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Chapter 149 - Watcher's Victory Lap

The moderately naughty adventures of a young bounty hunter in the star wars universe with beautiful Alien women. Why? because lets be honest, human girls are boring...
It may be a little dark, it may be a little loving, it definitely has plot, but essentially naughty.

I am always editing this. Please feel free to point out if i missed something. I'm not perfect.

(Be careful of Story spoilers in the comments) 

Chapter 149 - Watcher's Victory Lap

Chapter 149 - Watcher's Victory Lap
I don’t own star wars
“AH! AH!! UGGH!!!!!” Haley writhed wildly beneath me as her body trembled, her muscles clench exquisitely as she came on my thrusts. “Orin!!” she cried in bliss, screaming her orgasm as I collapsed onto her, pinning her to the bed as I groped her big soft breasts, kissing her as I shoved my throbbing erection deep inside her and releasing. Her eyes widened as she moaned, feeling my thick load rush into her womb…
I grinned contentedly, our sweaty bodies rubbing together as I caressed her face, devouring her lips as we practically slobbered over each other. I slowly pulled away to view my work, like fine art she was splayed out on the bed, her long blonde hair cascading like an explosion on the pillow as she recovered her breath, her big pristine breasts heaving up and down on her chest as I could not help but caress as I watched.
Today was a good day. Altora Kane was dead…
My hand gently caressed her tight stomach, she put a lot of effort into maintaining her body, she was at at least forty but looked barely looked the part. My cock pulsed inside her tight pussy, she shivered slightly feeling it throb inside her as my cum lubed her insides with her arousal. My hand kept massaging her stomach… it was time.
“…Altora is dead.” I said as she sighed contentedly, “…You know what that means right?” I said and she suddenly came down from her bliss, watching me curiously. “It means I will have significantly more time on my hands.” I said, still caressing her stomach. Hoping, or perhaps demanding, that she realize what that meant.
“Yes. I understand sir.” She replied looking a little exasperated, “Do I even want to bother wearing underwear now?” she asked, her hands twisting into the sheets of the bed, ready for me to begin ravaging her body once more.
“Well you might when you go in for treatments.” I replied, she clenched tightly around me in surprise. “Well. You might need to take off your clothes…” I added as I leaned forward, carefully licking her neck as I memorized her taste.
“I… you want me to get fertility treatments?” she said surprised.
“Of course.” I said coolly, “That was always my plan. Kill Altora, impregnate you, have a family. What’s hard to understand?”
“Orin. I’m-“ she began but I groped her tights firmly and she gasped in pleasure, her pussy massaging my cock back to life as I licked her firm nipples.
“Old enough to be my mother. Yes yes. You’ve mentioned that in-between climaxes while I stuffed your pussy full of thick, potent, cum.” I said firmly as she blushed not meeting my eyes, “Now you’re old enough to BE a mother. The mother of my children…”
“Orin-” She began again, hesitant, but I glared at her.
“You think I don’t know that in my father’s final years you didn’t try for one with him?” I said as she froze, still not meeting my gaze. “I’m good enough for a lay but not for a baby?”
“Orin that’s not what I…” I pulled out of her, her body shook in surprise at the sudden emptiness. “Orin?”
“We’re done.” I said firmly, walking out of the room. Naked and erect as she sat up to watch me.
“Orin?!” she shouted as I slammed the door and made my way to my beautiful maid’s room.
Without knocking I opened the door to find her in her uniform at her table, reading a book as she looked up, briefly but not completely surprised at my nakedness as I quickly crossed the room to her. “Master Orin? I- MMn!?” I kissed her, she melted as our lips met and marking her page with the book mark I tossed it onto the bed and lifted her from her chair, knocking it to the floor as I groped her heavy blue breasts in her uniform, briefly removing myself from her gasping lips as I licked the exposed cleavage, her moans driving me forward as I lied her down on the table, lying on top of her as I continued to ravage her body with my hands and tongue. Her hands caressing my back as I did.
I stroked both lekku firmly, from head to tips as she shook in passion, her flesh jiggling sumptuously as I pulled her top down, her big breasts bouncing free as I took a nipple into my mouth, pinching the other as her pleasure filled body built under my attention.
I liked to think she enjoyed herself with me, regardless of her indentured servitude. Five years was a long time when your ‘employer’ was filled with youthful lusts. I reached under her skirt, pulling away her underwear as I stared at the black lace… I sniffed it before her eyes, and she shivered, slowly letting her legs spread as she lifted them, holding them apart for me as her short maid skirt barely hide what I desired.
I knelt before her, grinning at her as my face disappeared under the skirt and my tongue gently pushed apart the folds of her pussy, feeling her shiver and cry out in pleasure as I devoured her womanhood, her slick arousal salty, but pleasant, on my tongue. Her legs wrapped around my head and my hands wrapped around her legs, holding her in place as she shivered under my tongue.
“Master Orin!” she moaned, her pussy trembling before my eyes, “Master Orin! You feel so good! Ah!!!” she clutched at my hair, and showered me with her pleasure. I chuckled slightly as she went limp, lying gently on top of her, my chest rubbing against her soft breasts as I leaned my face towards hers. She stared red faced at me, panting happily as her tongue slowly lolled from her mouth, waiting the obvious instructions.
“You taste good Ms. Sena.” I teased, “…Have a taste.” Her tongue, almost lovingly, licked her fluids from my skin, moaning softly as I sighed contentedly. Occasionally giving her chaste kisses as she giggled softly. I stroked her lekku fondly, then… I decided to give it a try.
“Ms. Sena, does the phrase, ‘set for life’ mean anything to you?” I asked, pulling away and gently caressing her body.
“It does sir, but why do you ask?”
“How would you like to be?” I asked, lying on the table next to her as my hand slipped back beneath her skirt, working her pussy distractingly as I stroked her lekku. “I’ve come into some extensive time on my hands, as a project I had been working on has recently been completed.” She panted softly, moaning in pleasure as she intently listened. “…I assumed Haley understood that, and understood what I wanted but it seems she has some… hesitations…” I said coolly, “So I was thinking… Ms. Sena.” I said breathlessly, as she came close to release, “How would you like to be the mother of my child?”
She clenched tightly around my fingers in surprise and taking advantage of that I suckled her breast and made her cum, she shivered on the table. Her hands clawing at the wood as her toes scrapped the air. “Y-your CHILD?” she moaned, coming down from her climax as I stood up, thoughtfully licking her arousal from my fingers as I waited for a more confirmed answer. “Sir. Master Orin that’s… that’s almost scandalous! You shouldn’t have a child with me I’m you maid.” She frowned, “Worse than, that I’m practically you slave…” she looked away, a little ashamed.
“And if you were the mother of my child you wouldn’t be that anymore.” I noted dismissively, “You’d be my mistress and that comes with all sorts of benefits for you and your family.”
“Sir you cannot just try to bribe me!” she said, growing a little backbone as I looked at her fondly, “I am NOT A WHORE.” She said sternly, “You’ve used me and my body as you wished, blackmailed me with my family, and now you want me to carry your child!?”
“Yes.” I said simply, and she was taken aback. “Do you want to be a servant forever to an imperial? Mistress is a much better option. And if you had my baby…” I said, caressing her stomach, she didn’t resist my touch, “I’d be a good ‘husband’ no more surprise visits at night…” I said, kissing her lekku, “No more cleaning, no more seducing idiots…” I added, reminding her of an evening previously when I had her distract a noble I needed to investigate. “Doesn’t that sound better?” I groped her soft buttocks as she shivered silently, “Doesn’t being my woman sound better than being my slave?”
She was silent as I caressed her, my hands, my lips, my cock, rubbing her body expectantly. She could of course say no and I’d be back to square one on the child rearing department, but I’d still partake in soft, erotic body. “Well… I’ll leave you to think about it.” I said, prodding her pussy with my cock as she lubed it with arousal and I pushed it in. grabbing her hips as I fucked her standing up, “By the way…” I grinned, feeling her grab my shoulders as I moved. “Did I ever mention that I’m part twi’lek?” she tightened immensely on my and stared at me aghast as I sped up, holding her firmly to me as she tried to push me away and tightened around me regardless.
“Sir you-SIR!!” she shouted, unable to find the words as my hands sunk into her ass and my cock released into her pussy, she gasped nervously, staring down as my cock pumped a fresh load on cum inside her. I chuckled, it wasn’t like it was the FIRST TIME, now that she knew my heritage it felt deliciously taboo. “Sir!” she said scathingly as I pulled out of her, letting her leak my seed onto the floor.
“What’s another creampie between master and maid?” I said, rubbing her soft ass fondly before giving it a soft smack. I turned her head, kissing her briefly on the lips as my fingers gently probed her asshole, she moaned into my mouth as she tried to glare angrily at me, “Goodnight Ms. Sena, I hope to hear a positive answer.” She frowned as she watched me leave, heading immediately to her bathroom to wash herself as I made my way to one of the many guest rooms, I didn’t feel like going back to Haley in mine.
I tossed and turned, my annoyance at Haley and my eagerness to celebrate thrashing together angrily… finally after a few hours of this, I had had enough. I tossed of the covers to my bed and my naked body I made a beeline to Sena’s room; if I wasn’t sleeping from being tired, then I was going to exhaust myself. Unfortunately for Ms. Sena I was angry with Haley and that only really left me with one logical option.
I opened her door and walked in. Blearily she sat up, dressed than little more than her underwear as she blinked in the dark. “What-“ she began but I silenced her with a kiss, “Mmmnn!?” I pushed her back to the bed, with me on top of her body as I immediately slid my hand into her bottoms, finding that smooth blue pussy and shoving my fingers inside before she could resist. “MMMNN!!!” her legs spread apart as she allowed me entrance, mostly instinctive to her at this point. My other hand gripped her lekku, she shivered beneath me as I stroked it firmly, shoving my tongue into her moaning mouth as her body reacted approvingly, her body was perfectly made for pleasure.
…I was going to breed her whether she liked it or not.
I pulled down her bra with my teeth, licking her nipples as she moaned and I returned to her lips, rubbing her chest against mine as I built her body to climax. “Cum for me Sena. Cum!” I growled as she cried out in pleasure, obeying my orders as her body trembled wildly beneath me, “Yes! Fucking beautiful…” I hissed, returning to her lips as she gasped and shivered. I pulled away, gripping her underwear while she was distracted, and tossed them callously away, spreading her legs before grabbing her headboard with both hands, and pushing to the root of my cock as I penetrated her wet pussy.
“Aahhh!” she roared, curling beneath me as I pulled myself deep inside her again and again, her hands suddenly clutching at her bouncing breasts as she gasped and writhed beneath my steady, relentless pounding, her insides squeezing me invitingly inside her, as if already accepting of its inevitable fate, embracing my length longingly as she suddenly cried out again in climax.
“I’m going to cum Sena.” I growled, my fingers biting deep into the headboard as I sped up, her pussy vicelike around me as she leaked her arousal, “I’m going to push as deep as I can inside you and pump my load directly into your womb…” she suddenly looked at me, remembering our earlier conversation.
“W-wait.” She tried, but to no avail.
“Get pregnant Sena.” I ordered, pulling into her and releasing as she gasped. Her hips bucking slightly as my balls quivered against her flesh, pumping my seed into her as her pussy clutched lovingly around my pulsing cock. I pulled her hips upwards, so now I was pumping down into her body as I grinned excitedly at her, “Take every drop…” she stared mortified at me, but her body was telling me a different story. She clenched tightly to me, she was shivering slightly so she had cum, she was moaning and shaking her hips…
Whether she knew it or not, she wanted it.
When I had finally drained myself inside her, I let her down, and pulled her up so she was sitting on my lap, pressing her breasts to my chest as I held her head and kissed her. her body tightened slightly as I did, we moaned passionately together as my hands slipped down to her beautiful blue rear, squeezing the supple round flesh in my fingers as I began to stroke her sides, and her good childbearing hips…
“You’re going to give me good, strong children Ms. Sena.” I praised as she twitched.
“…Sir I’m not sure I’m ready…” she said unsurely, gasping loudly as she felt my hands clap onto her ass cheeks. “Ah! Sir!”
“I want children.” I said coldly, and she shivered, “And since my Haley is refusing to have our baby I’m getting myself a surrogate…” I lied down on my back with her on top of me, I gently stroked her sides, “You won’t even have to be a mother if you don’t want too…” I said, almost dismissively as she frowned, “You can just have my child and I’ll take care of it…”
“But… what about all that ‘mistress’ talk?” she asked, but my hands clapped loudly onto her ass, she whimpered slightly with each slap.
“You want to be my mistress? Fine. But right now I’m going to put a baby in you.” I said firmly, “And if it doesn’t take tonight.” I added, stroking her smooth cheeks again, “I’m getting you treatments…” I groped her firm, heavy chest happily as she moaned into my hands, “Now ride me. I want to watch you bounce.” I groped her lekku fondly, stroking them with my thumbs as she quivered, “We’re going to keep going until I pass out…” I liked my lips and slid my hands back down to her ass, “Come on.” I smacked them lightly again as she yelped, then resting her hands on my chest she lifted her hips up and down my length, stroking me with her wet, stuffed pussy as I lied back and groaned in satisfaction. Sometimes you just wanted to let the woman do the work but granted, I did give her a couple thrusts now and then.
She moaned like an animal during a mating cry, her erotic body working rapidly as her hips went up and down, her breast hanging over me like teats ready to suckle… so I did, pulling her roughly down and into my mouth as her hips kept up their work, my hands pushing her down as she expertly worked them. She’d make a good living as a dancer with the way she worked her hips…
“You were made for fucking…” I growled, feeling my cock pulse inside her as she quivered. I wasn’t trying to insult her, in my opinion it was pure praise. “This is a body naturally grown for sex.” I sneared in her hearing organs as she orgasmed on top of me. “Don’t stop!” I cried, thrusting up into her spasming body as she stilled, “Almost! There!!” I growled, smacking her quivering ass down on my shaft, “Fuck!” we roared primally together as my seed rushed into her trembling body. I growled in satisfaction as I pumped and thrusted inside her, filling her with fresh cum as she shrieked into the bed. I stroked her lekku as we came down together…
“…You want so more?” I cooed, licking her lekku as she collapsed on top of me, sucking in air as her chest heaved against me. “…I want some more.” I moaned, feeling her tighten at my words reflexively, her body conditioned for it at this point. My hands caressed her ass cheeks, “Tell me…” I began softly, “You want some more…”
She was quiet, and still… then turning her head she whispered a little disappointedly. “…I want some more…” she cooed. She yelped as I rolled her over, my hands gripping both lekku and firmly stroking them as she quickly tightened around my length, massaging it back to life as she writhed beneath me from her pleasurable lekku. I kissed her, wiggling my hips as I kept up the stroking, her lekku shaking in my hand as I warmed her body back up.
Then I went at her, deep, hard, rough… the bed creaked and groaned as I pounded down into her. she came again and again as my hands continued to stroke those wonderful headtails. This is why Twi’leks are the best sex slaves; The extra erogenous zones adding increased pleasure for all participants. I devoured her breasts, my hands still working her lekku as she screamed another orgasm, her eyes rolling as she thrashed beneath me, her hips thrusting up on her own to meet me.
“Master! Master!!!” she cried deliriously as I squeezed her lekku, we roared out together as I pushed painfully inside her. Spraying the last drops of my load into her spent body as I collapsed onto her, sloppily kissing her drooling mouth as our sweat glistened on her smooth perfect skin.
“…Good job…” I praised exhaustedly, and at that point we simply passed out together… dozing quietly for the rest of the night while I was still firmly inside her.
I awoke first, carefully groping her breasts before kissing her awake. She moaned, “Hmm… Sir…” she whimpered, “I need to make breakfast…” I carefully stroked her lekku, her body tightened around me as a surge of pleasure flowed through her. “Ah... sir! Please…”
I slurped up her nipples, squeezing her soft chest against my face as I tasted her. “These will satisfy my hunger for now.” I grinned nibbling her hardened nipples as she flinched. Suddenly I lifted her from the bed, her arms and legs wrapping tightly around me as I easily carried her.
“Sir!” she yelped, tightly wrapping around me as I groped her ass.
“Your job now Sena. Is to get pregnant.” I ordered her as she shivered, “And until you are, you will accompany me everywhere. I’ll get you an appropriate uniform…” I kissed her, caressing her body as we left the room together, I needed a new change of clothes after all and entering my room I added. “You’re going to look great as my secretary…” I teased.
“What?” I looked up at a rather annoyed looking Haley.
“Oh Haley.” I said dismissively, lying Sena on my bed as I approached my dresser. “Sena has volunteered to carry my child.” I said casually, smirking slightly as I turned away from her, “You’re off the hook.”
“You were gone for barely a night!” Haley snarled, turning me to face her.
“I figured you’d be happy.” I noted, “After all… you’re used to being upstaged by Twi’leks.” I noted, Haley gripped my arm tightly. “So until she’s carrying my child, she’ll be accompanying me…” I added, “That will be all Haley… unless you have something to say?”
Haley glared at me, then Sena. Then me again… then her hand wrapped tightly around my cock, stroking it. “…I want it. Give me you baby…”
“…Oh?” I said groping her chest and opening her uniform, “Changed your mind have you?” she kissed me, dragging me to the bed as I inwardly chuckled. I rather liked aggressive Haley. Usually she was so submissive, but as she tossed me onto the bed, striping her clothes violently from her body as Sena watched nervously, I think I was going to enjoy myself.
“Get him hard for me.” Haley growled, taking Sena’s lekku and shoving her face onto my crotch, “I’m having his child first. Get him hard!” she ordered as Sena obediently opened her mouth, sliding her wet, warm mouth down my length as she carefully sucked, Haley aggressively moving her head up and down as her tongue wrapped lovingly around my length. “Suck him harder, get him good and wet for me. We’re going to pump a baby into me.” She leaned forward, slurping my balls into her mouth, both moaning contentedly as I lied down on my bed, letting them work.
…I really liked aggressive Haley…
They licked me for a few moments before Haley pulled Sena away, climbing on top of me as she aimed my cock at her pussy, wiggling her hips as she took me deep inside her. “…You did this on purpose.” She said coolly and I smiled.
“I’ve always said I keep you around for more than your body…” I grinned. “…and the fantastic sex.” I groped her warm ass but she grabbed my wrists, holding them above my head as she raised and dropped her hips, slapping loudly on my lap as she grunted.
“Shut up Orin.” Oh… Feisty. “Shut up, and flood my womb with you cum. Ah!” she yelped as my hand smacked her ass hard, grinning up at her as I held her hips in place. “Knock me up you manipulative little shit!”
Now that’s just mean. I’m not THAT manipulative.
“Ah! Oh! OOH!!!” she clenched tightly around me and my fingers sunk into her fleshy ass as she arched her back, head thrown back as she came. I pulled her tightly to my hips, suckling her breasts as I filled her with fresh cum, biting her nipples hard as she trembled. She panted gently as my cum filled her insides, her hand gently stroking her stomach as if expecting it to bulge with my child immediately.
“Arrange for your treatments immediately…” I growled possessively, groping her tight, soft ass as I licked her breasts. “Sena get in on this…” I ordered as she jumped slightly, I held one of Haley’s firm nipples to her as she carefully licked it into her mouth. Both of us nursing off Haley, loudly slurping her tits. Her hands gently caressed our heads, breathing heavily as her pussy spasmed around my length.
I eyed Sena as she hungrily lost herself in the moment, lovingly licking Haley’s tits as I carefully slid my hand down her pristine body to her rear, caressing her fleshy ass cheeks as I thought of something mildly important…
…I wonder… would having two kids at once be too much? Sena gasped as I slipped my fingers into her ass, thrusting them wildly inside her as Haley clutched tightly to her head, stroking those beautiful lekku, my cock throbbing intensely at their collectively seductive moans as I quickly imagined filling them both with my thick seed over, and over again…
…No. I decided it wouldn’t be too much… and I proceeded to prove it to them by breeding them for the rest of the day…
Newt was pissed when she showed up in the evening… I hated it when she twisted my ears…
End of chapter.
So I have posted last of the pre-dragon quest chapters… I can only promise to try and keep up my weekly schedule… I am weak.


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