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Chapter 3 - (Part 3)-"They both felt the electricity of connection"

A young, newly engaged couple goes on vacation and stays at a beautiful island resort. Up in their room, they share a night of passion and tenderness, making love to each other for the first time. 

Only somewhat loosely based on a true story and anonymously commissioned by the real-life couple it's based on.  

Contains loving, intimate vanilla sex, kitsune (fox ears/tail), deepthroating and face-sitting/mild femdom. 

Chapter 3 - (Part 3)-"They both felt the electricity of connection"

Chapter 3 - (Part 3)-"They both felt the electricity of connection"
"Okay," Sabrina confirmed, kissing him softly. When she pulled back she braced her hands against his chest and rose up until she was sitting on his lap. Looking down she noted the state of affairs. 

"Oh, weren't you hard after I came?" She asked. "Sorry that took so long."

"No, it's fine," Harold insisted. "I was the one delaying in the first place. It's nothing that can't be fixed."

"Should be easy enough," She agreed, smiling. She pressed her hips closer to his and began to rub her wet folds against his length. Steadily he rose, breathing out heavily. When he was solid again, she sat up. 

"I'll go slow at first, okay?" She asked, waiting for his response. 

He nodded, nervous but still wanting to go through with it. "Go for it."

Sabrina took him in her hand and lined him up with her. Then she began to lower her hips slowly. 

Harold's heart was pounding in his chest, his skin cool and clammy, beading with sweat. He started to shake again. Everything in the room, including him and his fiancé seemed excessively real, as if he had been handed a pair of microscopic glasses and could see too much. He closed his eyes for a second and took a slow, deep breath. 

He let it out. 

When he opened them, there she was, in front of him: Sabrina, his fiancé. Nothing had changed. 

"You okay?" She asked, stopping where she was. 

"Yeah," He smiled. "Keep going."

She nodded and continued. Harold knew her better than he knew himself. He felt closer and more comfortable with her than his closest friends. And if he thought about it, she probably was his closest friend. His best friend. He knew she would never hurt him. This was going to feel good, and even if it wasn't the best sex in the world, nothing would change between them. There was nothing to worry about. His breath slowed a little, his shaking lessened, and Sabrina lowered herself. 

She was a little jealous to be honest. She had already lost her virginity, which had seemed unbelievable and larger than life at the time. Not that tonight wasn't special, but what they were doing right this second was not a life-changing thing, at least not for her. But Harold...he was getting to experience it fresh, for the first time. She wondered what it was like to be him right now, to be conscious in the moment. It was hard for her to remember, now that it was in her past.

They had started to touch, but still just barely. 

"Hey Harold," She asked. "What's it like to be you right now? What is this like?"

"That's a bit of an odd question," He replied. "Do you want a play-by-play?"

Sabrina laughed. "Sure, why not."

"Well, right now I'm very nervous," Harold started, thinking about it. "Though that's nothing new."

She started to push gently, letting her hips do most of the work.

"Well, I'm going to be inside you in a moment. I guess it's just weird because I've imagined this so many times before, and now it's really happening. Maybe it's silly but it feels like... I'll be different somehow."

She looked at him with sympathy and stopped pushing. She stroked the side of his face. "It isn't too late to tell me to stop."

"I want this," He reached up and touched the bottom of her cheek. "Trust me."

Sabrina smiled, feeling reassured, and pushed. Their bodies came together and Harold felt himself slip inside her. The two of them felt the building tension release, and moaned, sighs of both relief and pleasure simultaneously escaping their lips. 

" does it feel?" She asked. 

"Ahhh...tight," He grinned. "But not all that different from what we've been doing to be honest." He almost sounded a little disappointed. "But it's good. Intense."

"So I should keep going?"

"Yes, please."

She sunk down slowly on him, letting him adjust to the new feeling. She took more of him inside, filling herself an inch at a time. She'd done this very thing with other people, but with Harold it felt different. Not that those other times hadn't meant anything, it was just that he was special. 

And then the two became one, Sabrina coming to a rest against his lap, her ears burning crimson along with the rest of her face. Harold was finally right where he belonged, and she felt a swelling of happiness and pride deep within her that coincided with the physical space that he took up. For her, this was the final puzzle piece falling into place, bringing literal closeness to the closeness they already shared. 

"Mmmmm..." She cooed, relishing in the feeling.

As for Harold, while the feeling was more or less the same as things they'd done that very night, the sight of his fiancé sitting high atop his lap, containing all of himself within her, was a captivating one. He groaned, the snug, all-encompassing warmth holding him close. 

Sabrina leaned down and kissed him on the lips. When she broke away, they stayed like that for a few immutable moments, staring into each other's eyes. The room was silent, Harold's warm erection lightly throbbing inside her and stretching her around it.       

And then, slowly, she sat up and began to move again.

When Sabrina rose up it seemed to Harold as if time had slowed to a crawl. She took seconds to rise to the peak of her motion and seconds to come back down, her hand sliding off his face and into the crook of his neck. Harold started to feel, more and more, that they were connected in every conceivable meaning of the word, in body and mind. Every slight movement made by one of them had an effect on both of them. Her pleasure was his pleasure, and his was also hers. 

In the moments that passed it could be easy to forget who was inside whom. Harold wasn't sure if it lived up to his daydreams or not, but unlike his many adolescent fantasies, this was happening, and it was happening now. For Sabrina, it felt better and more urgent than anything that she had done before. Every thrust and every moan, things that had not always meant much, felt incredibly meaningful that night.

Neither of them was in a rush, so the speed of their lovemaking wasn't a concern. Nor was it a problem for Harold's physical integrity. Even motionless, the warmth that cocooned him kept him upright. Sabrina drew him up, up into her core, holding him tightly, and then releasing him. Their breathing was soft but heavy, and interspersed with sighs and moans and sharp cries, all of which was very audible in the quiet room. The moonlight shone brilliantly and potently through the thin curtains of their bed, lighting their actions.  

"How does it feel not to be a virgin anymore?" She asked him. 

"I feel the same as before," He answered honestly, caressing her wrist as it lay against his chest. "But when do I officially lose it? Is it after penetration, or after I come?"  

Sabrina frowned, furrowing her brow. She wasn't sure.

"Don't worry about it," He smiled. "We can figure that out later."

She smirked and shrugged, used to those kinds of questions by now. 

Sabrina leaned forward, resting her hands against his smooth shoulders. His arms wrapped around her, his hands flat against her back as his knees drew up below her, pushing himself deeper and finding a new angle to their sex that she quite enjoyed. Her hands slid over his chest, stopping to tease his cute, rounded nipples. 

She leaned closer and they kissed again, closing their eyes and moaning into each other's mouths, locking lips and tongues, her soft breasts pressing against him as his firm chest pressed back against her. As close as they were, the place where their skin met was like the surface of a stove, generating a slow, humid friction as they slid against each other, Harold's arms moving up around her shoulders as her hands moved to his hair. They were taking the time to explore every aspect of each other, every subtle feature. He wanted to know her body, inside and out, and she, his. While they were not presented with unfamiliar geography, this was the first time they had been laid out like this for each other, available to touch, tease and taste. 

Sabrina dove her hands deep into Harold's curly hair, tangling her fingers in the thick, brown underbrush, her tongue moving gently but stubbornly against his. His hands rose to her hair as well, stroking and massaging her pointy, fur-covered ears, each firm stroke easing the tension in her muscles and melting her like butter. She ran her tail up and down Harold's thigh to thank him, brushing against him with a teasing airiness and prompting his agitated shivers. She pressed her hot fur closer against his flesh, making good on her teasing promise and warming his leg with her touch. His thumbs ran along the innermost rim of her ears, making them shiver and twitch in response. 

And then Harold opened his eyes, finding his fiancé staring right back at him, their lips still pressed firmly together. Up close they could see deep into those reflective pools of color and light, past their own reflections and the reflections mirrored beyond that. Her hands fell into his, and their fingers laced together. Where before Harold felt nervous, he was now beginning to feel calm. The foreign body he occupied was slowly becoming something more like home, something familiar and reassuring. 

It hurt to break their kiss, even for a moment, but Sabrina did so and sat up, their interlocking fingers slipping farther from each other but never fully parting. She hastened her stride atop him, moving with ever so slightly more urgency. Her hips worked into a slow, steady rhythm, leaving her feeling full and completed with every downward motion. Harold moaned, the sound slipping slowly from his parted lips. The wet sounds her body made against his lap grew in volume, and the drops of sweat that had already begun forming on his chest grew in numbers. Sabrina murmured softly as the bluntness of his cock spread her again and again, and let her fingers slip from his.

Obscured by the gossamer curtains, up in their room for the night, it was easy to forget that they were in a building filled with people going about their business, despite the low murmurs of conversation and sounds of labor being done that passed dampened through the floor and walls. For a time they could forget about the other people and responsibilities in their lives and just be Harold and Sabrina laid bare. The only thing that mattered at that moment was their intersecting bodies. Sabrina leaned back over his torso and reunited their soft lips, tracing her fingers over his smooth chest. She rocked back against him, vigorous but slow, unconcerned with how loud her resultant groans were, taking him as deep as she possibly could with every thrust. 

Harold stared longingly at her beautiful, luminous smile as her hands curled around the sides of his face, her fingertips resting against his hair. Her face moved to his neck and kissed it firmly. Her head turned and kissed his other side before her lips planted squarely on his collarbone. Then she licked up over his neck, running her tongue over the rough bump of his adam's apple. He shivered and let out a heavy, stilted sigh. When her face rose back to meet his, her smile was much more mischievous than it had been. Then he gasped, feeling her hand sliding around his balls. He grinned, noticing her arm slipped back behind her. It was amazing to him how Sabrina could go from looking like a pure maiden to a conniving minx in an instant. Her hand returned to his chest and her face lowered towards his. He admired her greatly for her confidence, for her grace and assuredness in maneuvering the complex interconnected architecture of their bodies. In truth, he was maybe even a little jealous. But it was okay. That was part of what made the two of them work. Sabrina, with all her strength, gave him the confidence to be who he was. And if she could be bold and playful, so could he. 

Sabrina was not at all expecting it when Harold took hold of her shoulders and rolled her swiftly onto her back, tumbling with a startled yelp. He pulled out and positioned himself above her, holding her down with surprisingly strong arms. She gasped, looking into his eyes with shock, but also noticeable excitement. 

"Surprise," He said quietly, trying to convince both her and himself of his confidence. 

"I'll say," She agreed. 

"I honestly don't know if I'll be any good at this," He said. "So I'm sorry if I'm not."

"It'll be fine," She replied, placing a hand against his cheek. "Trust me."


The two of them looked back between Harold's legs for a moment, their chests swelling and decompressing. His cumbersome shaft hung down from beneath his smooth abdomen, his balls hanging down just behind it. His penis hovered just above her engorged lips, dripping wet and coated in her fluids. He lowered his body against hers, flattening her breasts under his broad chest. He took hold of her shoulders and looked into her eyes. His nervousness had returned, but he wasn't about to let it stop him. This was his chance to show her that he could dish out as much as he took, that he could be more than her shy, unconfident boyfriend. For once he was going to take his pleasure into his own hands, and it was going to be good. He took a deep breath and drove himself inside. 

Sabrina arched her back as he penetrated her, her tongue-delivered orgasm from earlier leaving her more receptive to the many sensations of sex. They both felt the electricity of connection, and the sound of their low moans mixed together until they were hard to distinguish. 

She was thrilled that her usually timid Harold would even think to take charge like this. She thought he looked cute—nervous, frazzled and clearly not ready to be dominating, but pressing her into the mattress all the same and having the resolve to go through with it. A tremor of nervous excitement ran through her and she stared lustfully into his eyes.

Harold met her eyes anxiously and offered her a shakily confident grin, resisting his natural instinct to look away in embarrassment, thinking that if he was going to do this, that he might as well do it right. He entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt or injure her, and felt the familiar sensations find his penis once more as her restrictive walls encircled him. 

"Ohhhhhhhhh..." He groaned.

Another reason for his slow pace was that this was still his first time, and it would only be that way once. So understandably, he didn't feel the need to rush.

Sabrina appreciated his careful approach. Perhaps he was a bit too careful, but it was preferable to those who would just thrust themselves in without a second thought for her well-being. 

Eventually, Harold felt comfortable enough to get into a normal, steady rhythm—not too fast, but not as slow as she had started with him. Of course, because he was new to this, to controlling the motion of their pleasure with his hips, and because he was nervous, his thrusts were not exactly as graceful as his partner's had been. Slow as they were, Harold's thrusts matched his erratic breaths, starting and stopping awkwardly. A couple of times he slipped out and he had to reposition himself. It didn't feel great for either of them and Sabrina saw how panicked he was getting. She placed a warm hand on his shoulder and he stopped. 

"Harold," She said. "It's okay."

He looked somewhat embarrassed, but managed to crack a smile anyway. 

"Lean in closer and don't pull so far out," She suggested. "You won't slip out as much. And as for the thrusting...try to time it with my breath. I'm calm enough for the both of us."

His smile widened and he kissed her on the cheek. "Okay. Thank you."

He got back into it, this time following his fiancé’s advice. By focusing on her breathing and tuning out his insecurities, he was able to drive long and deep into her, a bit farther than he had been previously. And he found himself indulgently lingering in her squeezing depths just a moment longer before drawing back. It wasn't perfect technique, but it was a significant improvement, if the sounds Sabrina was making and her twitching ears were any indication. He echoed those sounds, feeling that it was kind of nice being on top for once. Even if it ultimately wasn't his thing, he'd still be happy to do it on occasion. 

"That's a lot better," She whispered in his ear. He couldn't have agreed more. His lips were drawn back to hers and the kissing made them silent. Mostly. 

Sabrina could tell that his nervousness and performance anxiety was fading. He had found his rhythm and was now pushing deeply into her, bearing down on her with the weight of his body. His hands wrapped around her ears and stroked them tenderly, infrequently mixing in some squeezes that were just rough enough to stiffen the hairs on the back of her neck. That, mixed with the shape and warmth of his cock as it filled her had her shivering all over, and she groaned happily into his mouth. Her tail curled around his soft, curved bottom and caressed it tenderly, and he reached back to clutch it tightly, giving it a gentle tug. They moaned in synchronicity now, louder and louder until their lips could no longer adequately muffle the sound. 

The way she wrapped her arms around his neck and her legs around his waist, generating power from below and pulling him deeper still into every thrust, was intoxicating. His hands ran down her soft thighs, holding her steady as he made love to her. Harold loved the way her fingers moved through his hair and pressed against his scalp, how her resonant moans vibrated and tickled his lips as they filled his mouth with her warm breath. He could feel her stiffened nipples poking into his chest as he rocked heavily over her pinned body. 

As vulnerable and at his will as Sabrina was—though she was pretty sure with her background she could have gotten him off of her if she wanted to—she felt incredibly safe, protected and warm. It wasn't entirely rational, no, he could no more keep her safe than any average person without combat experience, but she knew that she could always trust him not to do anything she didn't want or before she was ready. 

Harold felt similarly, and not just in a literal sense—though his Sabrina was plenty strong, and even fierce when she wanted to be—but in the sense that he could be his truest self around her, that he could be this literally naked, vulnerable, physical animal with her and she accepted him fully. Accepted him for who he was, or at least who he was sometimes. As he plunged himself into her, moaning into her kisses, the intense heat radiating through the entirety of his lower body felt safe. The softness of her lips and tongue felt safe. The darkness behind his eyelids felt safe as he offered himself to the experience. He could accept himself if she could, and when he opened his eyes, he saw on her face that he was doing better than he had thought he would. He sped up, pushing into her raised hips with increased vigor. 

He was filling her completely now, nearly becoming numb to the sensations in the best possible way, his balls smacking into her bare skin when he bucked forward, her breasts shaking along with her body at the impact of his hips. Sweat intermingled between their heated bodies as Harold again picked up the pace and the bed began to squeak. He pulled back from their kiss to address her, as well as to get some air.

"You're very pretty when you moan," He said, breathing heavily and kissing her forehead.  

"I think I could say the same for you," Sabrina shot back, staring longingly into his cool, brown eyes and messy brown hair. 

"I—I think I'm going to come soon," He warned, struggling to get the words out. 

"I'm not in heat right now," She whispered. "So please, don't hold back."

Hearing those words definitely helped Harold along, but he held on for her. "How should I?" He asked, the color rising in his cheeks. "Like this?"

"Let me get back on top," She said. "Unless you would rather do it like this."

"No, that sounds lovely," He said, taking her hands, a part of him relieved to be going back to something familiar. Carefully, he pulled out and backed away from her before rolling on his back. Sabrina straddled him once more, smiling. She leaned over him and impatiently lined him up behind her, using her hand. Then she bucked her hips back against him swiftly and threw her arms around his shoulders.

"Ohhhh..." Harold moaned.

"Ahhh!" Sabrina cried, echoing his sentiments. She knew that the end was coming soon, and she was focused intently on getting there. She felt his arms wrap around her back and his fingers tangle themselves in the thick fur of her tail even as he pressed it flat against her. 

When they closed their eyes, all they could picture was every happy moment they had ever shared. From the days of Dark Souls invasions, to every kiss, to every small coffee shop on the outskirts of town, where money would be lent to one another as necessary. From every darkened movie theater they had leaned against each other in, to the times when they had simply walked down the street holding hands, not afraid or embarrassed for the world to know they were together. 

When Harold opened his eyes he stared in awe of his beautiful, adept fiancé and listened to her beautiful, ecstatic noises as she gracefully rode him with ease. While he'd had the clumsy awkwardness of a beginner, her skill and experience was on full display in her fluid, steady movements that didn't falter even as they increased in speed, and she had been kind and understanding enough to lend him some of that. He was incredibly grateful that this was how he would end his first mutual sexual experience, pinned beneath the body of such a strong, assured, knowledgeable woman. 

Sabrina waited for his release with shaky limbs and uneven breath, savoring every one of his entries up until then. Their moans, along with their breathing, increased in volume and frequency, only falling out of sync occasionally before harmonizing once more. It wasn't as if Harold hadn't come inside her before, but this still felt different somehow. Maybe it was the fact that she had worked with him to bring them to this moment. Perhaps it was the significance of the night itself and the emotion behind it. The fact that now she knew that he was the one she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, something she had only realized recently. The fact that this was a milestone in his life, and she was right there to not only witness it, but to make it happen. Whatever the reason, it felt novel and wonderful. She waited, wanting it to happen but also not wanting their lovemaking to end. 

No longer any room in his mind for hesitance or self-consciousness, Harold groaned and prepared to give her exactly what she had asked for. He felt the accumulation of a night's worth of building passion overtaking him and knew that he could neither hang on any longer, nor did he care to. It was sweeping him away and he gladly let it take him, bucking his hips upward and leaning into his orgasm, muscles tightening and body shaking. 

Sabrina felt the intensity of her own orgasm swell up inside her gradually, like a wave building to something monstrous—and then crash down over everything. She cried out loudly and pushed her head forcefully against Harold's shoulder, her whole body shaking, the fur on her ears standing on end. 



Her contractions seized and overwhelmed her, along with the tremors running up her spine and vibrating her hands. Harold moaned at a higher pitch, the tight warmth of those contractions squeezing him and causing him to hold her closer to his chest even as he felt himself shoot into her depths one throb at a time. Sabrina's cry sustained itself and peaked in sharpness, holding that note before fading out and degenerating. 

There was a too fleeting moment filled with intense, explosive pleasure for both of them, and then it faded, leaving them feeling weakened and exhausted but happy, those previously intense sensations lingering in a much more manageable capacity.  

They were left exhausted, gasping for air asynchronously. Sabrina was still shaking above him, feeling the sweltering heat of her lover's skin against her breasts and stomach. She felt his ejaculate oozing deep within her, dripping slowly out from between her legs. She leaned in to kiss his lips and feel his face pressed against hers. Harold breathlessly kissed her back, sweat wetting his hair and rolling down his forehead.

"I love you so much, Sabrina," He said, their lips parting briefly. 

"I love you too," She said, and resumed the kiss. 
His chest rose and fell heavily, his hands gently holding her sloping back. It had probably been the most intense orgasm he'd ever had, but otherwise had felt like a typical one, a building pressure that eventually crescendoed and then faded almost immediately after. What didn't fade however, was the mental image of his best friend's face awash in ecstasy, and the knowledge that that was because of him. The moment was just as wonderful as any that had preceded it, and Harold stayed deep inside her, not wanting to ruin it by moving. He wanted to stay connected a little longer. It was a little strange to think that the woman he was kissing now had once been nothing more than a stranger online—one voice out of many in his cheap Xbox headset.

Sabrina pulled back and rested her head against his shoulder. They lay together in the darkness for a while, his cum slowly and steadily draining out of him and into her. 

After some time she pressed her hands against his chest and rose up on his lap, letting him slip from between her legs. She rolled over and lay against his side, arm draped over his torso. Harold used what little energy he had left to turn on his side and put his arms around her.

Sabrina smiled, feeling his limp penis resting against her leg, semen dripping onto her thigh. She let it stay there. The room felt profoundly quiet, like a mine shaft, absent of the various sounds that had filled it previously, even their breathing now barely audible. 

"So..." She led. "How do you feel? Now that it's over."

The moonlight showed the thoughtfulness on Harold's exhausted face. 

"Nothing's really changed," He answered. "It was really, really nice, and different from what we usually do. the fact that despite the fact that we have different...stuff–"

He laughed.

"–We can still essentially have the same experience. There's something nice about that. But I still feel like the same old Harold. Am I supposed to feel different?"

Sabrina ran her hands delicately over his chest and shoulders, admiring his pale, naked body in the dim light. 

"Well, you are the same old Harold," She said. "But that's not a bad thing. I didn't feel any different when it happened for me either. I guess as nice as it would be, there's no magic change when you lose it. I think the important thing is just to do it with someone who means something to you."

Harold kissed her on the lips and smiled. "Well I guess I did it right, then.”

"Also, I thought about your question from earlier," She informed him. "I think you're no longer a virgin after the sex ends. Because if you're not a virgin, it's because you’ve had sex. So when it's in the past, you're not a virgin. Does that make sense?"

"Huh," He replied. "I think that's a pretty good answer."

They lay there like that for a while longer, enjoying the warmth of each other's arms, not tired enough to sleep but not wanting to move either. 

"You know, I think I've realized something," Harold said. "What we just had was wonderful, and I really enjoyed it, and I can't wait to do it again, but...if I had to give it up, I think I could. I don't want to, of course, but, if it was a choice between being with you and being celibate, or being single and being able to have as much sex as I wanted..."

Sabrina raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"...I would choose to be with you. Sorry, I know that's a weird hypothetical."

"No, it's fine," She insisted, smiling. "Finish your thought."

"Well, sex is...ultimately it's a physical thing," He continued, trying to put in the best way he could. "And without love to back it up...well, it would still be really nice, but it would be missing something. I'm here tonight because of you. I don't know how I'd live without your love. But I think I could live without sex."

She pouted. "But...but...I like your body, Harold!" She smiled and shook her head. "No, I get what you're saying. And I love you for you...but I also wanna fuck."

"Well, so do I," Harold acknowledged, chuckling. 

"I'm not sure if I could go without it to be honest," Sabrina said, shrugging. "I really do like sex. And what you said is all true, but it's also nice to have something physical. Love is wonderful...but you can't touch it."

"Wow, that was really smart," He said. "And you said it with half the words that I did.” 

"Guess I'm pretty smart," She grinned. 

“Did you like it?” He asked. “I know it wasn’t your first time, but it was your first time with me…”

“It was very nice,” Sabrina said. “Better than my first time.”

He was glad. He hadn’t wanted to make the night all about him.

"This has been a really good day," He said, running a hand over one of her ears. "I usually feel anxious at the end of the day, like I haven't gotten enough done, but today I feel like I've really made the most of it. Not one minute felt like a waste."  

"Today was nice," She agreed. "I'm just glad I could help make it extra special for you." She rubbed her head softly against his. 

"My life is always special when you’re around," He said. “I’m sure tomorrow will be too.” 

Sabrina moved her hand to his arm and kissed him, because his handsome face deserved it. "So...what do you want to do tomorrow?"  

Harold scratched his chin, mimicking thinking. "Hmmmm. Well for one, probably more of this."

She laughed and batted his arm lightly. "Well, that's a given," She flashed him a sly smile. "We can't do that all day though."

"Well..." He stalled, having to actually think this time. "...I just renewed my Crunchyroll subscription, so we have plenty to watch, and I still have my GameCube in my parents' car and a bunch of games, so..."

"As good as that sounds, there are things to do at the resort," She pointed out. "Maybe we should make an effort not to be total shut-ins, at least while we're on vacation. I heard there was a water aerobics class."

"That could be fun," He replied. "I'm up for it if you are." 

"Well, we'll see," She smiled. "We still have time to think about it." Her tail wrapped around both of them as Harold moved towards her and aligned his body with hers. 

Beyond the shelter of their bed curtains and outside their room, the night stretched on endlessly, an infinite black sea speckled with glittering stars and housing a luminous, glowing moon that hung suspended over the island of Lucadia and bathed it in light. The beach was quiet, aside from the sound of the waves breaking gently on the shore, and the insects of the night chirping softly in the distance. Tomorrow Harold and Sabrina would see what the island had to offer them, but for now they found comfort in the warmth of each other's bodies, and waited for the dreams that sleep would bring.


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