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Chapter 1 - In the Falcon

A short story featuring Rey and Chewbacca. Set at the end of TFA, when they travel together to Ahch-To. Totally canon.
-Contains Wookiee sex.-

Chapter 1 - In the Falcon

Chapter 1 - In the Falcon
Sitting in the Millennium Falcon’s cockpit, Rey watched the swirling blue tunnel of hyperspace. It was a sight that many in the galaxy had grown used to, but Rey found herself enraptured in the shifting blue glow. She had an understanding of how it worked, but Hyperspace travel was still very new to her. Space travel in general was new to her. She found it all fascinating.

There was however one part of hyperspace that she was not fond of; the waiting. It turns out that even when you can bend physics to travel magnitudes faster than light, it still takes a very long time to get anywhere. The galaxy was a big place indeed.

Rey got out of her seat and stretched. She had just thought of a perfect way to pass the time. What better way to prepare for meeting Luke Skywalker, than to hear some stories about him! Not myth or legend, but real stories from someone who knew him. She knew Chewie had been through a lot recently- everyone had -but maybe it would cheer him up to talk to her about the crazy adventures he’d been on in the past.

She walked through the Falcon’s corridors to the main hold, which she found was empty. Frowning, she continued around until she reached the crew quarters. Chewie might have wanted to catch up on some sleep while he had the chance. She decided she would leave him be if he was resting, but the crew quarters were empty as well. Her next guess was the engine room. She knew he liked to work on the falcon, maybe he was talking his mind off things by doing a bit of maintenance. The hyperdrive was humming loudly as she walked into the engineering bay, only to find that it too was deserted.

Rey was stumped. She checked the floor hatches for good measure but there was still no sign of Chewie. Now she was wondering if he’d actually been in the main hold, and she had somehow missed him. Or maybe he was searching for her on the other side of the ship, circling around in such a way that they never met. She was about to turn and walk back the way she’d came -just in case- When her eyes fell on the door to the number 3 cargo hold. She realised she hadn’t checked any of the Falcon’s cargo rooms. She wasn't sure what Chewie could be doing in any of them, but he didn’t seem to be anywhere else. She walked up to the door and opened it.

The sound of the door opening was almost inaudible over the hum of the engines. Rey looked inside. Finally. Chewbacca was in the hold, sitting on a crate with his back to the door. Rey felt oddly relieved to see him, she had been beginning to worry she wouldn't find him at all. What was he doing in here?
Though he was turned away from her, Rey could see from where she was standing that he was holding something. She walked around to get a better view. The object was some kind of large cylinder that Chewbacca was holding in his lap, with both his hands.

“Chewie, I’ve been looking everywhere for you.” Rey began, walking towards him.
The Wookiee abruptly turned toward her, letting out a sharp yell. She must have given him a fright by sneaking up on him.
“What have you-” Rey stopped, confused. Chewie had let go of whatever he was holding, but it stayed upright in his lap. In fact, it seemed to be coming out of his lap, from the fur of his crotch. The realisation of what she was looking at hit Rey like a shockwave.
Rey made these observations in an instant, before Chewie just as quickly turned back around, roaring as he went.
“SORRY!” Rey yelled, backing away. “I’m sorry! I didn't mean.. I didn't know….” She nearly tripped on a loose cable as she reached the door.
“I’m sorry!” She called again as she hit the panel to close the door.

Rey stood frozen in the engineering bay. Her heart was pounding and her mind racing. She replayed the scene that had just transpired in her head, double- triple checking to make sure she had understood. She tried to think of another explanation for what she had seen, and how Chewie had reacted. But there wasn’t any. She had just seen Chewbacca's penis. And it was enormous.

She didn't know how long she’d been standing there, but after what seemed like minutes the door opened and Chewie stepped out. Rey's eyes immediately went to his crotch, but there was nothing to see expect fur. Rey looked up quickly when she realised she was staring, but was unable to look her co-pilot in the eye. Chewie hesitated, then launched into a barrage of apologetic grunts and growls.
“No no it’s fine.” Rey stammered in between bursts, “No I understand-”
“Raawwwwrrrrhhhh!” Chewie growled waving his hands about.
“Of course you’re stressed!”
“Its fine! really!”
“I mean it! It’s not a problem!”
Chewie’s roars died down and Rey realised she was shouting. She paused to clear her throat.
“Just maybe... lock the door next time.” She finished.
Chewbacca said nothing.
Looking around, Rey tried to think of something else to say.
“So, uh.” She coughed. “Where do you hide that thing anyway?” She winced as the words left her mouth. The silence continued for a moment before Chewie mumbled a reply.
“Right yeah. That uh, that makes sense. Probably get in the way otherwise.” She glanced up at the large wookiee standing in front of her, before quickly averting her eyes again.
Chewie silently walked past her, out of the room.

Now what? Rey was left once again standing by the hyperdrive, trying to come up with a way to salvage the situation with Chewie. He probably wanted some space, which she would be more than happy to give, but that would only make things more awkward the next time they bumped into each other. And they were likely going to bump into each other a lot. Rey decided the best course of action was to get that next meeting out of the way, try start a conversion, and pretend nothing had happened.

Rey found Chewie sitting in the cockpit, he glanced at her briefly as she sat down next to him.
“How’re we doing?” She asked, looking out the window. “Still on course?”
Chewie grunted an affirmative.
“Luke really did pick a far away spot to vanish to.”
Silence. She tried again.
“... You were born on Kashyyyk right?”
Chewie nodded, grunting again.
“What was it like? The forest?”
That finally got a proper response from him. He started quietly, but soon he was back to his regularly volume as he told Rey about the Wroshyr trees that covered his home planet.
Rey looked over at her furry co-pilot, sitting naked in the chair across from her. It seemed so obvious now, but she had never really thought of him as naked before. Now she doubted she would ever be able to stop thinking it, even if everything was concealed within... What had he called it again? A sheath? Rey found it amazing that something so big could be concealed beneath the wookiee’s fur.

Chewie was still talking about his homeworld, but Rey had stopped listening.
She was now thinking about his balls. Surely they didn’t retract like the rest? They were probably hanging there right now, hidden behind thick brown fur.
Chewie stopped talking, and Rey saw he was waiting for her to say something.
“It sounds beautiful.”
Chewie thanked her for saying so.
“..Did you say you had a family?”
“Really, a son? wow.”
“No, not at all. I’m sure you’re a great father.”
Chewbacca shrugged.
“I’m sure he’s very proud of you.”
Did that mean he had a wife? He was being pretty vague, but she didn't want to ask anything more direct. Besides, what did she care if he had a family anyway?

Rey decided to change the subject.
“I’m sorry I interrupted you before.”
Wait, why was she bringing that up again! The whole point of this conversation was to pretend that nothing had happened, and it was working too, but she couldn't help herself. She wanted to talk about it.
Chewie started to apologize again but Rey cut him off.
“You don’t need to be sorry, I’m the one who barged in on you.”
“It’s perfectly natural! We all have our ways of dealing with stress.”
“It really doesn't bother me. It’s far from the worst thing I could have seen.”
“I wasn't expecting it thats all. I thought you were holding a canister or something.” Rey paused for a moment then continued. “You can go back and keep going. I won't bother you this time.”
“It’s not weird!”
“It is not! Who cares if I know what you’re doing!”
“Fine, then why don’t you go and ‘fix the hyperdrive’ for a while I’ll wait here.”
“Alright. Fine.” Rey sighed. “Then let’s have a game of Dejarik.”
Chewie cocked his head at her
“Come on, let’s go.” Rey got out of her chair and walked to the main hold. Her heart was pounding again. A game of Dejarik would be good. She’d made it weird, but that was okay. She could still salvage this. But... deep down she knew she didn't really want to salvage it. She didn't want to play a board game. She wanted to get another look at Chewie’s cock.

Chewbacca followed her into the main hold and sat down next to her around the holographic game board. He moved to switch it on, but Rey stopped him.
“Chewie, I know a lot has happened. And a lot more is going to happen.” She placed a hand on his leg. “I need you to be at your best, it’s impossible to know when danger will strike.”
Her voice was wavering, she hoped he didn't notice.
“It’s important that you’re able to... release all the tension and stress that builds up.”
The wookiee was looking at her intently, but he said nothing. Rey took a deep breath. Was she really going to go through with this?
“And if you won’t do it on your own-” She moved her hand down to his crotch “Then I’ll do it for you.”

Rey had been right about Chewie’s balls, she felt them almost immediately through the fur. She knew they would be large, each was the size of a jogan fruit. Chewie flinched back as she grabbed them. They were heavy and smooth.

“Just relax.” Rey said, trying to read the wookiee’s expression. He wasn't stopping her. That was good, but what if he was just too shocked to act? What if he wasn't even attracted to humans, and was thinking of how to tell her? But there was no room for doubt now. She gave his sack a squeeze.
“They feel so swollen.” She said, trying to sound confident. “You must have a lot pressure built up.”
Rey felt the wookiee’s balls twitch, and something brush against the top of her wrist through the fur. Rey felt a new surge of excitement as she moved her hand up to feel Chewbacca's growing erection. Whatever his feelings, he was at least a little aroused. Hopefully more than a little. Rey looked down at the heavy slab of meat in her hand. Even only partially erect, she was amazed at its size. It was thicker than her forearm, no wonder she had mistook it for some kind of canister.
Chewie grunted as his cock continued to grow. Rey slid from her seat and crouched down between Chewies legs, placing both hands around the large shaft in front of her.
“Even bigger than I thought it was.” Rey whispered. She wanted to taste it. Leaning forward, she opened her mouth wide around the tip of Chewies engorged penis.
She moved her hands, pumping up and down while she sucked on his cock-head. She could hear Chewie grunting, and feel him pulsating in her hands. She could hardly believe what she was doing, but it felt... right.
She looked up at the powerful wookiee sitting above her. Ever since they first met, Chewbacca had been nothing but kind to her. She considered him a close friend, even though they had only known each other for such a short time. This seemed like a great way to let him know how much she cared. In fact, it seemed perfect. She never would have thought of it before, but walking in on him had set off a chain reaction in her head. Possibilities she never knew existed seemed to open up for her. With her lips around Chewie’s impressive instrument, she knew that she would let him do anything he wanted to her, all he would have to do now is ask. But Chewie was too kind-hearted for that. Nothing would happen unless Rey made it happen, like she was doing right now.

Chewie looked down at Rey. He had gone so long without this kind of companionship, and the sight of this young human girl staring up at him with her mouth and hands around his cock was overwhelming.
Before long, Rey heard him roar, and felt him jerk in her hands as a load of thick wookiee cum filled her mouth. She swallowed what she could, then as her mouth overflowed she pulled back and closed her eyes. He covered her face, hair, and clothes with thick ropes of jizz while she continued to stroke him.

When he was finished, she used her cloth bracers to wipe the cum from her eyes.
“You must have needed that even more than I thought.” Rey said, licking her lips. She wasn't just pretending to be confident anymore. Her nervousness was gone, replaced by desire.
Chewies cock had deflated a bit, but it was showing no signs of retreating.
“I don't think you’re finished yet.”
Rey climbed up into Chewies lap, lifting his cock as she did, then letting it fall against her belly.
“I need you at your best.”
She slid forward, sandwiching the swollen rod between them. Feeling it press up against her sent a shiver down her spine.
‘That’s how deep it would go’ She thought, grinding against it.
“I’m not giving up until you’re completely empty.” She breathed.
Chewie responded with a low questioning growl.
“We won’t know until we try.”
Another disbelieving grunt.
“I’m tougher than I look.”
Chewbacca didn't seem convinced, but he didn’t protest when Rey stood up and started removing her clothes. She did so hurriedly, as if taking too long might cause some spell to break, and send everything back to normal. This all seemed so unreal, like the fantasies she used to dream up back on Jakku. She’d had fleeting sexual experiences before, with a timid scavenger boy in her youth. It had been awkward and uncomfortable. They both had no idea what they were doing, and what excitement there had been at the start had soon faded away.
But Rey was excited again now, more so that she had ever been back on Jakku. She got her boots and jacket off, then quickly removed the rest. She didn't bother with the armbands. She had wasted enough time already.
“Rwaaarhhggggyyaaahhrr.” Chewie stood up and walked over to her.
Rey quickly got down on her hands and knees. This was actually happening.
“Like this?” She asked, looking over her shoulder has Chewbacca knelt behind her.
As a response, Rey felt Chewie’s large hands grab her hips, and pull her backwards.
She felt the heavy weight of his manhood along her back. She inhaled sharply, and hoped it would fit.

“Yes I’m sure. Please.”
Chewbacca pulled pack, using his hand to guide his oversized shaft to her entrance. Rey gasped when she felt his fat cock-head press against her. The image of a Star Destroyer crashing nose-first into a shuttle’s open cargo bay came to mind. She tried to think of something else. Slowly, Chewie pushed into her, and Rey felt her insides stretch to accommodate his girth. There was pain, more than she had expected. She cried out as he moved deeper.
Chewie stopped for a moment. His cock was only halfway inside the young scavenger, and she was already having trouble. He gave her a moment to adjust, then began gently thrusting.

Rey moaned. She knew he wasn't using his full length, but it still felt impossibly deep. The pain began to fade away, and each with each thrust pleasure began to build inside her.
“Chewie…  that feels incredible!”
Encouraged by her words, Chewbacca began to thrust faster.
“Yes! Keep going!”
There was no comparison to her past experiences. Rey had never imagined someone could make her feel this good. To think only a few weeks ago she had been sitting in the wreckage of an old AT-AT fantasising about leaving the desert behind for a life of adventure. And now here she was. Traveling to distant stars in a ship she had heard legends about, being fucked by a huge alien that had lived those legends.
“Don’t stop!”
Rey felt her orgasm coming even as she spoke the words, and her body shook as it rolled over her.
“Chewie, I’m-” Her words turned to an inchorehant scream as she came, hard, on the thick wookiee rod still thrusting inside her. For a moment her mind went blank, and when she regained her senses Chewbacca had slowed his pace back to a gentle rhythm.
“That… Chewie, that was amazing.” She said in between breaths.
Chewie said nothing. He had said nothing since he first entered her. Not so much as a grunt. Rey realised he was restraining himself. She was so caught up in her own enjoyment she hadn't thought about it. Half his cock might be enough for her, but it certainly wasn't enough for him. If Rey wanted to make Chewbacca cum inside her, she’d have to take the whole thing.
“Chewie.” She said, looking back over her shoulder. “You can put the rest in now. I’m ready for it.”
Chewie grunted.
“I know you don’t want to hurt me. But I want all of you inside me.” She bit her lip and then added. “Don’t hold back.”
She knew he wanted it. It was a testament to the wookiee’s willpower that he hadn't forced himself fully into her right from the start. But Rey had proved she could handle more than an average human, and now that he had permission, Chewie didn’t hesitate to give her what she asked for. With his hands firmly gripping Rey’s hips, he pulled her towards him.
Rey began to worry she had overestimated herself as the monstrous wookiee phallus sunk even deeper inside her. Her body wasn’t meant to be used like this. It was completely unnatural. But somehow that made Rey want it even more. She ignored the pain, focusing on the thought that she was achieving something nature could never have accounted for. She was sure she wasn’t the first human to take a wookiee dick all the way, but she was certainly joining the ranks of an elite few. She wanted it to be as good for Chewie as it had already been for her.

Rey felt fur against her backside as the last of Chewbacca’s cock was stuffed into her. For a moment Rey was hit with the irrational fear there wasn’t going to be enough room left in her body for air, but it passed. Chewie began moving, slowly at first, then building speed. Despite everything, Rey once again felt the pleasure rising within her, more powerful than before. The pain didn’t fade completely like it had earlier, but Rey found she no longer cared. It was part of the experience. There was something within her, something deep and primal that promised pleasure beyond anything she had known before. A fleeting spark that had grown into a raging fire, and with each thrust more fuel was piled onto the hungry flames. So what if it hurt a bit? This was bliss.

“Harder!” She yelled, “Shove that thing into me!”
Chewie obliged, roaring as he did. He certainly wasn’t being quiet anymore.
Rey noticed Chewie’s hands leave her hips, and suddenly he was pushing her downwards, until she lay pressed face down against the Falcon’s cold metal floor. She felt a weight on top of her as Chewie took a new position above her, resting on his elbows. It took only moments before he began thrusting again, his full weight slamming his enormous member into her from above. Rey was unable to stop herself from screaming in pleasure as he impaled her again and again, his heavy balls slapping loudly against her as he went.

Pinned down against the floor, Rey could only shudder and squirm as Chewbacca, who had been so careful and deliberate at first, gave into his lust. For Rey, it was like being fucked by an animal. A big furry animal with a huge cock that had mistaken her for a mare in heat.
Again, Rey felt herself building to a climax. She would have said ‘dont stop’, but there was no point. Chewie had no intention of stopping. His speed was constant, the rythmic thumping echoed throughout the Falcons halls. Rey shook violently when she came. Her mouth opened and closed wordlessly as she writhed on the metal floor.

Chewbacca did not slow down. The large wookiee only continued to pound her with his oversized organ. Time seemed to blur. She couldn't think straight. All she could do now was wait for Chewbacca to be finished with her.

Rey wasn’t sure how long it had been when Chewie began speeding up, But she knew he was ready to cum. She wanted to ask for it, to beg him to fill her, but she could not form the words.
Chewie raised his hips high, pulling almost all his length from Rey’s sopping cunt. He held there for a fraction of a second, then let out a mighty roar as he hilted himself in one powerful movement. Cum spurted from Rey’s pussy as Chewie unleashed an enormous load inside her. Still roaring, Chewbacca withdrew and then plunged his full length back into her another three times, then lifted Rey just enough to slide his arms around her torso. He lay on top of her, holding her in place with a furry hug as he shot the last of his cum into her overflowing vagina.

The weight lifted off Rey’s back as her lover finally withdrew. She felt a great emptiness when his cock, now fully drained, slid out of her. Chewie sat on the floor behind Rey, breathing heavily.

For a long time the two of them said nothing. Chewbacca looked at the girl lying face down in front of him. He had never looked at Rey sexually before, and never would have believed it was even possible before today. But it had happened. She had been so tight, and the sounds she made as he fucked her had been so arousing he’d almost forgotten who he was. It was something he hadn’t know he was missing out on. He hoped it was something he’d get to experience more than once.

Rey turned herself over and lay on her back. Her mind was finally clearing up again.
“Are you feeling better?” She asked.
Chewie nodded. He didn't really know what to say.
“Me too.”
Rey looked down at herself. She was a mess.
“Why don't you go check the navi-computer while I get cleaned up?”
Chewbacca thought that sounded like a great idea. Rey called after him as he was leaving.
“If you’re feeling stressed again and you need some help don't hesitate to ask.”
The wookiee nodded once more, then vanished down the corridor.
Rey smiled to herself. She was sure he would.
“Well, better get started then.” She said as she tried to stand up. Her legs buckled and she fell back over.
“Oh. That’s not good.”
She was paying the price for subjecting her body to a wookiee mating session. It would probably take several days for her to fully recover.
Grabbing the dejarik table, she was able to pull herself off the ground. Hopefully she’d have at least a few hours before the Falcon reached its destination.
“I hope I don't have to do a lot of walking.”


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