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Raven, tired of dealing with Beast Boy as a whole...decides to end their year-long relationship in a profound and emphatic manner.

But is there more to it?

Tags: M/F, NTR, Cuckoldry, Big cock, Vaginal, Oral(small amount), Masturbation(Male), Humiliation

Commissioned by Valmont and I want to give special credit to Clarical for helping with the title
[Ten Titans] Raven goes undercover to find out about the new gang of villain girls that are causing havoc - but she finds out that Madam Rouge can give her something she can't get at Titans Tower. A hot futa gangbang. 

(Futa/F, Corruption, Gangbang)
Supergirl tries out for the Teen Titans and is put through tests by Raven and Starfire.
Raven’s libido has reached a point she can’t hold onto it anymore, and her powers broadcast overwhelming lust across the almost-empty tower, leaving Starfire in just as desperate a situation as she is. But maybe they can help each other out of this predicament. Commission for Quikzil
Ever since Cliff Baker laid eyes on the superheroine Starfire, he's been obsessed with her.  Years later, he gets a spsecial visit from his object of desire.
While the rest of the Titans are out of town, Raven invites a few friends over to hang out and watch scary movies. …and get fucked by tentacles. Always with the tentacles, that one. Happy slightly late Halloween!

(Threesome, tentacles, all the things tentacles do)
Raven has given herself to Beast Boy for his birthday and lets him do whatever he wants to her, and he’s decided he’s going to be an obnoxious git shifting his penis into exotic animal dongs just perfect for doing unspeakable things to her with. Commission for Sparrow.
Miguel visits his boyfriend, Kaldur at his lighthouse. Things quickly get hot! M/M Warning: smut & yaoi. DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ!
Raven and Robin have always had interest in something more hang over their friendship, but Robin figured it was time to move on when he began dating Starfire and Raven hooked up with Beast Boy. Raven wasn’t so quick to move on, and doesn’t think Robin would take much convincing to cheat, either. Anonymous commission.
First came Terra's defeat, and then comes her breaking at the heels of Raven. The daughter of Trigon is hungry for revenge, and she'll make the little blonde slut a thrall with every ounce of her power...

(Futa/Female, Tentacles, Mindbreak, Rape, Abuse, Breath Control, Massive amounts of cum)
Starfire and Raven have an arrangement. If Raven does a good enough job sucking Starfire's cock, she gets fucked. It's a reward she takes very seriously.

(Futa/Female, D/S, Oral)
When Raven and Starfire accidentally trigger a hidden feature in Titans Tower's training room, they're in for a whole different kind of training (WARNING: contains noncon, slight cum inflation, slight mindbreak)
Raven is captured by the H.I.V.E. Five with the intention of breaking her in, but there’s a darker part of Raven that can save her from that fate; she just needs to find it before it’s too late. Commission for Shazam89.
The life of a wanderer is filled with tough times, and a surprising amount of lesbian sex. In this Teen Titans story set in an alternate universe without heroes and villains, Terra's still a traveler, and she finds herself getting up to all sorts of fun trouble...
Raven and Starfire have been dating for about a year now, but pretty soon Starfire will be entering the Putaka Kroe, a state of sexual fury that overtakes Tamaraneans in love. Driven by a desire to dominate and breed her girlfriend, Starfire is in for a bit of a surprise...
Beast Boy is bored... Raven tells him to get creative... nuff said.

Note: This is more in line with their 'Teen Titans Go!' personas
Raven has to watch Starfire & Beast Boy having fun on the couch until she gets tapped in to join them. Tags : Threeway, Bestiality (Sort of), Facial, Cum Swallowing

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What happens when Blackfire crash lands on Earth and has to be nursed back to health by an average earthling out in the middle of nowhere.
Female superheroes have to face a lot of trials...for several certain Titans, one they'd never expect..
Raven trails Mammoth, but is she the ambusher, or the ambushed?
This is kind of a crossover between JLA & the Teen Titans.
[WIP] SHE was everything he had convinced himself he couldn't have and didn't want. HE was her distraction from a force she wasn't really sure she wanted to escape. Together they would question not only themselves, but each other. [Speedy & Bumblebee]