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After getting her life saved three times by Hiccup she's bound by her families laws to serve him in any way her wants for the rest of her life. Something she's more then eager to do.
An interdimensional trip leaves two super powered ladies in an intense and sexual showdown.

Themes: Time Stop Sex, Fucked Silly, Extreme Pleasure

Summary: Another Worm Story I'm just now posting on HF. In which the side character Clockblocker/Dennis, who in canon has the power to stop time for things he touched, has a much more serious time power in this fic.

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Themes: Glory Holes, Slutty, Big Black Dick

Summary: In which Taylor learns to love glory holes. This is an old story I wrote and posted on Questionable Questing, but never here. So you guys can enjoy it now!

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Themes: Gamer Powers, Minor Brainwashing, Fucked Silly

Summary: In an AU where Uber & Leet are Rule 63'd into Pwnage & Haxx, a couple of smoking hot gaming babes, what else is a Gamer to do when he's dropped into Worm by a ROB, but lewd the hell out of them?

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A cover band finds their opportunity to be seen when their manager turns them into a rock band full of monstergirls.
An experiment in writing multiple matches in quick summaries of a sexy pro wrestling card rather than a full story for each fight. Might go back to it sometime.
A group of friends are introduced to sexfighting and begin an orgasmic string of matches.
A rivalry between two whore houses escalates into one giant catfight
A genie and a harem girl are given the opportunity to fight for their freedom
Just another transfer from the old blog
A tough blonde pro wrestler has a showdown with her Asian rival
Model, celebrity, zombie-shooter and Nazi-punching spy Sarah Steele does her part bring about an end to World War 2 in pulpy action adventures.
Related art here:
In a classic fighting game fashion, various female fighters are invited to a tournament in a strange land where their mystical hostess promises their greatest desires. This means facing many martial artists, demons, witches, elementals, undead cowgirls, pirates and more. Rather than a tournament story, the story explores each fighter's "Story Mode" start to finish, one by on.
Based on some ideas and polls from the Patreon.
A guy tries a new product to turn himself into a goblin
Want for one of your ideas to be made into an actual story but don't want to invest the time or just don't like to write? Well good news! I'll do it for you!
An archive of all the prompts I've written for Tumblr ( 
I need a dentist so I'm lifting my Naruto embargo, but at a somewhat higher rate per word.
Opening smutty fanfic commissions for those who are interested! Read to learn more~

Current Status: OPEN
A retelling of the famous myth about when Amaterasu hid herself in a cave, cutting the world off from the light of the sun; and how Ame-no-Uzumi successfully lured her out by doing a strip-tease.
An old idea I brainstormed with a writing buddy. Just a story following two rookie wrestlers, one facea and one heel, as they move into the big leagues.
Samus explores an alien ship just to find herself fighting for her life.
During a sharp attack of anxiety at a personal low, a would-be secretary gets some help taking her mind off of her problems by a beautiful accountant.

Contains: Girl-on-Girl, Upskirt, Finger-Fucking, Cheating (but on a real dirtbag, if that helps!), Some Really Gooshy Lady Orgasms
Random story idea where a future titfighting champion decides to challenge the champion of  the mutant league, a woman who's the size of a house!
The ritualistic fight between two fairies in an old man's house, the tiny girls using everything around the place to beat each other up.
A guest spot on the WWE sparks a bitter rivalry between two chesty celebs who settle it their own way.