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Chapter 1 - 1

Raven, tired of dealing with Beast Boy as a whole...decides to end their year-long relationship in a profound and emphatic manner.

But is there more to it?

Tags: M/F, NTR, Cuckoldry, Big cock, Vaginal, Oral(small amount), Masturbation(Male), Humiliation

Commissioned by Valmont and I want to give special credit to Clarical for helping with the title

Chapter 1 - 1

Chapter 1 - 1
The Contract is Signed

Beast boy smiled as he walked through the halls of Titan Tower, his eyes wide with joy as he walked towards Raven's room. His heart was roaring as he thought about the glorious goth girl and how they had been together for over a year. It had been the best year of his life, how they had made love and how they had shared every single thing for the last year.

It was nothing short of a magical thing to the teenage changeling. She had treated him like a king and had done everything he asked of her. She was cold at times, but he knew she cared about him because she would never have let him as close as she had if she didn't. So Beast boy had spared no expense in preparing for their one year anniversary. He had bought her favorite tea, a bouquet of purple roses, a box of chocolates, and a new ruby necklace for the love of his life.

Beast Boy was on cloud nine as he approached her door, his heart hammering in his chest as he thought about the amethyst-haired beauty. He could visualize it in his mind's eye, how she would give him that small half smile she always did, the one that showed she actually cared, and then she would hug him and press her sweet lips against his. He sighed at the thought of it, his grin growing wider as he stepped up to the door. He didn't bother knocking and just triggered the opening sequence. What awaited the changeling caused him to stop short and suck in a deep, surprised breath.

At first, Beast Boy didn't realize what was going on--his heart was still thumping in anticipation of his girlfriend's coming affections--but, as he realized what he was seeing, his heart utterly collapsed.  It slowly registered with him as his shocked brain tried to make sense of the heartrending images before him, part of him screaming that it was not real, but the reality of the situation could not have been denied.

A heavily muscled and quite naked man was sitting on the edge of the bed, his legs spread wide.  Between those firmly planted legs was the supposed love of  Beast Boy's life...Raven. She was naked, her deliciously full and heart-shaped ass rolling back as forth as she bobbed her head in the man's lap. Raven was eagerly sucking on the man's cock, working it with an alacrity and skill that would have put most porn star's to shame, each spit-soaked pass of her lips drawing a pulsing throb from the cock wedged firmly in her esophagus. She only ceased her oral assault when the man tapped the top of her head and motioned towards the heartbroken Beast Boy.

Raven groaned in annoyance as if this was the last thing she wanted to deal with. It was as if slurping on the unknown man's pendulous pecker was far preferable than dealing with her so-called boyfriend. She pulled back. Beast Boy's shock only grew as he watched that towering mountain of man meat slowly emerge from between Raven's lips. It was the biggest cock he had ever seen on a human frame, thick as a soda bottle and so long that he thought it would never fully withdraw from Raven's stretched wide maw. Finally, the fist-sized head popped free of her straining lips in a shower of the demon girl's spit. It jerked a couple times, sending spurts of thick ball pudding across the panting sorceress's face. At first,  Beast Boy thought the man was cumming, but when it stopped he realized that was simply his precum, making the changeling's eyes widen even more at the raw potency of the man his girlfriend had been eagerly sucking off. Below that towering spear of cock rested two grapefruit-sized balls, each heavy and almost visually sloshing with seed. With his heavily muscled body, handsome face, and utterly obscene reproductive was almost as if the man his girlfriend was servicing was a parody of masculine sexual potency.

Beast boy was shook out of his stunned silence when Raven let out a cough, fresh waves of saliva and precum drooling across her lips as she cleared her airway enough to speak.

"Hello Garfield," she cooed, her eyes glowing red as she turned to look at the heartbroken changeling. Her voice was deep and sultry and, for a moment, he saw her skin flash a dark red before returning to its normally whitish grey. "You are just in time," she said, her voice mocking, her hands rapidly pumping up and down the spit and precum soaked pillar of cockmeat that stood proudly before her.

Beast Boy made to say something...anything to make sense of the heart-rending reality before him, but something stopped him. It was as if he was frozen in place, immobilized by some unseen force that wanted him to just sit there and experience the sight of Raven's betrayal. He had thought it was shock or horror that immobilized him, but then he noticed that Raven's hand had lifted up and ethereal energy was crackling off of it. She was magically holding him in place, rage pounded in his skull at that. He catches her cheating on him and then she freezes him? He was done playing. He called on his powers, seeking to draw out the beast within, but nothing happened. His eyes flew open when he didn't feel the change, he didn't feel the primal fury take hold and he looked up in shock, his eyes wide as he stared into Raven's widely grinning and precum coated face.

"Oh come on Garfield, I am the daughter of Trigon, lord of terror," Raven tutted mockingly. "Do you really think I would let you go all glorified green gorilla and ruin something I have planned from the day we started dating?" An almost feral grin crept across her lips as she said that, savoring the shock race across Garfield's face at that revelation. "I have been fucking my friend here since the weekend after we started dating...he just has so much more to offer than a weak little pansy like you." She snapped her fingers, causing the heartbroken changeling to slide across the floor, his feet scraping against the purplish carpet as he was drawn close to the traitorous couple. "And I will show you just how much you are lacking when compared to a proper MAN like him."

Beast Boy came to a stop right in front of the big man, Raven knelt between them. Tears were streaming down the changelings face, but he could not deny that his own cock was getting hard at the sight of Raven kneeling before him, her face coated in her own spit and another man's precum. The slutty sorceress hooked her free hand into the hem of his pants and yanked them down, causing his own green fleshed cock to pop profoundly disappointing fashion.
The nub that stuck out from his groin could barely be called a cock, standing in at a pathetic three inches in length and barely thick enough to register on a casual glance. When compared, there was no contest. The man's cock was nothing short of breathtaking, something a porn star would kill for. Thick and covered in snarling veins, precum drooled from the long urethra in thick strands of precoital gunk. Underneath that pulsing parade-like prick rested a pair of balls that had more in common with softballs than normal human reproductive organs. Compared to that monolithic monument to masculinity, he was laughably small--and that is exactly what they did...laugh at him.

"See are no kind of man...having to change into an animal to get a cock that is even remotely near big enough to satisfy a normal woman, much less one like me." Raven's voice was mocking, her purple eyes staring up at him with absolute derision and joy at his shame. Her hand slid up to the Changeling's crotch, her fingers tracing along the rapidly hardening little nub of flesh. "Oh look at this...the little cuck is getting hard!" Raven said with a laugh, her grin growing even wider as her fingers danced over the changeling's now steel hard cock and small, almost grape-sized balls. "I guess he likes being told how much of a little bitch he is," the big man said with a mocking grin. Raven just laughed in agreement as her other hand rapidly and reverently pumped up and down the pillar of meat that he called a dick.

"Oh I am sure...he always struck me as a little pansy," Raven purred and leaned forward to rub her face across the man's pre-drooling cockhead, cooing in pleasure as she smeared his thick ball batter across her grey features. "Look at him...his little cock is as hard as I have ever seen it...should have done this a year ago." She licked the man's pulsing prick, drawing a sigh from him as she ran her tongue across the underside of his cock.

Beast Boy tried to speak, to force out a protest, but whatever Raven had used not only immobilized him but kept him from voicing his...rather pitiful denial. His tiny cock was rigid and firm, his balls pulsing with need as Raven toyed with him while lapping at her real lover's cock. It slowly donned on him, his mind slowly realizing that he was incredibly aroused by what he saw. The sight of his girlfriend slurping on another man's cock sent a thrill through his body that he couldn't describe. The shame didn't stop the pleasure that was rocking his body though, Raven's skilled hand bringing him to the brink of orgasm in a few moments.

Beast Boy hated it, hated how he was such a quick shot, hated how he was so turned on at the sight of his supposed girlfriend licking another man's cock. He hated himself for being so close to cumming, but he couldn't stop himself and his orgasm rushed through his body like a tidal wave. He felt his peak hit, his body tense, his eyes squeezed shut as his breath hitched in his throat...and then it stopped. His climax came to a complete halt, his cock jerking in desire as his orgasm was denied to him. He let out a groan of need, his entire frame shaking with lust as his orgasm was suddenly and painfully brought to a halt.

The panting changeling looked down, his eyes wide and half mad with the need to cum. Confusion warred with need in his mind, but the sight of Raven's hand glowing around his throbbing cock told him all he needed to know.

"Such a fucking quick shot," Raven sneered, her voice was filled with mockery and a feral grin was plastered across her face. "I am so glad this charade is over." She let go of Beast Boy's pulsing prick and stood. "Time that we stepped this up a notch, lover." The naked half demon turned and climbed into her lover's lap, catching his lips in a passionate kiss. The ferocity of the kiss, the passion of it, caused a spike of jealousy to sink into the sexually denied Beast Boy's heart. She had never kissed him like that, with real passion or dedication, and the shame of it caused his agonized ecstasy to increase tenfold. It was nothing short of delicious suffering, causing his cock to throb even harder in desire. Raven was never his lover, girlfriend, or even someone who considered him tolerable...and she was showing him that in the most brutal way possible.

Raven grinned into the kiss as she sensed the pain and arousal coming from Garfield. It was nothing less than exquisite. She repaid him for all the lame jokes, teasing words, and pathetic attempts at sexual intercourse, relishing in the conflicting emotions rolling off the poor cucked Beast Boy. Some part of her felt remorse at what she was doing, but her new lover had shown her things she couldn't believe...and she would never see sex the same way again. She didn't have to treat Beast Boy like a helpless cuck, but what could she say to assuage the desires roaring in the back of her head?

'You can take the girl out of hell...but never take hell out of the girl!' Raven grinned at the thought, her eyes flashing red for a moment as she broke the kiss with her lover. " about we show this limp dicked little bitch what a real man can do?" She hissed, her grin opening unnaturally wide as she spun to face Beast Boy, so he could see every delicious detail of what was to come. She lifted herself up above that spear like cock and pressed her soaked pussy lips against the throbbing and precum spurting head. The man leaned back, laying flat to where the only thing the stunned changeling would see was his legs and the sight of Raven poised above that impaling cock. His heavy gnarled hands gripped her hips. "Now Garfield, let me show you what a real man can do to me." She looked back at her lover and grinned. "Fuck my brains out!"

The big man didn't think twice, he drove Raven down on his fuckpole, his cockhead spearing deep into her silken folds. The force of it sunk the entire length of that obscene shaft deep into her, a bulge in her belly showing its sudden and shocking progress into her soft grey body. The impaled half-demon let out a hissing moan, her body going stiff at the brutal penetration, but then she grinned like a madwoman and glared down at the wide-eyed and stunned Beast Boy. "See that could never...fill me like limp dicked little fuck!" she moaned and looked back into the grinning face of her lover. "Now fuck me you monster!"

With her posed in the perfect reverse cowgirl position, Raven's lover obeyed her demand without question. He sent a stinging slap to her glorious bubble butt, leaving a burning scarlet handprint on her grey flesh, before sinking his fingers into the copious meat of her grandly globular glutes and RAMMING her up and down his cock. Raven bounced in time with those brutal thrusts, moaning like a bitch in heat with each plunge she took down that cock. Her eyes rolled in her head with each plunge, her heart hammered in her chest and each downward thrust nearly drove the breath from her lungs with the raw power behind them. Raven didn't hold back either, using her knees and legs to slam her pelvis against her lovers with an almost animal savagery, filling the room with the wet SLAP of flesh on flesh. She was lost in the pleasure of riding a real man, her mind rolling with the raw carnal delight of being fucked how she should be fucked. She turned her gaze to the forlorn Beast Boy and the thrill doubled. The loss and lusting need in his eyes sent her over the edge, her hips bucking as she howled her pleasure to the heavens. Her insides clamped down on the pounding prick she was bouncing on, drawing a groan of pleasure from her lover. He didn't stop, he just kept fucking her right through her peak, pistoning her up and down his prick with an almost rabid abandon.

Raven's orgasm was nothing less than exquisite, an explosion of pleasure that sent her into the heights of ecstasy and sent her crashing back down into her body weak-kneed but wanting more. She was grinning like a madwoman, her eyes wide and flashing red as she came back to her senses. She caught sight of Beast Boy, his eyes wide and his jaw dropped and let out a nigh on insane laugh. He had never made her cum like that, hell, he had never made her cum period. She could feel the need radiating off of him in almost visible waves and she grinned broadly at it.

" little green cuck...wanna cum like the little pansy you are?" Raven laughed at the shame-filled changeling. A laugh tore from her lips when he nodded quickly, his eyes locked on the sight of that massive cock stretching her fleshy cuntlips wide around it. "Alright...gonna let you go you little bitch...let you go so you can jerk off to the sight of another man fucking your girlfriend."

Beast Boy felt the magical bonds break and his hands could move again. At first, he considered an attack, throwing himself at the rutting couple in a savage frenzy, but the pulsing of his cock and the hammering of his heart told him exactly what he really wanted to do. He had never seen Raven like this, screaming in pleasure, her normally stoic face twisted up in an animalistic snarl of pleasure as she bounced in the man's lap. It made him harder than anything he had ever seen...and at his core...he wanted to see more.

Beast Boy wrapped his hand around his cock and started to pump it in time with Raven's bouncing, groaning as his own balls churned and quaked with need. His former girlfriend sneered in derision, hurling insults and curses at him, but he didn't care...he was a cuck...he admitted it and he was jerking off to the sight of another man fucking his girlfriend. Garfield had hit rock bottom, but the burn in his loins told him that he didn't care, he needed to get off, to feel his balls empty, so he matched the rutting couple's pace, stroking his cock in time with Raven's piston-like plunges down that pulsing prick.

Raven laughed, her eyes now fully red, the second pair emerging from her forehead as she bounced, her cunt clamping down on her lovers cock with each down thrust. She howled again. It felt like her brain was slowly boiling from the repeated force of her climaxes, but she didn't care; she just wanted more. The beast inside her head roared for it and the woman inside of her did, too...they wanted that cock and she was not going to argue...from the day she had met this man she had been addicted to his dick. She had been ashamed of it at one time, but after the fourth time he fucked her mindless, she had stopped caring. With the revelation of her infidelity to Beast boy, it no longer mattered...she could also see that Beast Boy was enjoying it almost as much as she was. His fist was rapidly pumping up and down his tiny cock in time with the rutting pair before him and the sight of that set her off again, her vision exploding into bright colors as another brutal climax roared through her body.

The couple continued on like that, rutting like beasts in the field in front of the despondent and panting Beast Boy. The room echoing with the wet slapping of flesh on flesh or the stinging slap of the big male's palm coming down on Raven's already spanked raw backside, adding a fresh red handprint to the multitude already crisscrossing her grey fleshed backside. Raven's nigh on animalistic pants and moans of pleasure added an even more erotic tone to it.  She would cry out with every downward plunge, only to suck in a breath as she was lifted up that throbbing cock, only to have her breath nearly driven out of her again with the downward plunge. There was nothing loving or sweet about the way the two of them fucked, it was carnal, brutal, and outright raw. There were no tender kisses given or sweet nothings whispered. It was animalistic and harsh, with neither of them being gentle. They crashed their pelvises together with an almost hostile intent as if in the act of lovemaking they were actually attacking one another and that seemed to spur each of them to just go harder and faster.

Watching all this unfold and madly pumping his own cock in time was Beast Boy, his eyes wide and his breathing labored. He was aroused in ways he had never been before, but he also lasted longer than he had ever before. He had no idea why he had held on for as long as he did, but normally he would have came inside of five minutes. However, for some reason, he was keeping up with the rutting couple, but he knew he was reaching his limit and he clenched his teeth.

"Do...not...cum...before...him!" the green-skinned changeling growled, sweat pouring down his brow as he struggled to hold out, to at least prove that he could last as long as the sexual beast that was ravishing his former girlfriend...but even in that he failed. He let out a groan as his balls suddenly contracted, his breath caught in his throat, and his eyes nearly rolled up into his head as his need to cum overrode his already limited self-control. His climax hit him like a freight train, causing his breath to hitch in his chest and a wheezing moan to leave his lips. His eyes crossed and his cock jerked in his grip, spewing long strands of his cum across the floor as he rapidly pumped his shaft through his orgasm. It was the hardest he had ever cum in his life...and it was pathetic. Just a few spurts of thin, almost clear jizz across the floor that showed the potency the little green cuckold had...which was to say...none at all.

Raven let out a laugh when she saw Beastboy cum, squirting several jets of watery clear cum across the floor as he groaned in release. "You are nothing, Garfield...nothing but...a weak...pathetic, useless example of a man!" She bucked, her eyes nearly crossing with the force of an oncoming orgasm. "SHOW HIM WHAT A MAN CAN REALLY DO!" she howled as that orgasm crashed down on her, causing her eyes ]roll up in her head and her tongue to loll from her mouth as she bucked atop her lover, her brain frying with the force of her climax.

He did not disappoint, his massive balls tensed and his log-like cock jerked powerfully. The bulge in her belly swelled as his cock seemed to do the impossible and grow even thicker. He just let out a grunt, nothing more or less, no roar of pleasure or anything. He just proceeded to utterly and completely fill Raven with his cum. It was no small and weak stream of jizz that he filled the grey-skinned sorceress with, but constant and seemingly unending jets of thick, almost sludge-like cum. The first few spurts overflowed her already overfilled cunt, squirting out around his shaft to coat his heavy, pulsing balls and to spatter onto the bed and floor beneath them in a thick off-white torrent of jizz.

Beast Boy gaped at that display of potency. It was nothing short of unnatural as if that beastly male was stuffing gallons of jizz directly into Raven's womb, causing her belly to swell with each jerking spasm of his nigh on leg-like cock. The ashamed changeling just groaned, his own cock roaring back to hardness as he watched his former girlfriend be overstuffed with cum by the most potent male he could he did what a good little cuck should...he watched and continued to pump his pathetic little cock.

It was all he was good for anyway.

Raven just grinned down at Garfield as she was being properly stuffed, her eyes dreamy and half-lidded. She was in heaven. She had gotten everything she had wanted out of this, punishing Beast Boy and getting a proper fucking, but her new lover had needs and she needed to satisfy them. She licked her lips as ideas rolled through her fuck maddened brain, plans to help satiate his lusts...and she knew the perfect ladies to help with that. Images of Starfire being even more brainless than she already was or Jinx being treated like the ripoff cumslut that she was danced through her head. Oh yes...the other female Titans were going to get a taste of what her new lover could do...she could bet her soul on it.

Her lover, still filling Raven's already stuffed cunt with his seed, just flashed a wide toothy grin.

He would have a lot of fun here.

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