etc) is A-OK, blood and knife play is doable as long as it's not excessive and CONSENSUAL. (Update 12/19/17: Let me know what you're looking for and we'll see how extreme I'd be willing to get)

-Various body types (fat, skinny, short, as well as anyone traditionally unattractive), including aliens, slime/goo people, elementals and people with exaggerated or multiple body parts (huge dicks/breasts, double dong/third boob, etc.), macro/micro stuff

-Foot stuff I guess, even though it weirds me out personally, though this is an iffy one and it really depends on what you want. A stocking/socked footjob is at the sure end of the will Lemonator write foot stuff spectrum and eating toe jam from between crusty toes is at the never gonna happen end. (I'm really sorry I made you read that)

Stuff I WON'T do
Rape: This is the big one for me. All sexual encounters should at least be like, 90% consensual. This bars the capital R rape (i.e. the violent, forced variety), but it also includes date rape, blackmail and other variants of abuse. That also means no snuff or vore, obviously (yeah, even if the vore is consensual). When in doubt, if it flies in the face of human dignity, I’m probably against it. 

Kids: Not happening. Ever. Teens are okay as long as they're eighteen or older. Otherwise no. 

Animals: Not only with humans, but with other animals as well. Talking animals don't make it better, but if a magical animal had a human or humanoid form, that would be acceptable. 

Incest: No parent/child stuff or siblings. Cousins are pushing it, but acceptable, but only if they're adults.

Other bodily fluids: Like I said, if there’s a tiny bit of blood from some rough stuff that’s fine. No more than that though. Urine I could do, if a little reluctantly, but scat is were I draw the line. 

Everything Else
As for what that leaves open, there are a lot of kinks out there, and I’d be lying if I said I knew them all. Or if I remembered every one that I’d ever heard. In short: when in doubt, ask me. If it’s something I don’t object to, I’ll probably accept it on a case-by-case basis.


The first one is important. I do not give refunds under ordinary circumstances. If there is an issue, and you think you deserve a refund, present your case to me and I'll hear you out. However, not liking the story I give you is not a valid reason for wanting your money back. By agreeing to do a commission with me, you take a risk in not being satisfied with the final product. 

In all cases you will be expected to send me your payment via paypal, and once I see the money in my account, I will then send you the finished document no more than a day later, though I have never taken that long before. The exceptions to this policy are if the document itself is incredibly sloppy (with an obnoxious amount of spelling/grammatical errors), if there is an apparent lack of effort in conforming to your specifications, or if the story is shorter than we originally agreed to. In these cases though, I will try to rectify the situation first before giving any refunds. 

I have the right to reject a commission idea, for any reason. Although my list of content restrictions is comprehensive (at least as much as it can be), I can't predict with 100% accuracy what I'll object to. In these cases I will usually explain why I won't go along with them. Afterwards you can adapt or modify your idea until it's acceptable, or come up with another one entirely. But you won't just forfeit your place in line because of my personal preferences. 

Production Time
Writing takes time, and solid, quality writing takes longer than that. It may take upwards of two months for me to finish your story depending on a variety of factors, including time of year, my personal life, and what other projects I may be working on at the time. You do not need to pay until the story is completed anyway, so I just ask that you stay patient. If it is taking an especially long time I will keep you updated on progress and give you samples and previews of what you'd eventually be getting (I'd do this anyway, to be fair). Shorter commissions will obviously take less time to make, so if you're in a hurry, consider the option.

Posting Stories Online
Unless specifically told otherwise, after finishing your commissions I will post them on HF and and any other places I'm inclined to. I do this so I can get traffic, so other people can see and read my stories, and therefore sign up for commissions in turn. As such, if you do have an objection to me posting them, it would need to be a particularly compelling reason. 

Story Length
As I've had issues underestimating the eventual wordcount of a story in the past, I ask that you would take time to consider how many words you would need to properly do your story justice, keeping in mind pacing, narrative flow, and things of that nature. A good rule of thumb to go by is making your word limit LESS than you actually think it'll be, because commissions tend to go over. So for example, if you want it to be a 6,000 words, ask for 3 or 4,000. If yours does go over, we can talk about what you want to do. You will have the option to either let it go on and pay what the total turns out to be, or have me revise and cut down the story to make it fit. 

New commissioners will take precedence over those who have expressed interest but have not responded to me within a certain period (approx. within 5 days). As long as you remain out of contact new people will continue to take priority, but you can always re-establish contact and I'll get to you whenever I'm not working with someone else. 

All original characters, stories and settings are owned by their respective commissioners (you guys! :O) This doesn't change as a result of our relationship as commissioner and author. On the other hand, I own the right to the specific stories I write, with the understanding that I will never use your original content in any unrelated work I might produce, unless you give me permission first.

Commission Guidelines

Summarize briefly what your story is about. Let me know what kind of tone you're going for, if anything specific. When and where does it take place? Any background information that would not explicitly make it into the finished product is helpful.  

Who’s the story about? Main character, supporting cast, etc. Include personality, mannerisms—again, as much background information as you can helps me out a great deal. Specifically, you might even include some kinkier details if you so wish; I don’t just mean sizes either, favorite positions, sexual preferences and whatever else you can come up would also go a long way.

The Sex Stuff
What kinda sexing is going on? Where? How are they doing it and how many people are involved? How long does it go on for? Is everyone digging it or are they kinda bummed out? Does everyone get to finish? These are probably some of the most important details for a story like this, but you’re also welcome to leave this part up to me if you can’t think of anything. 

1st, 2nd or 3rd? This doesn’t really matter in the long run, but it changes the feel of the story just a bit. 3rd person is standard storytelling fare and what I’ll default as, 1st person is for when you really want to get inside a character’s head, and 2nd person is for that ‘choose your own adventure’ type vibe. And of course, if it’s told from a certain perspective, does it switch from character to character? How many characters?


How do you want your sex scene to flow? Slow and drawn out moments with lots of detail or fast paced action that jumps from position/act to position/act? Consider how long you want the overall story to be, what the story-to-sex ratio is, and if there are multiple positions/acts in the scene, how much attention should be given to each, and in which order should they be done in? This also applies to the non-sexual portions of the commission as well. 

Keep in mind that the more time devoted to sex, the less there will be for story, character development and world building...and vice versa. I wrote a commission recently that was basically 5,000 words of a single sex scene, and one a while back that was 9,000+ with only 1,000 or so words of sex. I would ask that you try to keep a realistic view of how long your story will turn out to be with all the parameters you define, but I will always inform you when it seems like we're going to go over your estimate.


10/31/17-Happy Halloween! I just posted a new quick Halloween story and I also updated an old story, Ghosts Need Gropes (click the title!) to include some added descriptions of the room the two main characters are in. Trust me it's at least more fun than it sounds.

Recommended Writers (updated 7/3/15):

-If you haven't read anything by the awesome and incredibly talented Kuroshio, you need to do so. Drop everything you're doing, X out of my latest crap-fic and go check out his page: (He does commissions! But not right now :O) Might I suggest his super hot, super compelling sci-fi epic, It is Not a Love Story?

-NidoranDuran, besides having a great name, also has a really well-written, humanistic story about poly couples starring Zelda characters, and it's also really hot.

And go check out the seventy-nine fucking other stories he's written since FEBRUARY that I haven't read. I feel like a hack. 

-Finally, it's sad these guys never kept at it, but for their brief runs as writers here they all made good stuff:'s Totally Racist is the one I remember reading, and it was super bonerific if I recall (and the racism in question is of a fictional nature and comes from one of the characters, not the theme of the story itself)

(The reason I linked the last two as stories is because those writers only ever wrote one story each)

Also, check out:



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Tetisuka on July 2, 2018, 2:37:52 PM

Tetisuka on
TetisukaTks so much for the watch!!! >w< ♥

spawnoftyphon on March 12, 2018, 9:41:44 AM

spawnoftyphon on
spawnoftyphonThanks for the favorite on my story, Overwatch: Bonding with the Ladies.

Lemonator on March 14, 2018, 12:44:38 AM

Lemonator on
LemonatorNo problem. 

DocXIII on March 10, 2018, 1:02:11 AM

DocXIII on
DocXIIIHi, may I please request a story from you?

Lemonator on March 11, 2018, 8:12:15 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorUnfortunately I'm already working on multiple commissions right now and I just wouldn't have the time to write something for you. I'm currently closed for commission work, but if you get back to me at a later time I would be more than willing to write for you. At the way things are going right now I might be cleared up by April or May. Check back to this page periodically--if I'm open for commissions it'll say so under my profile.

Rexic137 on January 21, 2018, 9:55:33 PM

Rexic137 on
Rexic137i was interested in seeing if i can get commissions but i didnt see your price anywhere.

Lemonator on January 22, 2018, 12:50:54 AM

Lemonator on
LemonatorAh, no problem. My price is the standard for commission writing I think, 1 cent per word. So a 5,000 word story would be 50 dollars, a 7,000 word story would be 70, and so on. You can shoot me an e-mail or a PM if you wanna discuss details. Or I guess you could tell me here but that'd be pretty unusual and I dunno if you'd wanna do that in public. 

rootdraws on December 5, 2017, 4:38:36 PM

rootdraws on
rootdrawsHey Lemonator, 

I'm doing this Warcraft Yuri Comic [YCH Auction], and I'm asking $75 for a starting bid for 15 full color panels / 6 pages. Do you have any WoW characters that you'd like to see turned into a comic? 

There's a short speedpaint video, and a few more details on the post. 

Take care, 

Lemonator on December 5, 2017, 11:43:47 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorSorry, I'm not really interested in WoW and I don't have 75$ to spend right now anyway. Thanks for asking, though!

rootdraws on December 5, 2017, 11:50:06 PM

rootdraws on
rootdrawsThanks for the response Lemonator. Best to you. 

Lemonator on December 6, 2017, 8:22:34 AM

Lemonator on
LemonatorNo problem. You too!

Windstar on October 8, 2017, 12:09:12 AM

Windstar on
WindstarDo you have a Patreon?

Lemonator on October 8, 2017, 10:17:20 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorEyyyyye used to. But I kinda felt bad about it because I think just this one person was subbed to me, and I took 5 dollars from them every month, and I asked them if they wanted some sort of reward, but they never replied. So it was kinda just like siphoning money off some stranger every month for nothing in return. *shrug* It just didn't feel right. If you're expressing interest I might consider making a new one, but I'd have to see.

Windstar on October 8, 2017, 11:09:53 PM

Windstar on
WindstarI see. I recently found an erotic fanfiction writer starting out on Patreon who had some level of success. You're a better writer than they are, so I thought to suggest it. It does depend on the type of content you churn out though, and finding that audience. 

Andrew-Ryan15 on April 13, 2017, 6:45:11 AM

Andrew-Ryan15 on
Andrew-Ryan15Contrary to popular belief i like to read and an interractive porn story in ancient Greece. Wow.

Double points for history and what the women wore(less points on lack of technologies and homework to do), I can't really support you on the game sorry but hey good luck on your stories.

You've reached this far hopefully you'll go farther

Lemonator on April 23, 2017, 3:45:45 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorThank you! Progress on the story is coming slowly but as of now I'm focused on making something good, so I'm taking my time. There was a time I would've worried about making regular content, but I feel like I've lost most of my original readers anyway, so I might as well not bother. I guess the idea with these kinds of things is the dedicated fans stick around to see what you do? Well the good thing is I have not run out of ideas. In addition to this and commissions I do in the future, I have some ideas down the line for things that I'm pretty excited about. So hopefully people like that stuff too. 

As for the Greek story though, don't hold out hope for it being historically accurate, haha. The story itself was made by the person commissioning me, I'm just doing the writing/dialogue (which is not to imply that I would've done something totally true to life either...:P).

shia on November 14, 2016, 12:07:30 PM

shia on
shiaA greek choose your own adventure story sounds interesting. You should commission me for some cheap sketches to illustrate it~

Lemonator on November 14, 2016, 12:10:59 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorWell see it's not my project, really, the guy making the game commissioned me to help him write it, and I believe he already has an artist working on it as well. Thanks for the offer, though.

shia on November 14, 2016, 12:16:37 PM

shia on
shiaOh shucks. Well good luck with it!

Lemonator on November 14, 2016, 12:52:24 PM

Lemonator on
LemonatorThanks! I've been loving your Cookie Cat series btw. I look forward to that when I'm not in a porn mood.

Windstar on September 7, 2016, 1:31:25 AM

Windstar on
WindstarOya! I still check up on you from time to time. I even reread some of your work. That VN sounds absolutely AWESOME and I can't wait to see what you do with it. VN means it has artwork, so I wonder who is drawing your artwork?
Anyway, it's about time for me to commission you again. Are you up for it?

Lemonator on September 7, 2016, 8:06:28 AM

Lemonator on
LemonatorSure. It'll probably take longer than usual since I'm working on this VN thing almost all the time now, but send me an E-mail. I'll try to find time to work on your commission as well. 

Windstar on November 4, 2016, 12:18:12 AM

Windstar on
WindstarSent you an email!

Windstar on November 4, 2016, 12:18:01 AM

Windstar on
WindstarSent you an email!


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