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Chapter 2 - Arc I - Chapter III

Things settled down in the Elemental Nations after the end of the war. But, that doesn't mean everything is normal. In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite -- there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: he was a sex addict. The threat of the Akatsuki had kept his libido at bay, but with the battles over his sex drive is kick started… and the effects of that are to be felt throughout the world. NarutoxHarem,details inside.

Chapter 2 - Arc I - Chapter III

Chapter 2 - Arc I - Chapter III
Well, here comes another chapter of 'Addict', hot off the press and ready to be read... and enjoyed... by all of my fans out there. What can I say? Enjoy the story, and don't forget to leave some feedback when you're done with it.
Naruto had hit a bit of a dilemma.

He wasn’t sure whether he wanted to ask Temari to stop blowing him, or whether he ought to spare her pride and withstand the… awkwardness that was her handiwork.

It didn’t feel bad; it felt pretty good, actually. But Temari wasn’t exactly an expert in the realms of blowjobs, and with a cock as big as Naruto’s…

Well, she kept gagging; borderline choking (and sometimes actually) on his enormous member. Salvia and precum dripped down her chin, her face was red and flushed, her chest heaved up and down with exertion… but she still kept coming back for more. She didn’t stop. And he wasn’t sure if she would stop — she seemed to have fallen under a trance of sorts. Her teal eyes were glazed over; she seemed rabid, feral, whatever synonym for ‘wild’ he could think up.

It was a little scary, actually.

After a few minutes his mind was made up: he had to stop her.

“Temari!” Naruto cried, reaching down, grabbing her shoulders and pushing her back — she genuinely struggled for a moment, but his sheer strength won out. She was thrown back, sprawled across the floor, panting and spluttering, spitting precum onto the floor.

Lying there on the ground, arousal pouring down her thighs, her entire body on fire with how astoundingly horny she was… Temari finally seemed to come to her senses, now that the blonde hero’s cock wasn’t waving in front of her face like some kind of hypnotic device.

Temari panted. She- oh God, she had thrown herself at him like some kind of common… whore! It was as if something had overtaken her — some kind of spirit had consumed her body, enticing her to take that monstrosity into her mouth despite the fact that she expressly remembered telling him that she wouldn’t even consider the possibility of giving him a blowjob.

Look at where that sentiment had gone, she thought to herself.

She stared up at him. Naruto stood above her, hardened cock twitching slightly, the mighty shaft (or, at least, some of it) coated in her salvia. Despite that, she could see the worry in his eyes; the concern for her. He wasn’t the type of man who would simply ‘go along’ with something like she had done.

“Shit,” she muttered.. “You- you fucking big cocked bastard.”

He grinned nervously. “Uh, yeah. You alright?” Naruto asked.

“I’m fine, dick,” Temari growled. “Now help me up.”

He offered a hand that she accepted, muscles rippling in his arm as he pulled her to her feet. It wasn’t like she could stand up on her own — she was still trying to get her head straight, she was still trying to recover nearly choking herself to death on his cock.

Naruto smiled at her. “You worried me there for a second,” he admitted. “Are you alright?”

“Like I said… I’m fine,” the sandy blonde insisted. She sucked in a deep breath. “Anyway, I’ve been… thinking, Naruto,” she continued. “Maybe it’s best we don’t see each other much before you leave.” Her pussy was screaming at her right now, for even suggesting not having that cock inside of her at all times; but cold, calm logic flowed through.

That moment when she’d stared up at him on the floor… when he’d thrown her off… the panic in his eyes…

It had been like a bucket of cold water being thrown over her.

She couldn’t let this continue.

He was too big; too good. It was for the better — otherwise, she’d- she’d already thrown away much of her pride. She had to keep her sense of self… her… anything. Naruto wouldn’t try to steal anything from her, of course, but that massive cock of his might do it whether he wanted to or not.

Temari blinked away tears. “Alright?” she said, sheer willpower keeping her voice firm.

Naruto looked at her.

And a small part of him looked… hurt?

The last time he’d been rejected by a woman had been by Sakura-chan all those years ago. But he hadn’t taken that to heart — back then, he had taken everything without letting it affect him.

But since then, no one had rejected him.

He’d fucked his way across the Elemental Nations with Jiraiya. Not a woman had turned him down — but, to be fair, that’s because whores often didn’t turn down a man with a big cock and a big coin purse on top of it. He’d had no girlfriends, no long-terms lovers. They’d all be short-term flings at the least, a few times together and then he’d fuck off to another town to keep evading the Akatsuki.

But Temari was…

Gaara’s sister.

He didn’t know her well, but she was Gaara’s sister. She was cool; as little as he knew her, he liked everything about her. They got along pretty well. The sex was awesome — especially for her. What was wrong with them having a little fun?

But outright being told- ‘I think we should stop sleeping together,’ caused… something to stir in his gut. It hurt. Being rejected. Not rejected — pushed away. Because that little show five minutes ago had proved to him that Temari wanted him; her body ached for him, even if her mind pushed her away.

He wasn’t about to force her into anything, though.

“Alright,” Naruto said, swallowing a lump in his throat. “I’ll go, then.”

Temari averted her gaze. “.. go- good,” she mumbled, after a moment.

He was ready to go in less than five minutes, and in that time, they didn’t exchange a single word. They did not look each other in the eye. The only time Naruto looked at Temari… was to see juices lazily flowing down her bare thigh as she sat on the sofa. As if to confirm her attraction to him.

Naruto closed his eyes as he stood in the doorway.

“See you around, Temari,” he said.

She was silent as he stepped out of the apartment, closing the door behind him.


“I’ll miss you, Gaara.”

They shook hands, just like always. Gaara couldn’t stand anything as close as a hug. But a simple handshake spoke more than a thousand hugs could.

“And I will miss you as well, Uzumaki Naruto,” Gaara said, slowly and carefully. “I’m sure my sister will yearn for you, too. Don’t wait too long to come and visit again.”

With a cough and a slight blush, Naruto had turned away.


God, he had missed Konohagakure. No more burning heat, no more darting from cover to cover so he wouldn’t get sunburned.

No more sexy blonde to fuck all night long.

But… that was beside the point!

He was home at last.

Naruto groaned as he stretched out on his bed, a lazy grin on his face. Clad in an orange t-shirt and a pair of boxers, he had quite the languid look to himself… he was so happy, to sleep in his own bed, to eat his own food, to look at his own city.

The blonde yawned.

Really, he was half tempted to lay in and get a nice nap in.

Then, there was a knock at his door.

“Come on!” he groaned. “Leave me alone — it’s too early for this!”

Another knock.

Who was it? Sakura-chan? Satsuki? He was about to give them an earful, as he leapt up from his bed and tore across the apartment… seriously, he was tired!

Then he opened up the door, and stared into amber eyes.

Tsunade smirked as she took in Naruto’s bedraggled appearance.

Her gaze drifted down, and quite obviously, she stared at his enormous bulge. He wasn’t even hard, but damn, was it big.

Naruto had to resist the temptation to cover his crotch from her prying eyes.

“E-erm… baa-chan?”

“Don’t call me that,” she snapped. With a finger pressed into the center of his chest, she sent him back at least a couple meters — he almost slammed dead into a wall. Tsunade closed the door behind her.

“Baa-chan…?” Naruto mumbled, confusion still laced in his voice.

“Nice to have you back in town, brat,” Tsunade said, staring around the apartment. “Thankfully, the whole place hasn’t imploded without you being here, so that’s a stroke of good luck, I guess. The Uchiha didn’t go rogue; the civilians didn’t riot the second they found out you’d went on a trip to Suna.”

“Well, that’s- that’s a relief,” he said. “How- how are you, baa-chan?”

“Just peachy,” Tsunade said. “And horny.”


She rolled her eyes, before reaching into the folds of her cloak.

“Look at this,” she said, tossing a scroll at him. It slammed right into his gut, knocking the wind out of him; it fell to the floor with a soft clatter. He bent down, picking it up and unraveling it.

‘To Tsunade, for a rainy day. If you’re reading this, then I’m either dead, in hiding, or otherwise incapacitated. There’s a fifty-fifty chance you’ll kill me after reading this if I’m not already dead, so, understand I know I’m taking a big risk by writing you this.

Let me just cut to the chase. Naruto is a sex addict. Yeah, I know. Sounds dumb, right? But the kid is just… out of this world! I can’t stop it. Sealing, jutsu, endless training… he just won’t let up, no matter what. I ended up...

Oh, for the love… I ended up sending him to brothels for him to try and ease himself, instead of spending literal hours in the bathroom touching himself like he’d been doing. It worked. Sort of. The entire trip, he’d spend his nights in a brothel and his days training with me. So, that’s how that went down.

Why am I telling you this? Simple. Naruto needs to be kept in check. He needs a woman’s touch, y’know? I don’t care how you do it. But prostitutes won’t work forever… and my money’s running out at this rate. We need a solution, princess. If I’m not around to find one, then it’s up to you to do so. Sorry for dying, or being in hiding, or whatever. Have fun with the kid! Catch you later, Jiraiya.’

Tsunade frowned at Naruto as he lowered the scroll.

“Well, I mean, I’ve always known that I… wanted sex a little more than most…” Naruto began, rather awkwardly.

“Oh, shut up,” Tsunade said. “Prostitutes, Naruto? Prostitutes? I ought to break your legs — then we’ll see how much of a sex addict you are.” She took a deep breath. “That scroll fell into my lap when you were on your trip… one of Jiraiya’s frog summons dug it up from his possessions on frog mountain or wherever that place is called. So, I spent the entire time you were gone thinking up a solution.”

“A-and?” Naruto said.

“Take off your pants,” she said. “Like I said, I’m fucking horny. I spent like, an hour touching myself before this so I could get myself warmed up, and I don’t do that for just anyone.”


“Don’t call me that!” she warned, her threatening tone making him jump.

“Okay!” Naruto said.

Fingers fumbling, he slid his boxers down, flaccid member drooping down his leg.

Tsunade licked her lips.

“Man, that is… big,” she admitted. “Huge, even. How fitting, huh? A sex addict gets blessed with equipment like that.”

She shrugged off her pants, but kept on her shirt. A small part of Naruto was disappointed — he really wanted to see those massive tits of hers up close and personal… now that had been a well kept secret. Lusting after the woman he affectionately called ‘Baa-chan’ was a little odd, but look at her! She was a walking goddess, what with those juicy breasts and that plump ass. It was no wonder that loyalty in the male shinobi population had tripled since she’d become Hokage.

Slim, green panties covered her unmentionables. Hips swaying from side to side, Tsunade walked up to him — she grasped him by the arm, leading him through the apartment… she’d been in it once or twice, and so she knew the way to the bedroom. Once inside said bedroom, she pointed him toward the bed. Naruto’s erection was painfully obvious; his cock was so big that it drooped under its own weight, but with it being erect he could have it mistaken for a third leg if someone didn’t give him a second glance.

Naruto anxiously eased himself onto the mattress, Tsunade right behind him.

“Alright,” she said. “Let’s get this started.”

She crawled towards him, grasping the base of his member with a hand; a shudder went down Tsunade’s spine as she realized that she couldn’t wrap her fingers all the way around his shaft. What a cock!

Leaning upward, Tsunade kissed him. It was a rather chaste kiss, mostly on instinct… but that was understandable.

The last time Tsunade had had sex had been literal decades before, with her unfortunately deceased lover.

She might have massive tits and a plump ass…

… but decades of rust wasn’t something you could just shake off.

When Naruto opted to try and seize some kind of initiative, he found himself surprised. He slid a hand in between Tsunade’s thighs, slipping his fingers beneath her panties… and the slightest of touches made her jump. She stroked his cock, but it was clumsy. The look in her eyes… she could keep her face calm, she could make sure her body language didn’t betray a thing, but her eyes told the full story.

Two decades of rust, faced with a boy who had slept his way across the continent twice over, and who also had what had to be the biggest cock in the Elemental Nations.

She was out of her league.

He slid a finger into her depths, and soon she was gasping beneath his touch. Naruto could only stare at her in surprise — his other hand flew forward, to slide beneath her shirt and knead one of her huge breasts. Despite their size, they were sensitive, and soon she was groaning… he added a second finger, then a third, and soon she’d lost all momentum.

Naruto rolled her over, seating himself on top of her and pinning her to the bed.

The blonde stared down at his Hokage, still very perplexed. She was all flushed and sweaty, panting for breath.

Wasn’t this supposed to be… hard? A challenge?

Why was baa-chan such a pushover?

The idea that big tits and a nice ass didn’t make you a sex goddess didn’t even occur to Naruto. Tsunade had the body, but the skills had faded with age. She was no better than a schoolgirl virgin.

And that showed as he pulled down her panties.

“Na- Naruto!” she blurted.

He was already pressing himself against her entrance. There was a flash of fear in her eyes; he was big, too big… oh God! She looked down and saw just how massive he was in comparison to her. There was no way she could take that.

But it wasn’t long before he made his first attempt.

The mushroom head of his enormous cock ground against her. Endlessly. Without mercy.



“God, ba-” He stopped himself. “Tsunade… you feel good.”

He pushed and he pushed, muscles throbbing in his arms. Naruto placed his hands around her neck, desperate for the traction that would allow him entrance.

“Mmm… mmm… mmm!” He groaned in tune with the throbbing of his cock. She was still resisting… her pussy was that is. He couldn’t get the tip in her for a long while.

And then he did.


It didn’t make a literal sound like that, but that’s what it seemed.

One moment he was unable to get a millimeter inside of her.

The next, at the very least four inches of mouth wateringly fat cock had found their way inside of her depths.

OH GOD!” she moaned, still panting like the horny bitch she was.

It seemed almost unfair. She’d only ever had one partner, while he’d had dozens, maybe even hundreds! Maybe he ought to give her a break.

Naruto laughed.


He began to thrust in and out of her, grinning with positive glee. Having to suffice without Temari’s sweet cunt for the rest of his time in Sunagakure had sucked… but it was all worth it now that he had Tsunade to replace her.

“Come on,” he groaned, whining slightly. Mostly because Tsunade could just barely take a quarter of his cock — far less than Temari — before her pussy simply couldn’t take anymore. She was too tight. Too old? He didn’t know; all he knew was that it sucked.

“Please!” Tsunade whimpered, but it clearly wasn’t a plea for him to stop. Was she asking him to go deeper? Was she trying to get him to fuck her harder? Faster? He didn’t know. All he could feel was the clenching of her unfathomably tight cunt around his member. All he could stare at was her massive tits, which heaved up and down, still clad in that shirt she’d never taken off. All he could hear were her incoherent moans.

The moment arrived before long.

She came.

And went limp.

Scarily limp.

Like — unconsciousness limp.

Naruto pulled out of her with more than a little concern in his gaze. But the rise and fall of her ample chest told him that she was still alive… and judging by the way juices seemed to pour from her stretched-out pussy, she was very much alive at that.

She’d just blacked out. Which had happened once or twice in those brothels, so Naruto didn’t pay it much mind. He simply fell onto his back beside Tsunade, put his hands behind his head, and waited.

His cock pulsated angrily, pointing straight up into the sky. He wasn’t done yet; he still had a load to work out of his shaft. Tsunade would just have to recover quickly.


Which she didn’t.

After about fifteen minutes, even Naruto’s hardon went down. Which kind of sucked, because Tsunade was still out like a light and he really didn’t want to get sent sailing through a wall if he woke her up.

And while he laid there, something started nagging at him…

… guilt.


How the hell had he managed to make a woman like Tsunade blackout?

Was this the kind of thing that had made Temari send him away? Was she afraid of this? Of being- of being manhandled? He’d gotten carried away… he shouldn't have been so rough! He should have gone easier on her.

He should have-


Naruto didn’t know what to do.

So, he… took care of Tsunade.

He put a pillow beneath her head, he draped a blanket over her body. He fanned her face off, and when the flustered look didn’t disappear, he cranked up the AC and sat there on the bedside, shivering as Tsunade continued to snooze away.

Until, finally…

She woke up.

It wasn’t a sudden, unexpected thing. Hell, Naruto didn’t even notice that she had woken up for a good minute or two. Her amber eyes gently slid open… the rise and fall of her ample chest quickened ever so slightly, and her lips pursed together.

“Sweet mother of God,” Tsunade mumbled.

Naruto jumped about a foot into the air. “Shit!” he cursed. “You alright baa-” He stopped himself. “You alright, Tsunade?” Naruto asked, putting a hand on her shoulder and gazing at her with nothing less than genuine concern.

Tsunade looked at him, the younger blonde flinching as she got a little closer.

“Naruto…” she began, voice low. “You just made me cum so hard that I blacked out.” Her expression at first was serious — but after a moment, it morphed into a grin that looked so unnatural on her face that Naruto paled. “Let’s just say, I am more than alright. Now…” She spread her legs nice and wide, wet and needy pussy on display for him. “I think we’ll continue what we were doing, Naruto.”

“Are- are you sure?” he asked, cock already hardening as he stared at her sopping wet cunt.

“Sure?” Tsunade pressed those plump lips together. “Oh, I am more than sure.”

His instincts, his mind, his everything screamed at him to walk away. To tell her to get out; to ignore his lust, her body.


He couldn’t

He just… couldn’t.

A sexy, gorgeous, busty, absolute bombshell of a woman… seated on his bed, legs spread, desperate for his cock.

Perhaps a stronger man could have resisted, but the temptation was far too much for him. He was-

An addict.

And with his drug laid out right in front of him like this…

… he had to seize the opportunity, right?

His cock throbbed, humming with the acceptance of that decision. Tsunade reached  her hands down, spreading open her nether lips… such a tantalizing sight. Naruto grasped the base of his member, feeling it pulse with energy. With need.

It was like an angry viper, a raving beast. Something he had to feed with pussy, and lots of it.

And what do you know? There was one incredibly tight pussy right before him, with the owner of it quite literally spreading it open for him.

Before he could think about it, his body had already made the final decision for him.


Tsunade bit her lip in a cute, and surprisingly vulnerable way.

She moaned, as his enormous cock parted her pussy lips once more.

“God damn that is big,” Tsunade groaned. “Oh, and thick, too.” She leaned back slightly, arms falling to her sides. “I’ve heard a lot of girl talk in my time, but I feel like it’s the thickness that does it, y’know?”

Naruto grinned from ear to ear, not having heard a word she said. All he had heard was her moan — and if she was feeling good, and he was feeling good, what was there to worry about?

He continued to ease his cock into her, and though it took a while — accounting for his incredible length — eventually, he…

Managed to get a quarter of his cock into her, unable to make it past that. Just like before.

It was kind of sad, really. Naruto had slept his way through many a woman before, and none of them, not even the most whorish, the most dedicated, the most horny… not even one had taken all of his length. To the very base. Actually, none of them had exceeded three-quarters of his length. So much of his garguartan cock… wasted. It was a drain on his soul, those fat inches of his shaft, never having been sunk inside of her a cunt.

He would find someone, someday, who could take it. That was a fact. All that mattered… was how long it would take.

And how many pussies he would have to break before he got to that point.


One quarter, however, was all he needed for a woman like Tsunade.

So sweet. Putting on such a tough exterior… able to cave in mountains with her fists, yet caving in to a simple cock. To be fair, it had to be the longest and thickest cock in the land, but… still.

Naruto flexed his fingers.

Was it bad he had been dying to do this?

Those tits.

Goddamn, those tits. Huge, fleshy… yet plump and perky at the same time. Maybe they had sagged a little with age… but they were still so huge that any bit of sag was more than made up for.

Only one man had christened these tits with his hands, with his eyes. Well — now, that number was two.

Naruto reached forward, grasping her breasts in his hands. He groaned as he squeezed them, thrusting his hips back and forth in a easy fashion.

They were just as good cupped in his hands as they looked.

“Ero-sennin,” Naruto muttered. “I know you’d hate me for this, but…” He leaned forward, pressing his nose against one of Tsunade’s breasts and rubbing it back and forth. “... but I just can’t help it.”

Back and forth, back and-

She came once again, and just as he’d anticipated, Tsunade once more passed out.

Letting go out of her tits, Naruto pulled out of her. Before she’d even stopped twitching, Naruto had laid back down beside her.

Then, Naruto’s eyes widened.

“Shit!” he cursed.


He was-

He was fucking Senju Tsunade; the love of ero-sennin’s life, the…

“Oh fuck,” Naruto muttered.

Big tits or not, he couldn’t…

His teacher!

His mentor.


The man-

Naruto stood up, immediately.

“You need to get the fuck- oh goddamnit…”

She was unconscious, of course. Or asleep, whatever. Fucked stupid into a coma.

He was already picking up her clothes by the time he’d reached the end of that thought. Now, he wasn’t about to dress her up while she was asleep or anything, But he dropped those clothes right on top of her stomach… and walked away.

Naruto hoped the message was clear.

He stepped out of the bedroom, walking into the living room.

The blonde slowly looked to the left.

There, perched almost perfectly so that he could see it, was a picture of he and Jiraiya.

With watery eyes, Naruto fell onto the couch.

A few minutes passed.

Naruto recoiled as a pair of hands wrapped around his torso.

“Why’d you leave?” Tsunade almost whined into his ear. The things cock could do to the most head strong, proud woman.

“Because you need to leave,” Naruto said, standing up.

He turned around, looking her dead in the eye.

She stood up, tits bouncing up and down as she placed a hand on her hip.

“And who’s going to make me?” Tsunade purred.

Naruto bit the inside of his cheek.

It looked like he had quite the fight ahead of him…


... and the conclusion to said fight will have to wait until next time on Addict.

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