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Chapter 2 - Resistance

[Mass Effect] Humans are only good for breeding. The Asari have mastered the art of breaking them, and Thessia houses an enormous breeding hall where thousands of humans are kept in a constant state of fucked, pregnant bliss.

In this universe, humanity's worth is nothing more than a womb to be filled. They live for the glory - and pleasure - of Thessia.

[Mindbreak, Rape, Futa/F, breeding]

Chapter 2 - Resistance

Chapter 2 - Resistance
The Asari are ready to make their move. The human resistance will be quick to fall, and their leader will pay for her crimes against Thessia. At least her soldiers will enjoy what happens to them once the Asari stuff them into breeding pods! Nothing more but fertile sows, kept only for the quality of their wombs and the pleasures they can offer to the conquering Asari commandos...


The Way of Things
Chapter Two: Resistance
-by Drace Domino

“I need to know how this fucking happened, Conroy.” Commander Macy Montoya growled as she pushed past a few other resistance soldiers, moving deeper into the heavily armored bunker of their base. Her voice was set with an outraged tone and she had already taken out her anger on the wall - leaving a few heavy idents in the metal thanks to her biotic punches. It was an understandable reaction, Macy had never responded well to bad news, and this was...this was as bad as it got. “Did someone fuck up and lead the Asari there? Did some piece of shit rookie not mask their signature? Did someone set us up?! I swear, they’ll suffer in ways that’ll make what those blue cunts do to us seem polite…”

“We don’t know anything yet, commander.” The woman hurriedly rushing along beyond Commander Montoya was an older woman; thin and tall with blonde hair that had started to silver at the edges. Though only a few years into forty the past few years of the resistance had aged her; months were long and stressful and marked with constant worry. She carried with her an omni tool that she was working feverishly on, doing her best to get to the bottom of things. “All we know is that the Caro Colony was invaded twenty minutes ago. A full platoon of Asari commanders and three Justicars.”

“Goddamnit, Kane!” Montoya suddenly stomped a foot, pausing just long enough to spin on a heel and face the other woman. She even reached out a hand and struck the older woman across the face with a fierce slap; hard enough that it left a large, red welt on her cheek. Not at all uncommon behavior for the commander. She was a solid twenty years younger than Kane, but carried the stress even worse than her mentor. “We have almost a hundred women there trained in combat! And another three dozen civilians that are smart enough to pick up a weapon and fire! You’re telling me that even with our assault cannons, with our biotic shields, with our fucking defense grid...nothing did any good?!”

“N-No, Commander.” Kane responded with a soft voice, moving a hand up to rub her cheek. She sat on that thought only for a second before continuing, and started to walk alongside the younger woman once more. “There’s only one part of Caro Colony’s defense grid that’s still operational - the security cameras. We can still load up the feed. We can at least see what’s going on, Commander.”

“Hmph. I don’t need to see the feed to know that over a hundred good women are becoming breeding bitches to those pieces of trash.” Commander Montoya huffed, yet still pushed through resistance headquarters to where a large viewscreen sat waiting. The room was crowded with soldiers and planners practically tripping over each other as they scrambled their forces; half of them contacting other colonies to warn them and the other half seeing what could be done for Caro. Unfortunately for one such woman, she was a little slow in getting out of Commander Montoya’s way. While bending down to pick up a data pad she was directly in her leader’s path, and seamlessly Montoya flared out a hand with her biotic power and sent the poor girl spinning across the room. Without even looking back to see if she was okay, Montoya continued along towards the screen with Kane in check. When she stood before it with arms crossed and a scowl on her face she finally spoke again, a deep sigh rising in her voice. “ me. Put it on screen.”

Kane was nervous to do so considering the resistance leader’s short temper, but with a tiny nod she did as instructed. A few taps on her omnitool transferred the feed to the viewscreen, and from the very beginning it was just as horrible as they would’ve expected. Several different cameras were all showing their viewpoint in a series of segmented panels on the screen, and all of them showed that Caro Colony had already fallen...and all of the human women there had been taken down by the Asari. Kane was tapping away on her omni tool as she took in information from the cameras, murmuring statistics as she did so.

“First shots were fired at exactly 9:47 in the morning, final shot was fired at 10:56 in the morning.” She paused briefly and watched the look on Montoya’s face; her dark skinned features twisting to a look of immediate disgust. Nine minutes. That was all it took for the Asari to beat down a hundred women trained in combat, and dozens more desperate for a chance to live their own lives. Montoya’s features would’ve been considered young and pretty if life was anything remotely fair, but now in the midst of their war she wore the signs of combat. A few scars marked her cheeks and a larger one over her forehead, and her thick black hair was pulled into a ponytail, showing that another scar travelled down the back of her neck. All of them the result of a Justicar throwing her out a shielded airlock - something she had survived, returned from, and took vengeance for.

Commander Montoya was young, but not a woman to fuck with. Tough as nails, brave, and even though she had a hell of a temper she was a biotic that fought for the protection of humankind. For the right of their women to choose who they had children with - if any at all. She was an inspiring hero of humanity, and if they managed to beat the Asari she’d no doubt be one of the new leaders of the human Alliance. The president of Earth. Maybe even a seat on the Council, if the Asari were put in their place hard enough. She was a bad woman to have as an enemy, and a bad woman to double cross.

Kane took a deep breath, turned her attention back to the viewscreen, and continued with a soft, patient voice. “Structural damage of Caro Colony suggests that the blast doors were open and the Asari moved into the location without needing to crack the shields. The escape shuttles were disabled before the first shot was fired. There casualties, ma’am. Only slight injuries, according to the sensors.”

“Of course there were no casualties.” Montoya responded with a sneer, and very nearly struck Kane once more for her stupidity. Her eyes narrowed at the viewscreen - at those segmented panels showing Asari domination and power. “They don’t even think we’re dangerous enough to need killing. ...and you can’t knock up a corpse.”

Rage flowed through her, every muscle tense and her blood boiling with outright fury. The screen before her showed signs of Asari dominance in the purest of fashion - nothing but a small platoon of those blue bitches fucking naked, prone human women. It was almost too much horror for Montoya to take, but she continued to watch to pay some level of respect to the women that had fallen at Caro Colony. Not fallen in a lethal fashion; of course, but in a way that could even be considered worse than death. She was witnessing camera feeds of women that had been serving in the military since before she was born - women that were among the very finest soldiers, finest fighters, finest biotics humanity had to offer. Each one of them was stripped naked and each one of them was wrapped around an Asari cock. Sometimes two; if they were tough enough to handle it.

The state of things was outright chaos on the humans’ end; some of the women were shrieking in fear as they were fucked and raped, some were fighting it to the point that they needed to be biotically cuffed, some were simply laying flat with a blank look on their faces, accepting it in the most depressing of ways. Others; however, and at an increasingly high rate, were enjoying it. Even in the short few minutes that Montoya watched the feed, she saw women go from crying in terror to screaming in joy, and legs that were desperately trying to close to stop entry into their pussy were now wrapping around Asari waists, hooking their ankles together to make sure that their new lover would stay inside of them. Humans went from crying to laughing, they went from fear to lust, and they went from resistance to submission. Such was the power of the Asari - the power to break down human women to base level sluts that lived for the taste of their cum. It was a hold that Earth’s best scientists weren’t yet able to break; but perhaps that was because the smartest engineers and biologists had already been claimed by the Asari. They were somewhere tucked away in a dark hole on Thessia, pregnant with their fifteenth child and still getting fucked on a daily basis.

Hell; at least they were happy. Montoya could sure as shit not say the same.

“...damn every one of these fucking monsters.” Montoya hissed, watching as three confident and calm Asari commanders were making a young cadet airtight. The girl looked like she was barely eighteen; likely a fresh recruit that signed up to help other women. Now, the little redhead was stretched around three blue dicks, getting fucked in and out with reckless abandon. And moaning all the while. Montoya’s fists tightened further and she practically seethed, her breathing slow and steady as she spoke. “I’ve killed more Asari than I can fucking remember, Kane. And it’s never enough. The whores have numbers we can’t hope to meet.” Considering the fact that even a standard Asari with no special training or talent was the rival for five human women, it ensured that this was a losing war.

“I don’t understand one thing, Commander.” Kane spoke up, though still a bit cautious of Montoya. Especially when she was angry, the resistance leader was violently volatile. Kane herself had already suffered a broken arm during one such tantrum - the day that Montoya’s own sister fell to the Asari. The older woman was certainly not looking forward to being on the receiving end of another one of her leader’s tantrums. “They...disabled everything else. The weapons, the escape vehicles, everything. Why leave the camera feed on? Why let us know what’s happening to Caro Colony? Why-”

Montoya simply raised a hand and it was enough to silence the other woman. Her fingers slowly tightened into a fist, and though she didn’t strike anything just yet, it seemed like she sorely wanted to. If supplies weren’t so limited she likely would’ve demolished the viewscreen by now, but instead all she could do was stand still and stoic and keep watching as Asari commandos fucked women young and old, civilian and military, terrified and delighted.

“Don’t be a fucking idiot, Kane.” Montoya scowled, and took a deep, furious breath. She was so angry she had goosebumps, and one hand dipped down the front of her shirt to pull out the only thing that gave her consolation - a necklace. Not one of sentiment or family importance; though. A chain of dried Asari head tentacles, laced together on a wire. Tentacles she had ripped from the heads of the most powerful she had fought. With those tentacles exposed hanging from her neck, Montoya continued to seethe with every muscle in her body tight and tense. “They didn’t disable the cameras because they know I’m watching. They want me to see this. They want every human woman in the fucking galaxy to see it. Fuck, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was airing in the Citadel.”

Kane, with a nervous look on her face, tapped a few buttons on her omnitool before giving a tiny whimper of worry.

“ is, ma’am.” She confirmed quietly, almost ashamed for her species. “Every bar. Every diplomatic office. And it’s being uplinked to Omega for full distribution.” A few more taps on her omnitool. “...Omega is charging for viewers to watch everything without pixelation.”

“So it’s come to that, huh?” Montoya murmured, eyes narrow. She was watching another part of the screen again; one in which Asari commandos were taking turns fucking the ass of powerful soldier. A woman she served with - a woman that had ripped the head off of a Geth before - now her pussy was overflowing with cum to the point of constant leaking, and her tender ass was the playful of blue dick. She had tears on her face but also a smile; a sure sign that she had been terrified until Asari lust had made her love it. Montoya thought briefly about people all across the galaxy watching it; up to and including the deviants of Omega paying for full access. It would’ve been almost funny were it not the end of her entire fucking species. “It’s not enough they make us broodmares, make us give birth to more of them, they also have to make a profit off of our fall.”

Once more she drew in a long breath, letting it fill her lungs as every part of her writhed with anger and hatred. There was one more option - one more command she hadn’t yet given. It was a command that would ruin the lives of countless trillions, but Commander Macy Montoya had long since stopped caring about anyone that wasn’t a human. When she spoke again her voice was ringing with grim sincerity; a somber tone that carried no joy, but a dark realization of what must be done.

“Kane? Contact all ships, all colonies, all active agents in the field. Everyone.” She spoke with a growl, and slowly turned on a heel as she started walking back down the crowded situation room. “Begin Operation Shutdown.”

If Kane’s omnitool wasn’t attached to her wrist, she would’ve dropped it. Her eyes went wide as she chased after her leader, padding behind her with wide eyes and a worried look. This was madness - this was every bit the worst case scenario, and she had been tasked with giving the order.

“Ma’am, we can’t!” Kane rarely spoke out of place, but this was indeed a special situation. She followed Montoya to one of the narrow halls, away from the noise and calamity of the control room. “Ma’am, if we give that order, everything ends! The mass effect relays, the Citadel...everyone suffers!”

“I know.” Montoya responded swiftly, voice level and stern and her hands closed to fists. “All weapons on the relays. All agents on the Citadel to their bombing positions. Take them all down. If we can’t win this war, we’ll make sure none of those miserable bitches can ever get near human space again. Let’s just hope we’ve got enough soldiers this side of the Milky Way to wipe out what’s left of them.” Even that wasn’t a guarantee - not with the fact that Asari could simply...breed more of themselves with any human’s womb, willing or not.

Still, it was too far. Too far for Kane, who stood tall and finally let her voice resound with strength and conviction. She straightened her back and looked to Montoya, finally taking a stand after far too much madness.

“Ma’am, I won’t give the order!” She spoke to the girl twenty years her junior, knowing full well what sort of wrath this would earn. “The Turians, the Salarians, the Quarians...shutting down the relays means making them all suffer! Entire worlds will be starved for supplies! Quadrillions will die! The entire universe will ache because of thi-”

In truth, Kane was amazed she managed to get out as much as she did. Montoya swivelled on her with ferocity ringing through her, and her first closed-fisted blow came to Kane’s face right where she had slapped her earlier. The strike was so hard that it sent the older woman crashing against the hallway wall, and it was followed up with another, and another, and another. Face shots, body blows, some laced with biotic energy and some not. Montoya pummeled her second in command, her mentor in the service, without remorse as she screamed at her.

“I - don’t - give - a - fuck - about - them!” She punctuated each word with a punch, her eyes wide and manic, spit dangling from her maw like a rabid animal. Once Kane had slumped down to the floor with a bleeding, bruised face, Montoya kicked her in the stomach and roared with outrage. “The Turians and Salarians could’ve stopped this, but their worthless carcasses did nothing! The Quarians...the Quarians?!” Her indignation was particularly high at the suggestion of their well-being. “They help them every fucking day! Every fucking minute! Humans are stuck in breeding walls designed by Quarian engineers! Shackled with sensory collars made with Quarian tech! As far as I’m concerned, every last one of those goddamn space rats deserve to be ripped from their suits and forced to die slow, painful deaths from exposure! Don’t you ever fucking say ‘what about Quarian’s again!”

Montoya’s breathing fell heavy, her shoulders rising and falling as she finally seemed to calm down. At least enough that she stopped beating senseless her most loyal officer, her oldest friend. Her surrogate mother - at least after the real one had been taken to serve as a broodmare. Kane was sitting on the ground with her blonde silver locks bloodied, her face well-beaten, and her entire form limp. Still, she had the strength to look up to the resistance leader, and through puffy eyes could see the look on her face as she spoke in the most hurtful words she could manage.

“Y...You...I knew I was...I was right...about you…” She coughed, and spit at her - leaving a noticeable red streak on Montoya’s chest. “Fuck your orders, you lunatic. And fuck…” She gazed at her omnitool, gave a sudden laugh weary with pain, and finished her thought. “...fuck the resistance.”

Kane was unconscious by the time the alarms started to blare within resistance headquarters. And Montoya, so surprised as they started to sound, didn’t even have the sense to put everything together. She had left Kane’s unconscious body in the hall as she rushed to the armory, and already from every angle she could hear the sounds of combat. Gunfire, biotic ripples, screams of panic and fear.

The Asari had found them. Caro Colony was just a distraction. This would be the day that the human resistance died.


Kane had betrayed her - it was the only explanation. She had betrayed all of them. She had betrayed every human to ever live, every child that would have been born to exclusive human parents, and every accomplishment humanity had ever made. Montoya would’ve killed her without a second thought if she had figured it out earlier, but it didn’t strike her until she was fully geared in the armory several dozen meters away from where she had left her.

“Fuck the resistance.” The words of Kane still rang in her mind, telling Montoya everything she needed to know. Kane would’ve been the perfect agent for the Asari - she knew everything Montoya did, knew every security clearance, every path of access, and every procedure they would’ve done in response to action taken against them. And without Kane to give her information or operate the various computer systems, Montoya was little more than an angry woman with a gun and biotics. be specific, a very, very, very fucking angry woman with many guns and powerful biotics.

And if this was the day the Asari tried to wipe out the resistance, she would put up a hell of a fight.

Montoya charged out of the armory to find that the headquarters were already under assault; the noise of biotic shockwaves echoed down the halls along with the cries of her soldiers. The same fists that wore Kane’s blood across the knuckles now gripped the stocks of two assault rifles, and she charged ahead with a battle cry fully expecting that she would dominate this fight just like she did every other she had been in. After all, there was a reason she had managed to go so long without falling, there was a reason she wore Asari head tendrils around her neck. She was tough, she was skilled, and there were days when she was downright invincible.

This...was not one of those days. No sooner did Montoya run into the open with her weapons ready to fire did every muscle in her body suddenly betray her. The commander’s body froze and she jerked forward from momentum, enough that her weapons flew from her hands and her black hair whipped forward before settling against her dark features. Instantly she looked around to see the culprits, and sure enough those fucking Asari had already penetrated deep into the base. There was a line of commandos in a kneeling position working together; each one with their hands outstretched and commanding biotic fields that kept the resistance leader in a state of gripped stasis. She could feel their powers working against her; squeezing her, probing her, almost promising the cock-riddled fate that would soon befall her.

And at the very forefront, commanding that line of biotic soldiers, stood the most intimidating looking Asari that Montoya had ever seen. She was dressed in the solid black of a Council Spectre; the material gripping her ample hips and her enormous bust and giving them both a firm, fierce squeeze as it remained skintight. The woman stood with hands folded behind her back and a confident smile on her face; a face that wore a few scars of her own. One in particular crossed down the side of her face and over one of her eyes; an eye that was now noticeably brighter and sharper thanks to a cybernetic replacement. She was utterly flawless in her power, her poise, and her authority...and she was well-known to the trapped human.

“...Yenezza.” Montoya spit the word out, managing to find the strength to fight against the biotic barriers, just enough to spit out her words. Her body trembled violently, and if she weren’t held by that rippling blue energy she would’ve been charging at the Spectre in that very instant. “I should’ve known you’d be the cunt leading this place.”

“...I’m so pleased that my reputation precedes me.” Spectre Yenezza beamed, and took a sweeping bow from the waist. In the background Montoya could already see how bad the fight had gone; human women were being stripped of their clothing and Asari cocks were already becoming unleashed. The horrors of Caro Colony were going to be repeated very soon, right there in front of her. Her home. Her base. Humanity’s last chance at survival. Yenezza beamed as she stepped forward, walking patiently towards Commander Macy Montoya, her smile cruel and sinister and her motions predatory. Before long she stood just a few inches before where Montoya was frozen in place, and she gave a tiny scoffing sound before speaking. “I presume you’re the Montoya girl? The leader of this...pathetic display?”

Montoya wanted to refute that claim, but considering the fact the halls were already starting to fill with the sound of human women’s moans, it was difficult to. They really were pathetic, and perhaps they even deserved what the Asari were doing to them.

“You’re the whore that took my sister.” Montoya hissed, clenching her teeth as she did her best to fight the fields holding her. “Lunar Colony 45-D! Maria! You fucking took Maria, you who-aaaaaaargh!” Montoya’s face turned even darker as she suddenly allowed her own biotics to flare into life, and she surprised just about everyone in the room as her fist suddenly ripped free of the combined fields of the Asari commandos. It wasn’t enough to release her from their grasp, but it was enough to take a single punch. A single swing. One strike from a place of fury and anger, one chance to get some level of revenge. A single punch from Montoya could gave in a woman’s skull - but it had to hit first. And hers was easily tilted away from by Yenezza’s swift, deft movements. It didn’t take long after for her arm to once more be seized by the line of commandos, and they continued to hold her in imprisoned stasis as Spectre Yenezza gave a short, low whistle.

“My, my, such an angry little beast.” She cooed. As Montoya’s eyes flickered to the sight of three Asari women gang banging one of her cadets in the distance, Yenezza ignored it completely. After all, Asari stuffing human bitches with blue dick was as commonplace a thing as it came to her. Thankfully, enough cock had been shoved into her mouth to muffle the screams somewhat. Yenezza chuckled a bit as she reached forward to the string of head tendrils on Montoya’s neck, her fingers scooping the dried pieces of her fallen sisters and hold them aloft. She clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth and shook her head in disappointment, but it was a bit hard to tell at who. “Such a waste. Though I suppose any Asari that would let a worthless cow like you strike them wasn’t exactly one of our best.”

That much...was perhaps a lie. There were pieces hanging around Montoya’s neck that were considered a true blasphemy; pieces of matriarchs and justicars that needed to be properly tended to and returned. With a deft motion Yenezza ripped the necklace from Montoya’s throat and tucked it away, her eyes narrowing and her tone growing dark.

“Your resistance is over, slave.” She announced simply, and levelled a cold, calculating glare on the human. One hand lifted and she waved for her commandos, each of which paid her immediate attention. Yenezza, much like Montoya, was not a woman to deny the orders of. “Asari! Let this one watch humanity fall...then take her to my quarters. No one’s to touch her until I enjoy her first.” She chuckled a bit, and slowly licked her lips before spinning casually on a heel. “But don’t worry,’ll all get to fuck her soon enough.”

Spectre Yenezza laughed sadistically as she walked back through the halls to finish up the job, and Montoya stared down a line of powerful commandos. She was beaten, she was helpless, and she was effectively broken. In her darkest moment Montoya had hoped that her necklace of tendrils would earn her a swift and brutal death - but as she watched Yenezza walk away she knew that wouldn’t be her fate. The Asari thought far too little of humans for such an end.

Humans weren’t even dangerous enough to merit killing. Why waste a good womb?

The next few hours the Asari tortured Commander Montoya without ever laying a finger on her. Trapped within a biotic prison, the human was forced to watch as a full squad of Asari fucked and filled her soldiers as their screams turned from terror to joy. She was paraded around to be shown to every woman in the headquarters, and the response they gave her varied depending on how far along that particular woman had been stuffed with Asari cock. Some glared at her with hatred in their eyes; fully recognizing her as the woman that had led them to failure, the woman that had made it possible for the Asari to turn them into breeding cows. Others...well...the reaction of the others was even harder for her to endure.

“Thank you! Thank you so much! I love being an Asari cocksleeve!” One of the newest recruits giggled in delight, her eyes glazed as she looked to Montoya and was pistoned between two thick blue dicks. Some of the more weak-willed girls broke easier to the sway of the Asari; specifically the ones that were still going through Montoya’s rigorous training regiment. She had been hard on those women, pushed them to the breaking point knowing that she could mold them into better soldiers. But in the end? It just made it easier for the Asari to win them over with a load of cum and a few thrashing orgasms.

Just another one of Montoya’s failures. For hours she watched it with her stomach twisting into knots and her heart aching in a fashion she hadn’t known for a long time. As a commander she had tried to shunt out her emotions; tried to remain steadfast and stoic and not let grief get in the way. Usually she let anger overtake her as a method of hiding her sorrow, but this…? She didn’t think she could get angry enough to eat up the heartache of seeing so many good, decent human women wrapped around so many Asari dicks. It was worse than Cora Colony. Worse than her own home colony. Worse even than the day her sister and mother were claimed.

And it was all her fault. When she breathed in she could smell the sweat of human fucklust as the writhing bitches were filled. She could smell the thick Asari cum as it rolled from their pussies and asses and dripped from their lips. She even felt the spray of nectar as some of the girls were fucked into fits of violent squirting - almost always from the ones that were thanking her. Thanking her for her mistakes, for her failure, for her fuckups.

Thanking her for being the woman that doomed humanity’s last hope.

And now...she was in Yenezza’s quarters waiting for the real punishment. By that point Macy Montoya had been properly bound in physical means; her body stripped and her legs lifted up to the point that her ankles could be shackled to the matching wrist. Her hands were locked into fists to prevent her from using biotics, and the metal bindings were military grade - strong enough to keep a team of Krogans at bay. The position was as shameful as anything else that day; leaving her pussy exposed and her thighs stretched, and locking her in a position that left her available for anyone to use. So far, no Asari had been bold enough...but that was only because of the orders from the Spectre.

Spectre Yenezza. The woman’s quarters were reflective of her cruelty. Though the bed Montoya was resting on was comfortable, surrounding her on all sides was proof of humanity’s fall. The Spectre had six separate breeding booths in her quarters for her own pleasure - each one a closed booth that had human women stuck inside. The faceplate of each was crafted so that their pussies and asses were exposed but the girl beyond couldn’t be seen - they were nothing more but pleasure holes for their owner.

Montoya had not been blind to the fact that in her current position she could’ve easily been fit inside such a booth. With any hope of escape rapidly fading from her the dark skinned soldier laid there prone and exposed, staying quiet and keeping her sadness in least until the door opened and her new owner stepped inside.

“My my...the crew did a fine job preparing you. It’s too bad you’re not a more delicate woman.” Spectre Yenezza sighed a bit, and shrugged free of a bathrobe she had worn into her quarters. It left her fully revealed to Montoya; every inch of blue flesh, both exposed tits, and a cock that made Montoya wince upon sight. It was fucking enormous...and already almost fully erect. The Spectre wore a few scars across her body just like Montoya did; and the fact that they were so similar wasn’t lost on either as Yenezza crawled atop the bed. She knelt in front of her new slave and let her cock drop atop the other woman’s pussy; simply letting it rest there to give Montoya an idea of just how far it would stuff inside of her when the time came. “You’ll be happy to know that we took your headquarters without a single loss of life. And your crew is...adjusting quite well. They’re already having the time of their lives, and so very excited to be in a...motherly way.”

“Fuck you.” Montoya was resilient to the end, glaring at the other woman even as she felt the weight of Yenezza’s cock atop her. Her eyes traced the Asari’s hands as she reached over to the nightstand, moving to claim one of the slave collars that the Asari used. Something to help keep her complacent, no doubt. Montoya tried to wiggle herself away from the collar as Yenezza slipped it into place and locked it into position, but there was nothing she could do. As it beeped to signal that it was working, Montoya glared at the other woman and hissed through her teeth. “What about Kane? You could’ve at least killed that traitorous cunt.”

“Oh don’t be silly...why would we kill her when she did such a good job?” Yenezza chuckled a bit, one hand moving to the base of her cock. She started to push herself into position, delighting quite a bit in watching Montoya squirm. As that glistening cocktip pushed against her pussy Yenezza practically purred, already enjoying the warm, unwilling cunt of her rival. “When we were finished with her programming, she would’ve done anything for more cock. Lucky for her, Asari are true to their word. She’s being rewarded right now by some of my finest soldiers.”

A pause, and a simple shrug.

“Well, perhaps not my finest. She’s a bit old, you see. And I’d rather the first generation of my elite soldiers’ children from your colony come from the very best.” She pushed herself forward and lunged the first two inches inside - two very, very thick inches that Montoya grimaced upon being stretched around. With her cock steadily making progress Yenezza gazed down at her bound bitch, and her hands lowered to tease fingers across the woman’s scarred body - tracing the lines of glorious combat with her delicate fingers. “It’s why no one else was allowed inside you until now. Sorry to keep you waiting...but surely you know that the offspring you give me will be among the very best. The strongest. The bravest. The most resilient.”

“I’ll…” Montoya could feel her rage creeping back into her, face flushing as her muscles went tight and her pussy screamed around that massive cock. “...I’ll...kill myself first...and every poor human you broke...”

If there was one thing that the Asari took seriously, it was the future of their species. The breeding dens of Thessia. The security and the safety of their broodmares...but not particularly their happiness. And when Commander Macy Montoya threatened it, her punishment came swiftly and fiercely and without a trace of hesitation. That massive cock was suddenly jammed forward with full force and Montoya shrieked as she was penetrated; her belly bulging from the tremendous length and the great girth that flooded her. Yenezza let a hand lash across Montoya’s cheek in a wicked slap that darkened her flesh and then swiftly grasped her hair, yanking it to the point of horrible pain as she twisted her knuckles to the mattress. Montoya’s tough body became little more than a sensitive flesh sleeve of ache, and now the dominant alien loomed over her like a shadow and barked words devoid of any compassion or kindness.

“You will do nothing of the sort, you miserable whore!” She brought her face in close to Montoya’s so the human could feel her breath down her throat; just like the breath of extinction was rushing across humanity. “You’ll have my children! They’ll be Justicars by their hundredth year! They will live to scour the galaxy for every last human pussy hiding in every last rathole planet and bring them back to Thessia so your miserable kind can continue its only true purpose! And when I bring them to your breeding den and let them fuck your pregnant bloated body, you’ll be so mindless and broken you won’t even recognize their faces through the tears!”

It was a harsh reality that Yenezza painted, was indeed a reality. One that Montoya knew there would be no escape from. The Asari collar around her throat would assist Yenezza in breaking her, and she knew full well that by the time the blue bitch hit her orgasm she would leave the human a mindwashed mess. She had seen it before. She had seen it happen to her sister. The collars enhanced the bond, intensified the human’s pleasure, broke their resistances to nothing.

Montoya was on borrowed minutes, and all she could do to resist was lash out in helpless fashion. She reared back and spit in Yenezza’s face in response to the Asari’s grim claims, but the Spectre merely roared with laughter. As it dripped down her cheek and across her lips she merely trailed her tongue out to collect it, purring as she did so and bringing her face down to the other woman’s ear.

“...I’m going to spend the entire trip back to Thessia wrapping you around my cock.” She murmured, just as her hips continued to slam before again and again with ruthless, violent motions. “Do you really think I’m worried about a bit of spit? After’re going to be the mother of my children! At least fifty, I’d say. By then you’ll be too old and I’ll throw you to the pleasure pits.”

Montoya had killed many Asari, among them women that Yenezza knew. Loved. Considered sisters. And so...Macy Montoya would be a special case. Plenty of Asari would get to fuck her...but only Spectre Yenezza would breed her. Her own personal baby factory - one of many planned punishments for a human that had dared fight so hard against the inevitable wave of Asari superiority.

The strikes from Yenezza were intense, and every time her lap clapped against the human’s her enormous cock made her belly bulge from the shape. The mortified Montoya shrieked as she was claimed for the first time, and even though she knew it was impossible she did her best to force her bindings away. The military grade metal was sadly unforgiving, and the fact that Montoya was surrounded by her own future only made it all the harder to resist. She’d be stuffed into one of those booths too; presented in such a fashion that only her useful lower holes were offered. The sluts in those booths were already shivering from the sounds they could hear - they knew a pussy was getting fucked, and knew that it wasn’t their own.

Montoya just glared up spitefully at the other woman, knowing nothing she could say or do would stop this. Her only hope was that an errant asteroid would decimate the Asari vessel and kill everyone on board - including herself and all the other human resistance members she had led into this nightmare. Such relief didn’t come, and Montoya continued to glare ahead at the Asari’s smirking face, studying both her normal eye and the one that was brighter, segmented, and cybernetic. And through it all, Yenezza merely smirked.

“Your pussy’s...barely adequate.” She hissed, slamming her hips forward and keeping her cock hilted within the other woman’s pussy. She even lowered a hand and slapped the bulge, making Montoya shiver and shudder from the contact. “Even if you provide me with good offspring, I have better cocksleeves that I enjoy more. Tighter sluts that worship Asari as the gods we are to you.” She clicked her tongue to the roof of her mouth, and looked dismally down at the grimacing human. “Montoya...let me be perfectly frank. You’re the worst fuck in your family.”

Harsh words, considering that Yenezza was likely the only one that had fucked them all. They were the words that finally made tears roll down the human’s cheeks, her eyes weary and utterly unable to hold them back any further. Upon seeing that look in her eyes Yenezza merely gave a sharp laugh, and slapped the woman’s face hard enough to send those tears smeared across her lips.

“You’ve earned so many punishments.” She hissed, and gestured to the nightstand where the human’s grim trophy necklace was still sitting, waiting to be delivered to Thessia. “It’s a shame, too. If you simply would’ve bent down and accepted Asari as your and every other human would have much happier lives. You see, Montoya…” She smoothed her hands down Montoya’s body, across her shoulders, breasts, tummy, all the way to her thighs where she hooked her hands and prepared to thrust. “...for other humans? Being a prized breeding bitch for an Asari of my stature would be a living paradise. But for you? Well...don’t expect those tears to end anytime soon.”

And sure enough, they didn’t. Montoya openly wept as the Asari went right back to fucking her, driving forward hard and intense and sending lewd, wet noises through the room with every push. She was fucking her so fiercely that every thrust sent another squirt of nectar against the Spectre’s sheets; tracts of juice to mark just how wet she had stirred her prey’s cunt. When Yenezza’s climax finally came she gave a sharp and sudden roar of delight, and her hands locked against Montoya’s tits as she hilted herself for the glorious moment. Her cock throbbed, pulsed, quaked against the tight seam of the dark skinned human’s cunt, and with her eyes locked on her new bitch’s, she released a terrifyingly large payload.

Montoya had seen footage of her women being raped - of humans being fucked and filled by Asari. She knew that the blue bitches had a heavy cum quantity, but what filled her that first fuck of the evening was...more than she ever would have imagined. She howled. She wept. She sobbed. And through it all, Spectre Yenezza just kept filling her. Pulse after pulse, load after load, and that horrible, virile warmth continued to flood her tender fuckhole. Yenezza’s confident smile hovered over Montoya’s face like the moon - or at least, the closest thing to the moon or sun she’d ever see again. She knew from that very first creampie that she was likely already pregnant, she couldn’t possibly imagine taking in so much cum and not being seeded by the end of it. Even still, Spectre Yenezza was there to remind her just how hopeless things were.

“Well...that’s one.” She cooed, and rolled her hips from side to side as she stirred the human’s cum-filled, sopping cunt. “...but I’m not nearly done with you yet.”

It was hard for Montoya to know which was worse; the hours in which she watched the members of the human resistance get brutally gangbanged by Asari commandos, or the hours in which she was fucked in every hole by Spectre Yenezza. Trapped in her bound position, the commander was left utterly helpless as the Asari allowed herself into every part of Montoya, fucking her long and deep and savoring her hateful glances every bit as much as she savored the warm grip of her holes. Her pussy, her ass, her mouth...nothing was sacred as she was claimed by her new owner, and every time another burst of cum flooded her she struggled in a state of anger and fury. She hated every part of it - from the taste of the Asari’s cum as it rolled over her tongue and down her throat, the way that the woman’s warm cream was the only comfort to a stretched and sore ass, and of course the knowledge that with every bit of cum thrust into her pussy it was ensured even further that she’d be pregnant soon.

And through it all, she found herself wondering: why hadn’t she broken yet? Why didn’t she start screaming in pleasure like the other human women? The collar was in place, and she had certainly witnessed human women falling far swifter and easier. Usually after the first creampie they were completely ready to become wanton cocksleeves for their Asari masters, but in the past few hours she had taken...well, a number she couldn’t hope to remember, but more than was good for her sanity.

Yenezza popped her dick once more out of the human’s pussy, a satisfied smile spreading across her face as she did so. The Asari’s thick blue dick slapped atop the human’s belly and leaked a bit of cum across it; it even twitched and fired an errant thread over the other woman’s tanned breasts. At the sheets below Montoya was leaking a steady stream of cum that pooled against her thighs and only grew larger as the seconds passed, the human gazed up at her owner with tears in her eyes, sweat through her dishevelled hair, and a look of outright horror still marking her face.

“...why?” Was all she demanded, her voice hoarse from shrieking, her body weary from being this monster’s personal whore. “”

She didn’t need to clarify what she wanted to know - Spectre Yenezza knew instantly. The Asari licked her lips and stretched her arms wide to the sides, showing off her flawless blue figure from those large blue breasts to the throbbing dick that continued to pulse. A dick that she’d keep abusing Montoya with as soon as she let the woman know just what sort of nightmare she was in store for.

“So you finally figured it out that something’s wrong?” She smirked, moved a hand forward, and teased her fingers through the human’s sweaty dark locks. “Oh my little pet...have you really just been laying there wondering why you haven’t started to enjoy it all this time? Maybe you’re just a bad lover.”

She laughed dismissively, and gestured to the line of fuck booths that set against the walls of her quarters. Exposed pussies of nameless girls; each of them so sensitive that a mere touch from an Asari would send them into spasming climax. It was a pleasure that Montoya wasn’t to know.

“You see, that fashionable collar I gave’s different from the others.” Spectre Yenezza explained simply, smoothly. She was already pushing her cock forward again for yet another round, smearing the tip through the cum on the sheets and then lining it to the girl’s tender, well-used ass. Once more Montoya winced as it pushed inside, but the stretching of her rear couldn’t hurt nearly as much as the revelation Yenezza offered. “Normally, the collars enhance the...allure of Asari. It takes our already intoxicating charm and amplifies it tenfold. It makes you human cattle the perfect little fucktoys - sensitive, excited, and eager to please. Happy little breeding stock.”

“...and mine?” Montoya hissed, eyes red and weak. She already knew the answer.

“Yours is the opposite, of course.” Yenezza chuckled, and lifted a brow. “It blocks what we naturally do to humans. It keeps you...wonderfully aware of yourself, and of course, of what we do to you. Impressive, isn’t it?” She laughed, and jammed her cock a solid five inches deep into Montoya’s ass. After the girl’s screaming subsided, Yenezza growled out once more in a wicked tone. “You’ve killed too many Asari and been too big a thorn in our side, whore. You deserve a special punishment. You deserve...Clarity.”

And with that, Yenezza began to fuck her new cocksleeve all the harder as she screamed. It was a long way back to Thessia, and the trip would serve as a chance for Montoya to come to terms with her punishment - as if anyone truly could. Clarity was a punishment reserved only for the worst of the worst, and Montoya had earned it years ago.

On a ship now populated with hundreds of human breeding cattle, hers would be the only screams not born of pleasure.

End of Chapter Two.


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