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Hinata is a sex freak even after becoming the mother of two children. With Naruto too busy to spend time with her most nights the two lovers made an agreement. An agreement that the Raikage Darui was about to benefit from. Anonymous Commission.
The title should say it all: this story will be a series of prompts made for my Patrons. Most if not all will be set within the Naruto verse. Pairings, fetishes, scenarios, and the like, will vary based on what the prompt is on. Feedback is very much appreciated!
Sasuke returns to challenge Naruto one final time, placing his wife and daughter on the line in a wager for the title of Hokage. But when Naruto handily defeats his old friend, he knows the only way to appropriately punish Sasuke is to watch as he and his shadow clones turn Sakura and Sarada’s hearts away from him permanently. Anonymous commission.
[fem!Itachi AU and also everyone is alive I guess] Itachi wants nothing more than to secure her brother’s prestige as the highest rated rookie ninja in the village, but she needs to convince Naruto to step out of the way first. She expects hers body will get him to accept, but he has his own counter-proposal and more between his legs than she’s ready to argue against. Anonymous commission.
Hinata is called upon by her clan to perform a certain ritual and ‘special training’, for which she is given ‘ceremonial tea’ and left tied up in a room with five of the Hyuuga clan’s best young warriors, to indulge fully in her body. Commission for sebo70
Hinata is on vacation with her new boyfriend, Naruto, only to come across a stranger and immediately fall in love with his cock.
A routine physical examination of Naruto gives Tsunade a startling surprise, and she just can't keep from indulging in it, even if Naruto is a virgin out of his depth. Neither can a startled Shizune walking in on the festivities. Anonymous commission.
Konohamaru’s all grown up, but Naruto still sees him as a kid, which is bad enough, but so does Naruto’s unbelievably hot mom. A playful wager and a firm decision to show Kushina that he’s a man will hopefully change all of that. Commission for simo09
Sakura doesn’t know when Sasuke’s going to be ready to ‘notice’ her, but a one-night stand with Rock Lee is a good way to at least help tide her over. But maybe the man she should really be paying attention to is the one whose bed she’s snuck into for the night. Anonymous commission.
Reposting this, the first of many I hope.

Made a couple minor tweaks to it, but it's just meant to be a short thing while I get back into the swing of writing again.

In short, NaruHinaSaku threesome fun for everyone!
Naruko is willing to do anything to keep the Raikage from going after Sasuke. Even if it means putting her body on the line in a wager: if she can handle the Raikage in bed, he will not attend the summit. If she loses, she’s his.
Naruto comes back to his hotel room expecting a dirty mattress in a cheap hotel room only to find one hell of a surprise.
A lot of short, smut drabbles that are set in the Naruto world. They can feature any protagonist, but expect Uchiha Sasuke for most of them. Tags and warnings vary, so judge it from drabble to drabble using warnings I'll put in the AN. Don't forget to comment and tell me what you think!
Things settled down in the Elemental Nations after the end of the war. But, that doesn't mean everything is normal. In fact, for Uzumaki Naruto it was the opposite -- there was one unalienable fact about the blonde hero that would change his life forever: he was a sex addict. The threat of the Akatsuki had kept his libido at bay, but with the battles over his sex drive is kick started… and the effects of that are to be felt throughout the world. NarutoxHarem,details inside.

Naruto has a secret Job, A job he wants to share with Boruto.
A job he wants to do with Boruto...

as girls?

Kinks: Happy Sex, Prostitution, Threesome, Cheerleader, Clothed Sex
Kushina's life is turned upside down when she discovers a shocking secret on the night of the New year.
Set in Naruto: The Last, Toneri's marriage with Hinata is not interrupted until its too late, and Naruto can do nothing but watch as Hinata gets deflowered and completely stolen away by Toneri.

As always, available a month early on my Patreon.
What's a man supposed to do in a situation like the one he was put in? Teachers were supposed to help to mold and shape young minds -- not spend their time after school being given 'compensation' by students for better grades. He'd always wanted to stick to the straight and narrow... but a particularly feisty student ended up pulling teacher Uchiha Sasuke into a world he never could have imagined being in. High school AU.
Hey guys, this is a repost of my story from AFF and
A Natsumi (fem naru) X Jiraiya lemon one shot.
The idea behind this is simple: a collection of short stories that range from two chapters to even three or four. In the interest of preventing clutter, I decided to merge them all into one story -- so here it is. There will be a variety of things portrayed: NTR, cuckolding, harem-stuff, anything goes really. Suggestions are always welcomed. More details in chapter titles/ANs.
[A SexualPancakes commission]

The spring may be warm, but Naruto and Hinata's marriage has cooled and she's dying from boredom, begging for the adventure they'd had when they first married.  When Naruto frees Kurama on a date to give her that in a spit-roasting ménage, it unleashes the Nine-Tails to seduce Hinata in a growing succession of demon-cocked massively unsafe perversions.

[NTR, Deepthroat, Impregnation, Creampie, Womb-Fucking, Anal, Tit-Fucking, Pregnancy Sex, Bukkake, Cumplay]
A man arrives at Hinata's home while Naruto is at work and the kids are at school. He tells her he's there to check for mold, and she lets him in, unaware of what he really came for.
The title pretty much; a collection of smutty one shots between Naruto and various female characters. Will vary in length, scenario, girls, and other things. Comments appreciated, feedback always welcome!
Uchiha Sasuke had won; but after the war, he takes a different path. He does not kill Naruto, neither does he kill the Five Kage. He solidifies his power throughout pragmatic means, and intends to restore his clan while at the same time forcing the other villages into line. A rebellion gives him the opportunity he needs: he takes hostages from each village... and embarks on a campaign to coerce or even blackmail them into being his wives. Dubcon, post-war, no character death.
Women are troublesome. This is what Shikamaru has always believed, and none of his experiences have convinced him otherwise. But this doesn't mean he can't enjoy them. [commission]