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If you watch the tape, you die in seven days...

Unless you're this guy.

When a busty ghost crawls out of his TV screen, Ryan takes full advantage of the situation.
Gym time is the best time...
Sometimes I see a gif, a picture, video, or just hear something erotic and my mind starts racing with a story. Today I saw a gif on tumblr of a CFNM where the slut was standing, pressed against the wall taking anal and this story sprung to life. 
A simulation to live out your free use fantasies. I'm extremely into anal so the stories will basically always involve it heavily. 
You are invited to help Lana with her Training. You have even no idea how hardcore is she going to stretch her holes.

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In order to structure it better: the complete revised story of Amy stretching her asshole.

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Ashley visits the house of her boyfriend Kyle, ready to finally lose his virginity with him. Will he be able to handle Kyle's massive size, or will he break first?
Amy stretches her ass-hole to extreme dimensions.
As the lone male member of an all-girls cheerleading team, college student Tom Bleeker is pretty dedicated to proving that he belongs and is not just there to get dates. When he pays a visit to the coach--an intense, imposing raven-haired woman by the name of Carmen-- in her office however his priorities do some necessary adjusting--for the moment, anyway. 

Contains oral, deepthroating, boob jobbin', anal and plenty of desk-shaking, mess makin' sex. 

Anonymous Commission.
A frustrated housewife's past indiscretion rears its ugly head and threatens to undo everything she's worked for, but maybe that's actually what she wanted all along. NTR warning I guess? This is a really rough first attempt, a little better than it was before but probably still rife with problems and bizarre hentai logic or nonsense that got missed in my re-writes. Leave feedback if you can tolerate my shitty writing. would be much appreciated and help me to improve.
Source: Hotel Transylvania
Kinks: Anal, Spanking, Rimjob, Deepthroating, S&M
Word count: 1500+
 A story I wrote for a friend. Todd works in a large supermarket. One of his sexy coworkers decides she wants to have a fun time during their lunch break. Warning, there is food butt play involved. 
You blackmail your Gym teacher with some naked pics she sent you. She acts like she hates it, but when some facts come to light, so does her true self.
Katie's ass gets invaded by an extraterrestrial piece of technology most interested in stretching.
Friend helps relieve some pressure
A blowjob during class leads to a bunch more
Did I make a type on that title? Nope.  Being a stocker in a store doesn't take someone super outgoing, which poor Ethan isn't. At least someone's got his back.

Living in a dystopia isn't be so bad if a rebel leader barges in your place one night.
Brandon is being taken by his wife.
Mirabelle decides that she wants to get kinky...

Mirabelle is owned by Riendonut.
A possibly ongoing series???? Here we have a man who has a love for the women he meets. A romantic at heart, loving to treat the women the way they should be treated. Take some notes here fellas as this guy could possibly take your girlfriend by giving them the treatment they deserve. What's that treatment you ask?

Fucking them like a slut and coating them in cum.
Two young latina girls are kidnapped by a sinister man and treated to a night of painful butt sex.

Commissioned by Raffle Winner 200MilesToOregon

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A brief glimpse at a normal wedding in the Anal Etiquette universe.
There's a special spa in Beverly Hills that treats the extreme anal perversions of the filthy rich. Would you like to know more?
Les facettes de Rose sont nombreuses. Sous son apparente force se cache une faiblesse et un secret. Mais Léon est peintre et a un don pour lire les émotions des gens. Il va découvrir sa vie, son corps, ses secrets et les décliner en 17 Teintes de Rose.