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Remember a show called Archie's Weird Mysteries? Well, there was one episode where a fish woman took Archie because he had red hair. This is what I thought would happen if she showed up again. Hope you like it. 
Black Cat has gotten the upper hand and she wants information. Will Black Widow spill for some relief?
3 very short (hard 2000 character limit) stories about the first time between Dick and Zatanna, Artemis and Wally, and M'gann and Conner.
Lois Lane finds M.J. wandering through the Daily Planet in search of something. Both of these ladies find something they hadn't expected. But why?
Artemis sees that Sonya's curious about her costume, so she offers to help her try it on. Things heat up from there.
Natalie lives a double life as Tremor, the earth-shaking heroine and member of the Upholders. When their reality-warping leader decides to update their image, she finds herself transformed into a pudgy Indian woman to make the super team more PC and minority-friendly.
After a quick sparring match, Batwoman gives Black Canary some special lessons of her own.
After an exhausting fight, John Stewart, the Green Lantern, checks in on Power Girl. Seeing that she seems unhappy, he offers to help. She takes him up on that offer.
Jessica comes home exhausted. Doreen (aka Squirrel Girl) offers to help her relieve some stress. Only Squirrel Girl happens to be in mating season...
Someone new is making himself known, intent on taking control of every universe he can. And he's forcing every DC and Marvel woman to submit to his will.

Requested Story

Tags: BDSM, Slave, Group, Submission
[Agents of SHIELD] Undercover as a couple at a target’s lesbian bar, May is struggling with the way feelings for Skye have been bothering her since agreeing to be her SO, and they’re only about to get a lot more intense when their way in comes in the form of a threesome offer. Commission for sims2472
(BODY BAGS) A short(ish) story about one man looking for some fun in the night who meets the perfect girl: busty, kinky and cheap. Lucky him, right?

WARNING: Link only, story hosted off-site.
Following the events of 'Undercover Bonds', tension rises between Abbey and Sydney while a mission takes Sydney to the jungles of South America.
Sydney Savage goes undercover to investigate a mysterious man, but her commitment to the mission is tested when Abbey Chase comes in and jeopardizes her cover.  
The sultry Vixen from D/C comics has some naughty and raunchy fun outside of her race.

This is an interesting Commission by Valmont and Edited by Kingtoll88

Themes: Dubcon, Breeding, Loving Sex, Mild Brainwashing

Summary: Hera has a plan. Thelox is her tool. The other Olympic Goddesses and the Amazons are going to need to fall in line.

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Black Manta is loose in Atlantean territory. Queen Mera hunts for him in forbidden waters. An encounter with a rare sea-creature brings dark desires bubbling to the surface.

Interracial, Cheating, BBC
Zatanna wakes up bound and gagged by a group of men she sent to Blackgate who want to get even with her, and even if this really isn’t the time she’s so pent up that beggars can’t really be choosers. Commission for parappa624.
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Themes: Dubcon, Brainwashing, Master/Slave, NTR

Summary: A lonely young nerd finds a back door into the Justice League's communication systems. Being the genius that he is, he decides to use it. Dinah Lance, the Black Canary, ends up being his first victim. But she's far from his last.

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What if it was Aphrodite that spoke to Dr. Poison in the middle of the night, whispering of a new concoction that could help her change the face the war? Armed with a toxin that can make the common human crazed with lust, Isabel tests her creation to ensure it's what she needs to take down Wonder Woman.

(Gangbang, drugs)

Themes: Dubcon, Master/Slave, Anal

Summary: Based off of this. Kara ends up in service to Darkseid. The young woman may not be fully prepared for what exactly that means. But she's happy to give it all she's got for her new Lord.

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Bruce Wayne, billionaire jackass, decides to spy on Diana Prince, watch her carry out certain kinks in order to fulfill his kink (double the amount of perverts).
[Injustice] Superman's regime has won, and the time to rebuild has arrived. Join Vicki Vale as she takes a tour through the Regime's headquarters, and bear witness to the elaborate breeding facility where men and women that opposed their rule are now used to make a new generation of heroes!

[Mind control/noncon, breeding, milking, oral, BDSM, M/F, futa]
[Marvel] When Sue Storm is caught by a dirty, ugly security guard and her powers are blocked, she doesn't have any other choice but to do exactly what she's told. It starts with putting on a show, but gets much worse.

[Noncon, Forced masturbation, revulsion kink, filming]
[DC Universe] Zatanna hasn't been getting the respect she deserves lately, but thankfully she has just the plan! A bit of magic and a bit of reckless desire brings ladies to her private lair where she can enjoy them in private!

(Futa/Female, Mind Control, Magic, RP Format)