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When the exiled Lucas Velaryon, rightful Lord of Driftmark, learns that the similarly exiled Princess Daenerys Targaryen is alive and is travelling Essos with her brother in search of a suitor, he makes arrangements and acquires her, setting off a series of events that leave the realm forever changed.

A what-if story with romance, eroticism, and conflict, based on George R. R. Martin’s A Song of Ice And Fire series of novels.
Jon Snow has a list. He made it while Catelyn Stark was sucking his cock, hidden under a table. A list of women. Cersei Lannister may not have planned to have Jon Snow thrusting into her cunt while her son Joffrey was banging against the door, demanding to know what was going on, but she'd certainly loved being crossed off that list. The second, third, and fourth time as well.
In another time of Panem, when the war between the Capitol and the districts is at it's worst, President Snow decides that he will avoid taking drastic measures on the districts if they hand over the Mockingjay, Katniss Everdeen to him. But Snow doesn't just want Katniss as a prisoner, but something a bit more. Katniss, however, decides to use this request against the president...

Any comments or thoughts on this story are greatly welcomed.
Themes: Incest, BDSM, Supernatural

Word Count: 2,578

Summary: It is known that Nicodemus and his daughter Deirdre have an incestuous relationship. This is a form that said relationship could take. Admittedly, I've never read the actual Dresden File books. I hope I captured an approximation of the two characters regardless.

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Heartbreaker, a character from a popular Web Serial called Worm, has the ability to control and manipulate the emotions of those around him. In the web serial itself he's a big bad villain whose been active for years. But what happens when someone who knows what he's doing ends up in Nikos' body right at the start of the Cape Era? (This is a Self-Insert)

Themes: Mind Control and Dubious Consent.
Harlequin goes on a mission to rescue a damsel in distress, and while what goes on before he can arrive isn't pretty, but it might be fap-worthy.  And then again, so is what happens after the rescue.  Set in John Cleve's Spaceways universe borrowing a very sexy redhead, and who doesn't like redheads?

Hetero, yuri, paizuri, oral (male and female), vaginal, anal, non-consensual, semi-consensual, consensual.
Mr Bennet is tired of his daughter refusing to take a husband, so he has decided it is time for her to be punished for her actions, or lack therof.

Seventy-Forth Hunger Games Alternate Universe:
Cato was there to answer Clove, but he was still too late. But now, he can take out his anger on the one girl he despises, the Girl on Fire. 
[Twilight] Seeing the future means that Alice knows what she’s getting into when she says “I’ll do anything,” but werewolves mess with her future sight in a way that leaves her very curious as to what exactly Embry is going to do to fuck her in to the satisfied heap she foresaw. Commission for simo09.
[The Dresden Files] Under the threat of her children being harmed by fairy criminals, Charity Carpenter arrives on the doorstep of Harry Dresden to offer one thing to him; herself. But when both of them end up enjoying themselves too much to resist another turn, they end up in far more trouble than they could ever imagine. Patreon poll winning story requested by wnelson001.
Young vampire seduces and mates with cute new girl at school.
This story is based off of a series of art from Sabudenego's Sex Arcade. It is a dark fantasy story, and is not intended to promote violence toward's women​.

Sex-Arcade Assignment: Katniss Everdeen
"Ms. Everdeen has become one of our most successful clients...And we hope, to get Primrose to cooperate just as well..."
This is a possibly continuing commission from Sil Varius. The character is based on the character from the Eddings series. The present story only nominally picks up from Sil's previous commission, but any further will continue the story-line established in this one. I've tried to keep the Polgara characterization believable without turning the piece into a sex-farce. 
Priest Melisandre is very horny and very hungry woman.  Vore story from world of Ice and Fire. Please comment
Artemis has outsmarted Turnball, but will he be aable to control his urges? Will he be able to resist the Atlantis Complex? (Contains Rape, Impregnation, and more. If you have any ideas/requests let me know!)
(Warning SOME spoiler)
In the dystopian year 1984, a member of the Party is sent to the Ministry of Love for re-education, to better serve Big Brother.
In the dead of night surrounded by desert, Arya finally gives into her feelings for Eragon.
Arthur sells bodily fluids to finance first-class accommodations while traveling across the galaxy, in short, he jerks off to pay for space travel. A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy Story. (Arthur/Fantasy Trillian)
In this story we will follow the tale of an old man as he trys to save his nieces husbands life.
Erotic Chapter Story based on a Favourite Novel
now don't think this is a retell of the book: Romeo and Juliet, it starts real different but the end is more like it. maybe I said to much now but Okay. The start is very weird and it has 12 chapters. Don't worry later it'll get a little... reason. :D

Well, bye now!