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Chapter 4 - You're Dumped - Cheater's Lament

A string of copycat crimes involving crazy women and their unfortunate boyfriends.

Chapter 4 - You're Dumped - Cheater's Lament

Chapter 4 - You're Dumped - Cheater's Lament
"You said you wanted to experiment with femdom..."

"I didn't mean a literal experiment," he said, stripping down in her lab, somewhat reluctantly.  

She had never been interested in femdom before.  She had said that she would be willing to try it, but he could never figure out how to bring it up.  When he finally met a domme... well, he was still with her, technically, but even if she hadn't found out about it, he would have still broken it off.  Maybe.  

Now, after a month apart, she invited him to her lab for a booty call... and he was pretty sure he knew whose booty was on the line.  To head off any "fucked by the football" team scenarios, he'd agreed to it under one condition - no butt stuff.  She had said that was just fine.

"Put your clothes over there.  Don't worry, you'll get them back," she said, although he wasn't sure he believed it.

He looked at the station she was pointing at... there was barely any room to put his clothes.  There were empty jugs and bottles and plastic medical cups and bowls... he'd never seen her lab so cluttered and messy.  There was also a large machine covered with a tarp that he was pretty sure hadn't been there the last time he visited - although it was possible he'd forgotten.

"It feels a little weird to be naked when you're still dressed," he said, eyeing her mini-skirt.  She wasn't exactly dressed the part of a domme, but then, she wasn't wearing her usual clothes either.  Her skirt under her under-sized labcoat had a very low cut, her pencil skirt left little of her curves to the imagination, and her boots had high-heels - definitely not her usual style.  

"Relax.  I'm not going to keep you naked.  You're wearing this," she said, pulling two glossy orange pieces of fabric down from a shelf.  She handed them, folded, to him, and when he let them unfold, his eyes went wide.  It was neon-orange leotard with matching stockings.

"Why am I wearing this, exactly?"

"It's slutty.  And, importantly, this fabric stretches."

"Why is that important?" he said, pulling the leotard over his head.

"You'll see.  Let's just say that a container sometimes has to stretch to contain its contents.  Here, let me put up your hair."


"To get you into the mood."

"The mood... hey, I said nothing in my butt."

"Oh, sweetie.  I can say 100% that I'm not going to put anything up your butt.  Although you might wish I had.  Here, put on your stockings."

He sat on the cold floor of the lab and instantly regretted it, a chill going up his spine.  He had a hard time figuring out the proper orientation of the stockings until it clicked what was wrong - they were one contiguous garment.  There was no way he could walk if he put them on.

"What's the matter?  You like bondage, right?"

Still reluctant, he slipped into them, not without difficulty.

"Here, I'll help you onto your knees," she said, although he wanted to be on his knees even less - with his legs underneath him, he would have a hard time getting up on his own.  "Now for your hands, going to wrap them up tight..."  

He'd never seen such sturdy looking tape.  It must have been industrial grade - she wrapped it around and around his arms until they were bound together, and he found that, at least, a casual attempt to rip them apart proved fruitless.

"Can you stand?" she asked, and he found that he could not, while she retrieved something from a drawer.  "Good.  Now, say ahhh," she instructed, and he didn't recognize what the cylinder in her hand was for until she brought one end of it towards his mouth - she'd fused it to a ring-gag.  Before he could protest, it was in his mouth, and he couldn't spit it out - with his hands bound, he couldn't remove it at all. "Now this locks behind your teeth.  This is crucial."

"Cuushal?" he said, around the cylinder.

"Yes.  We're going to be doing some force-feeding play.  A little... dietary experiment.  And there's no point in me setting this all up if you can just close your mouth, is there?"

He looked at her nervously.  This hadn't been what he'd had in mind.  She walked over to the tarp and, with a dramatic flourish, pulled it off with both hands.   It was... well, he didn't know what it was, but it had an obvious mix of DIY features, industrial parts from some now-defunct machines, and a terminal hooked up to it - he'd seen her messing around with breadboards and those small, self-contained computers before, but she had never had it interacting with something so large.

"Wahs sat?" he said, around the cylinder.

"What does it say?  The Spermotron 5000!  There are some perks to being an engineer, after all.  If I need an impromptu, programmable pump mechanism affixed to a tank, I can just build it."


"You said before that you wouldn't mind a little domination play... so let's play.  Although I don't think you're going to like this game very much..." she said, as she emptied some peroxide into a cotton ball.  She picked up a hose that had been attached to the machine and rubbed the bare end with the cotton ball, then discarded it on the floor.  Whatever her plan was, she seemed to be in a hurry... or excited.

Her heels clicked on the floor as she approached him with the hose, and leaning over him with a sinful smile on her face, she screwed it into the other end of the cylinder that was locked in his mouth.

"Perfect.  You're being such a good boy.  Keep that up" she said, lightly tapping his cheek twice.  "Because otherwise... you're going to have a real bad time."

With that, she lifted a hood on the machine, revealing the "tank" she'd mentioned - literally a glass tank that resembled a giant snowglobe.  She ran her finger along it, then turned to face him, smirking.

"See all that goo?  What do you think it is?"  

He peered into the tank.  It was goopy and inconsistent... white and a tinge of yellow.  It couldn't be...

"Don't worry, it's not really what you think it is.  I hope I got the consistency right... I couldn't get the taste, but it definitely looks the part, right?"

She... made that?  A tank full of... well, who knew what.   But it definitely looked like... he shuddered.  Seeing the contents of the tank, and the hose that led from the machine to the cylinder in his mouth, some very unpleasant images flashed through his mind.  After they resolved, he was left looking at his ex... and by the look on her face, it seemed as if she could read his mind.

"Ready?  I'm going to get into character.  Okay?"

He nodded, somewhat hesitant.

"Good boy.  Or... should I say... cum-guzzling slut?" she added, her voice sultry, as she approached him... her hand playing with his pigtail, then caressing his face.  She bent down, her face close to his, and smiled, showing her teeth.  "Oh.  You didn't like that?  Are you not a cum-guzzling slut?" she said, emphasizing the "c" in "cum" and the "slut" in "slut".

He shook his head.

"That's right.  You're so right.  You've never guzzled cum, right?  You've never felt it sliding down your throat, into your belly," she said, trailing her finger down his throat, his chest, his abdomen.  "Well... not -yet-," she said, spreading her fingers on his belly, digging them in slightly so it was like she was grabbing hold of it.

She walked over to the tank again and tapped it like she was bugging the fish in an aquarium.

"There's billions of them, swimming in there.  Know where I got it?  Well, a lot of places, actually.  Mostly just volunteers... jacking off into bowls," she said, and the clutter around the lab suddenly made sense.

Only, it didn't, because this was all play-acting.  Whatever it was that was in that tank, it had never been in those bowls.  But that seemed like a lot of work to go through just for the sake of authenticity...

"They just threw it all away like it didn't matter.  They just wanted to get their rocks off.  But I'm going to put it to use.  Testing this tank I built... and giving you a little -taste - of your own medicine.  Although, calling it medicine is a little bit of a stretch.  Maybe it'll cure of your naughty ways."

She rubbed her hand on the tank and made eye-contact with him, giggling.  

"Let's see if your taste buds can pick out which guy provided each gooey drop of your special dinner."

At that, he rebelled.  He started to pull away from the hose - but found that it wouldn't come loose.  She grabbed for his chin, and he stayed still... then she let her hand fall from his face, and reached on top of the machine, grasping for something, which she quickly found.

"Let me explain why you should be obedient.  See this controller?  It has two buttons - well, three, but you don't have to worry about that one," she said, showing him the controller she'd procured from the top of the machine.  He fixed his focus on it, and saw that it indeed had three buttons... one was "off", one was marked with a cute drawing of a... sperm... and the other was marked with a skull and crossbones, which her finger hovered over.  "This pipe will pump all that gungy splooge into your mouth in one go if I press THIS button.  You. Do Not. Want Me. To Press. This Button.  That's over four gallons of gooey nut-butter you don't want in your stomach, or else they'll have to pump it back out or else you'll overdose on semen.  You wouldn't want to drink that much of anything, much less a bunch of guy's runny ejaculate.  That is, unless you have a confession to make?  Thought not.  Seriously, though, I don't care how much of a submissive little bitch you are, this button is a punishment.  This button is regret.  If I press this button, you've made me very mad.  And if I press this button, you definitely won't like me anymore.

This button, on the other hand, pumps a pint in total over the course of thirty seconds.  You also don't want me to press this button.  That's enough to make you turn green, enough to make you sick.  That's more cum than anyone you know has ever swallowed.  That's hardcore cum guzzling.  You'll have enough spermies swimming around in your tummy that you might actually get pregnant.  It'll fill your mouth, but there'll be too much to not swallow.  You'll gag it down while trying not to think about the dozens of cocks that went into making your cocksnot soup.  Your baby-goo yogurt.  Your cum smoothie.  We've kept it warm so it'll taste fresh, so you better hope it hasn't spoiled.  One press of this button and you'll be burping cum.  Two and you'll be crying tears of sperm.  Three and you'll fucking LOOK pregnant.  By the fourth, you will be.  This button means I own you."

His breathing became erratic.  He had to remind himself... it was all play.  Still, even if it was... swallowing that much of anything would be an ordeal.  She was right - he didn't want her to press either button.  Satisfied that she'd made this clear, she turned back to the tank.

"Wow... all that gooey, runny, bubbly cum looks really gross, doesn't it?  It's soooo slimy... and there are so many pubic hairs floating in it, ewww!  Don't worry, there's a filter on the pump... right here.  Hrm.  You know what...
you look like a pube-eater to me," she said, removing the filter.  "Pube-catcher, gone.  Guess that means you'll be a pube-swallower.  What do you think?  Too mean?  Too bad."

She tossed the filter aside, and he shook his head, as she turned to face him.

"Don't worry.  They're not REAL pubes.  That would be really gross", she said, licking her lips.  Then, she bent over, leaning in close to his face, her finger on the button marked with a sperm.  "But I think I've talked enough for now, don't you?  Let's get started.  Hey... remember that time you cheated on me?" she said, and then as his eyes opened wide in horror, she clicked the button.  "I do!"

The machine hummed to life, a ga-shunk ga-shunk sound as the pump began working, and he saw a big bubble rise to the surface and pop with an audible "glorp".  The hose connected to it started to traverse the white-and-clear runny mix of slime that she was pretending was a frathouse worth of semen.

As the hose began to fill up, bringing the "cum" and "pubic hairs" at the forefront closer to his forced-open mouth, he began to get anxious.

"Get ready, here it comes!  Get ready to swallow all that fake semen.  Know where it's going?  In. Your. Mouth!  So gulp it all down!"

The hose emptied into a hard, clear cyclinder which was forcing his mouth open, which began to fill with glob after steaming, runny, goopy glob of the fake semen concoction.  It definitely -looked- authentic, he could see up close, with thick, sperm-filled blobs that were the result of a long-overdue ejaculation, and runny, clear slime that accompanied it and was the result of a less sperm-injected fun time.  In addition, as it began to fill and rise in the cylinder toward his worried tongue, while it was soupy, there clearly were separate contributions visible.  And lastly, he noticed, as the moment of truth approached - it definitely -smelled- like an over-used wank sock.

And with that thought, the first dollop spurted onto his tongue, and while it was quick followed by more that began to pool in his mouth, under his tongue and on it, he had enough time in the eternity between that to have a possible revelation.

"How's that taste?  Is it good?  Do you like the taste of freshly squeezed baby batter?"

The taste was... salty.  Very salty.  But... she said she couldn't get the taste...  His eyes went wide.  It couldn't be.  No, NO!  More of it pumped into his mouth, the cylinder full like a baby's bottle, as he turned to look up at her with shock.

"Did you really think this was all fake semen, dumbass?  You stupid fuck.  That is too funny."  His cheeks began to bulge as he tried not to swallow the foul mix as more and more were pumped into his mouth.  "Yeah, it's a little too late for that.  Fine, try not to swallow. It's got nowhere to go but your poor tummy."

She was right.  His cheeks were quickly full to bursting.  It was both runny and gooey, salty and bitter, and he could swear he could feel the billion wriggling sperm on his tongue.  It didn't taste or feel anything like cream - too watery, and too many pubic hairs in the mix.

"That must taste so gross.  Can you feel all the little spermies on your tongue?  How's that cocksnot taste?"

Snot was right.   Whatever she was pumping into his mouth, it wasn't edible.  He tried to bite the cylinder closed, but to no avail.   He felt his cheeks filling more and more and his eyes began to squint at the sheer bitterness.   Finally, the pump stopped, but to his dismay, the semen wouldn't go back into the hose, and the cylinder was too full to take any more that he was keeping in his mouth and cheeks.

"Wow, there is a lot of jizz in your mouth right now.  It's like you just blew fifty guys at once, isn't it?  If you had sucked off a whole football team you wouldn't have as much in your mouth.  There are girls who have gone down on
both the home and away team who needed mouthwash after less than you do.   If you keep it in your mouth too long your tongue is going to get pregnant.  Get your tonsils wet already.  Seriously, your mouth is full of at least a half hundred lo  It's gross.  Your teeth are probably coated."  

He couldn't believe what she was saying.  Like he just blew 50 guys?  Where did she even get that much?   It couldn't be real.  But the texture...

"Ooh yeah, it's gooey, right?   How's that man chowder taste?  Are you picturing all the cocks that spewed that out?  Just twitching and then... well, what's in your mouth.  Except you must have about fifty creamy loads in there.
50 guys getting their rocks off, flinging their gross goo... and now it's all in your mouth.  How does their sperm slime taste?  Was it worth it?  Did she make you cum 50 times?"

She clicked the button again at the mention of "she".  The machine revved to life again, and soon even more of it was pumping into his mouth, and he groaned, eyes wide, his cheeks too full to take any more.

"Do you not like the taste of cum?  Aww, too bad.  You're going to be tasting so much of it.  And drinking it.  It's got no where else to go but down.  Like a cock in your throat spitting it into your stomach.  Swallow or drown, your call." 

She pinched his nose shut, and that was it, he couldn't take it any more - he closed his eyes, and gulped down.  The slimy stuff ran down his throat and into his stomach, still warm, and she released his nose.  He gagged as he tried to swallow more, and his nose started to run... but he realized that it was actually semen coming out of his nose like milk.  If that image wasn't pathetic enough, he heard a click, and he saw that she'd whipped out her phone and taken a picture of him, nose dribbling cocksnot and all.

"Chug chug.  God, you're so fucked... look at you... little cum guzzler.  Little nutcream gobbler.  You know what they call girls who drink as much semen as you are?  Nothing.  Nobody has ever gulped down that much hot sperm sauce in one sitting.  Except for you.  So keep swallowing.  We've got a record to set.  'Biggest idiot to swallow the most fresh semen'".

He swallowed again, and again, but the pump just replaced what he swallowed with even more.   She spotted the bulge between his legs before he could hide it with his bound arms.  

"Can't help but notice you've got a big boner right now.  Pervert.  How many of those guys whose loads are in your mouth do you think would be happy to see that?  The person chugging down their loads popping a boner."

She looked him square in the face, her eyes wild.  She was all but confirming it.  

"FYI, this is real cum, by the way.  Every spoonful was some guy tossing off into a collection dish or bowl.  And I didn't supervise all the collection... I outsourced a bit.  At a buck an ounce, it's tempting to find other sources, and it all passed the sniff test, so it's definitely semen... you get what I'm saying, right?  I'm saying that, in small way, you're supporting local farmers.  That's four gallons of semen, alright, but it's almost certainly
not 100% mangoo.  When a girl drives out to a farm and comes back with a bottle of splooge, chances are she didn't find the world's horniest farmhand, you know?"

The last batch had been all but swallowed... and she clicked again.

"Horse semen, bull semen, pig semen... hell, a few girls probably got Fido in the mix, too.  Don't worry, though, any of the stuff I thought was... farm fresh, let's say, I dumped in last, so it's probably still mostly at the top, and the pump sucks all the wriggling spermies and their goo from the bottom.
Another very, very good reason not to make me press the bad button.  Not unless you've got a particularly sick craving, that is.  Do you?  Do you want to guzzle a half-gallon of pig semen, piggy?"

He shook his head vehemently, but she stopped him by grabbing his chin as the next creamy batch made first contact with his tongue, making him gag.  Then she put her fingers in his nostrils, forcing him to swallow. 

"Then keep swallowing, piggy.  You don't have to worry.  Even if you swallow down filthy animal semen, it won't affect my opinion of you.   Keep drinking, loser."

The idea of drinking raw animal semen was combining with his disgust at glugging down a whole quart of human semen to make him green in the face.  He didn't know how much he could take.  

"Wow, you don't look so good.  You look like you're going to puke up all that tasty mangoo.  Let's wash it down.  With more mangoo. *click*"

It wasn't long before his cheeks filled again - he couldn't swallow any more.  She jammed her fingers into his nostrils again.

"Do not puke, or I'll press this button, I swear it," she said, her thumb hovering over the button marked with a skull.

He struggled to let it all run down his throat, while she gloated.  

"Is it gross because of the taste, the texture, or the knowledge that some guy blew his fucking load into a bowl and now you're drinking it?  Some of these guys had massive w.. don't worry, I made sure not to spill any that I personally handled."

At "personally handled", he looked up at her.

"Oh, I wasn't the only collector.  Some girls got their boyfriends to donate...  I know at least one party had your dinner tonight as its theme.  And you know... all those juicy cocks... I know some of the girls couldn't resist a little suck.  So some of that is pure, post-fellatio snowball.  It's almost like you're indirectly kissing them!  Or indirectly sucking off their boyfriends, I guess."

She paused to let that sink in.  

"You see, unlike you, none of them swallowed.  If they got a nice, creamy load in their mouth, it went right into the bowl... and then, into the Spermotron," she said, and then gave the machine a hard pat as it pumped out more of the spooge she was describing.  I've got a list of names here of the guys who contributed - want to see if you recognize any of them?  Put a face to the taste?"

He was turning redder by the second - although not enough to totally wash out the green. 

"Hey, let's play another game... hold up your fingers," she said, and he timidly raised his hand.  "I want you to pick a number.  The number you hold up is the number of times I'm gonna press this button in a row.  Before you hold up one, though... that wouldn't be much of game, would it?  So I'm gonna roll a die, after you hold up those fingers.  And if I roll higher than the number you picked... I'm gonna press this button instead," she said... and she didn't need to tap the skull button for him to understand, but she did anyway, and he cringed, worried that it would register.  Thankfully, the machine finished pumping, and died down again.

He wasn't in a very good thinking state - most of what was in his head was gooey jizz, but he tried  to puzzle it out.  Even if he picked 5... she might roll a 6.  And if he picked 5 and she rolled lower, that was over a half gallon of semen he was drinking for no reason.  Still, he couldn't risk the animal jizz, no matter what.  Minimizing that risk held precedent over anything else.  Knowing that he was sealing his fate,   he held up five fingers.

She squatted next to him, and then rolled the die on the floor... he watched it tumble with trepidation - if it was six, he was completely screwed.  To his relief, and then his frustration, when it came to a stop, he saw it - one pip.

"Hah.  Oh well.  Clicky clicky," she said clicking once, twice, thrice, four times... five times.  The pump revved up and started to pump it through the pipe again, still stained with the previous batches, while she rubbed his belly
sadistically.  "If you thought drinking half a gallon one pint at a time was bad... chugging over half a gallon, who does that?  Maybe... someone who loves the taste?  You did ask for five helpings, after all.  Maybe you just wanted to fill your tummy after all.  Ooh, here it comes... try not to think about all the guys that must have contributed to your meal," she taunted, right as half a dozen guy's worth of semen flooded into his mouth, followed by several dozen more.

Glug.  Glug.  Glug.  He couldn't keep down that much -water-, much less slimy jizz.  Not only was it upsetting his stomach, the thought of drinking so much spunk... picturing the "production" of such a slurry - he'd seen videos of girls collecting a dozen guy's loads into a bowl, and not once had it looked appetizing.

"A gallon!  That's at least a thousand loads worth!"

After several minutes, the pump died down, and he swallowed what he could... until all that was left was trapped in the cylinder.

"Oooh, that was fun.  What a waste.  You just drank so much baby juice.  And you're just ruining your diet.  How will you keep your girlish figure if you chug this much man-milk?  Hey, you look like you're still thirsty," she said, and then, she stuck out her tongue, and he heard a *click*. 

The last batch was even harder to handle.  His tongue and teeth were thoroughly coated, and he couldn't bring himself to swallow fast, as it made him gag every time.  By the time the pump stopped again, he was seeing double.

"Aw... poor baby.  Do you want something to settle your stomach?"

He didn't know where the mercy had come from, but he nodded.  Even if she didn't give him anything useful, at least it meant she was going to leave him alone for a bit.


"How about semen?" she asked, as the machine revved up again, and his stomach turned over.  "Remember... keep it all down.  There's so much more for you to drink.  That's right, I'm gonna pump it all into this gluttonous little stomach of yours.  A bellyful of splooge.  Your tiny tummy, swollen with sperm.  Still glad you cheated on me?" she said, giving him a wicked smile, tapping his rapidly filling stomach with her toe.  I'm not upset, you know.  I don't really care.  If you wanted to break up, that would have been fine.  But you got all drunk on sperm and went behind my back... and I just thought that if you like being sperm-drunk so much, I should be the one to do it.   Drink down all that lust..."

As his mouth filled up - he could barely swallow anymore, she started to talk to herself... while clicking at random.  Soon, he'd swallowed almost  two gallons, and his stomach felt ready to pop.

"Hopefully there are no condoms floating around in there... like eggshells in a batter.   I dumped a ton of used condoms in there, but I think I didn't accidentally drop any in.  Hrm, you don't look bothered by the mention of condoms.  Let me explain: when a man loves his hand very much, he shoots off a fresh wad into a bowl that you eventually eat.  When that man is wearing a condom, on the other hand, all their dick sweat is rubbing along the inside like a used sock... or, well, like a used condom.  When I empty the scum out of it, all that lovely dick sweat comes with it.  Oh, hey, do you know what smegma is?  It's dick cheese.  And I've got to thank those hobos, they--"

It was too much.  He didn't hear the rest of her sentence - he just filled the hose with also-ran semen.  Apparently, his gag reflex was strong enough to push out past the plug.

She looked down at him, a mix of menace and mischief on her face.   He'd never seen her smile so broadly... or wildly.  Her finger caressed the skull and crossbone button... and his still-full stomach turned in place.

"Oooh... too bad, honey.  Did my mentioning all the smelly hobo semen you just drank upset your little tummy?  What did I tell you?  Guess you get the farm sampler.  You're about to make a lucky piggy's day..." she said, thumb about to press the other button.  His eyes went wide... and then she clicked.

But the machine stayed dormant.

"Idiot.  Did you think I would really make you drink 3 gallons of cum? Did you really think I'd make you drink like a gallon of farm animal semen?  Do you have any idea how sick that'd be?  How sick you would be?  You barely lasted through
swallowing a gallon of the good stuff.  Your reaction was great, though.  You really thought I was going to make you swallow down enough semen to repopulate the earth?  I seriously don't even know where the rest of this came from.
Is it safe to drink kangaroo and elephant semen?  The bull semen would be a treat.  Some squealing boar contributed a bucket full.  And there's a stallion or ten's worth in there, definitely.  You'd never get the taste out of your mouth."

Despite his nausea, he relaxed.  He knew that she was going to press the sperm button at least another time, after a speech like that.  But if she wasn't going to, maybe she was just play acting after all.  Maybe it had all been really convincing fake cum after all.  Maybe he hadn't swallowed thousands of lo

"Just kidding.  It takes two clicks.  Safety feature, she said, grinning. She held up the remote... and clicked the 'bad' button again.  To his utter horror, the pump activated.  

It wasn't like before.  The hose looked so full that it might rupture, which he definitely hoped as the cum rushed up it towards his undefended mouth.  Unfortunately, it seemed to be fine, and soon the rush of gooey sperm goo filled his mouth once more.  

The pump was clearly working on overdrive, spewing out huge, thick blobs into his mouth at a rate faster than he could even swallow them.   Soon, the hose backed up, and a bubble formed that pressed against his face, wrapped around the hard cylinder in his mouth, but the pump kept pumping.

She pressed a button on the machine, and a thin red line was projected onto the tank.  It slowly dropped towards the bottom.

"Just so you know, anything above that line IS animal semen.  You'll notice the change in taste.  And I'm going to take a picture of your face as you swallow your first heaping helping of pig semen.  You think humans had big, tasty loads for you to drink?  Well, they do, so keep drinking up... but after that, it's farm fresh time."

She took out her phone and started to take pictures.  The line got closer and closer to the bottom of the tank - by the time he'd swallowed the second gallon, and it was half of the remainder, she'd finished rattling off some of the "stars" that had contributed to his liquid meal - and as the line neared the bottom, he could see her anticipation building. When it touched, she was visibly shaking with excitement.

The semen now being pumped through the tube... was a different color.  And the sound of it being pumped was different - the density was wrong.

"The man says... 'ooh yeah, swallow that nut baby'" she mimed, in a husky voice.  "The pig says..." she said, and then thumbed her nose to resemble a pig's snout, and snorted, and oinked, and snorted, and oinked... he wasn't sure if it was a faithful rendition of a boar cumming, but as the differently-colored semen approached, he had more important things to think about.

His eyes rolled into the back of his head as the inhuman gunge first pumped into his mouth - it tasted the part, that part being a sludge of various animal breeding slime, whipped into a slurry that somehow tasted more foul than the three gallons of man-slime he'd just been forced to ingest - some of it was so thin and runny that his cheeks instantly filled with it, and some of it was so thick and chewy that he'd have to chew to swallow it, and his teeth risked getting impregnated in the process.  He wondered which animal contributed which kind, right before his senses returned and he realized his face was utterly full of farm animal penis milk, and he felt like he was going to be violently sick.

She continued to snort and oink in faux-ecstasy right until the moment that the changing of the guard took place... at which point, she reverted into a human. 

"Yeah, fill that mouth up with piglet goo!  'Oink, oink'!  That's what your new boyfriend said as he filled up the tank!  Are you thinking 'oink, oink' as it fills up your stupid mouth?!  Or is your heart set on swallowing horse semen?  Huh?  Which is it?"

While his mouth was completely full, he couldn't safely swallow without chewing through the particularly thick stuff - and so, panicked, he did.  He was being forced to masticate some animal's masturbate offerings - and he was still rock hard.

"Yeah, that's the pig goo alright.  They spew out a thick load at the end to plug up the sow's womb... so make sure to chew it all up, so it doesn't plug up your throat."

With a great reluctance, he gulped it down... and instantly regretted it.  It was so pungent that he could feel it gurgling in his stomach - which, at that point, was too full of human semen to properly handle anything else, much less animal semen.

True to her word, she snapped another picture.

"Oh god, that's so gross -I- might puke.  It must taste so disgusting...  how much would you pay me to rip out that hose right now?  Well, too bad... swallow down all that animal sperm into your useless little belly... and then beg me not to tell anyone that you drank pig jizz by the slimy cup.  That was supposed to end up in some sow's belly, you know.  Well, I guess it did after all.  I wish I had the cups full of pig semen to show you.  I'm sure some of it was top quality.  Drink down those potential piglets, you pathetic fuck.  You're going to get queasy whenever you hear Old Mcdonald from now on.  'And on this farm he had a cow, e-i-e-i-o.  With a moo moo moo here and an unf unf there, here a splurt, there a cup, everywhere a nut nut...' and presto!  Your dinner.  Slurp it all down, jizzfiend."

He slurped and sputtered and gagged and retched as it felt like cum was being pumped directly into his stomach.  

"Think your guts will end up pregnant with a chimera?  Keep gulping it down and you might end up mommy to a mythological beast."

He swallowed, and swallowed, and swallowed.  There was no point in trying to stop it - although he did occasionally have to chew through what he now knew was piggy-pregnant-promise jizz.

"Your tummy is so full...  it looks like it might pop.  Are you pregnant, or just a hungry little piggy?" she said, pressing her heel to his distended belly, making him squirm.  "We need to get some of that semen out of you, or you're going to explode," she continued, and lowered her heel until she found the bulge in his unitard.  "Not the semen in your belly, though.  That stays."

She reached down and grabbed hold of the bulge between her thumb and forefinger, and stroked it.

"Still hard after all that gross animal semen?  I guess you really must be a pervert.  Or maybe... you're a farm animal too.  Is that it?  Do you need to be milked?  Do I need to get a cup to hold your mating urges?" she said, continuing to stroke him... although soon, she wouldn't have time to get a cup.

He felt the urge rising... even as he gulped down mouthfuls of bull semen and horse semen and who knows what else, he couldn't help it.  As she stroked him, he was going to cum - and cum fast.

"No... actually... farm animals don't drink animal cum.  I guess that means you're lower than an animal..." she said, and she stopped stroking, to his dismay.  He continued to chug down what he could, more and more spilling out of the corner of his mouth, as she removed her right boot, and then, her sock.

She pressed her bare foot to his groin... and he wanted her to rub it up and down so badly that he audibly whined.

"Is that it?  Is this how something less than an animal gets off? With a foot?  Well then, show me.  Show me what you think it takes to reproduce."

As soon as she started to rub it up and down, he knew he wasn't going to be able to last long.  It throbbed and twitched with a need to blow... something that his stomach, at the moment, could strongly relate to.  

"Are you going to try and get my foot pregnant?  Are you?  Go ahead, try... but there's a better chance you'll get pregnant, at this point..."

He was beyond the point of no return.  He was chugging animal semen and about to orgasm, and there was nothing he could do to stop it.  

"Yeah, fire off that useless semen while you chug down horse cum!  Cum like a good cum swallower!  What does the cow say?  Huh?  Say it!"

He couldn't hold it in.  He knew what the cow "said".  It was in his mouth.  And he gave her the answer she was looking for.  It spurted into the air and coated her foot as a good cup of warm animal jizz spurted into his mouth.

"Good boy!  The cow is a bull, so he doesn't say anything - he just fills a fucking jar with spunk, and I pump it into your cheating mouth while you cum!  Keep going!  Got any more, huh?  Gonna pay me back for my gracious deposit?  You got it all over my foot, are you going to lick it off?  Or do you only drink cum that you didn't shoot? Do you like drinking a piggy's load while you cum?  Huh?  Do you?"

Her hair was frazzled, and her hand was between her legs - it was obvious that she was on her own high as well.  He could see it running down her thigh.

"Keep swallowing!  Swallow all of it!  Goat, pig, horse, cow, dog, I don't care!  Drink it all down until your stomach looks pregnant!  Swallow my revenge, you little cum guzzling fuck!" she said, her leg quivering, her knees giving out under her.

Her face was flushed with sweat.   She watched him struggle to keep drinking it all down, green in the face, and put her face close to his, breathing erratically.

"Mmm... I was going to say you're dumped... but... we don't have to break up, you know.  I forgive you.  What do you say?" she asked, pushing his hair out of his face.  He looked at her, horrified.  "Either that, or this is a farewell present," she said pressing her hand against his bloated stomach.  "Enjoy."

When all was said and done, his stomach was hugely distended, and sloshed about from any movement.  As soon as she unhooked the hose, he burped, looking listless.  

"Wow, you look ready to burst," she said, tapping his swollen belly, which made him turn even greener.  "It's like you've blown thousands of guys... now that I think about it, your lips just did more cheating than you ever did on your own.  Oh well."

She wiped her wet foot off on his face, and then put her sock and boot back on, while he watched, utterly stuffed with cum in the guts.

"Are we through?  Or have you learned the error of your ways?  I'll even cook you dinner.  Doesn't that sound nice?"

He nodded, defeated.  She opened up a floor cabinet and pulled out a bucket, then placed it in front of his knees.  

"Puke out what you can.  Next time I tell you to behave, you behave, or I'll have you begging to drink semen instead."

She picked the remote off the floor and put it between her breasts for safe-keeping.

"Now, if you'll excuse me, if I'm going to be cooking dinner, I have some farms to visit."


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