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Themes: Threesome, Reluctant, Anal

Summary: In which Tori Vega and Jade West are in an established relationship when an opportunity to break into showbiz comes their way that's just too good for them to pass up.

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After fighting off an evil villain, Elastigirl and Mr. Incredible head to a nearby rooftop to release some pent-up energy.

Contains: Blowjob, Cunnilingus, Analingus, Anal Sex
Atlantis is back in Pegasus, and with it are YouTube celebrities Neal and Kat, taken as part of an effort to publicize the Stargate program. The Wraith are, of course, an ever present threat, but a new challenge looms on the horizon. Will the expedition overcome this new threat? What will they need to sacrifice to do so? 

Themes: Prostitution, Rough Sex, Oral

Summary: In which, between Season 2 and 3 while Buffy is in LA, she finds she needs to do something beyond just waiting tables in order to make ends meet. So, she does the unthinkable...

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Themes: NTR, Dom/Sub, Villain Victorious, Breeding

Summary: Tarzan can't satisfy Jane. He's smart enough to realize that. He needs someone to teach him how to pleasure his woman properly... and Clayton just so happens to be available. Of course, he's not about to do it for free. Little does either man know that Jane is just waiting for someone like Clayton to come along. But then, not even she knows, at first.
[The Incredibles] After the events of Incredibles 2, Helen finds herself in the grasp of a devious foe that wields unreasonable control over her. There's no good deeds to be done here - only the depraved actions of a broken whore trapped in her own body.

(F/Gangbang, F/F, Mind Control, Humiliation, Noncon)
King Robert Baratheon had come North to grieve with his friend and make him Hand of the King. However, after meeting the Starks he's more interested in conquering his best friend's wife: Lady Catelyn Stark.
In which a guy nervously fucks Sadako. (Warning: Does not contain actual ring of cum)
Astrid is preparing to celebrate her and Hiccup's anniversary with a long night of tender lovemaking. When she opens the door it's not Hiccup she finds, but Snotlout, warning her of a huge storm about to batter the island. Spurned and trapped by the storm, Astrid's going to make the best of the situation.

A 'How to train your dragon' commission.
Howard and Penny are finally ready to tie the knot and get married. But amidst the joy of their impending nuptials Howard's work gets in the way when he has to show an aspiring actress how to think and act like an engineer.

A commission for ChadCastle26.
When SHIELD brings Loki in after his stunt in Stuttgart, he is taken to the glass cage and locked away. And while Fury tries to break through Loki's resistance, the Æsir finds an unlikely ally in his enemy’s niece.
Series - Aliens vs. Predator
Characters: Machiko Noguchi, Two OC Yaujta
Tags, Anal, Deepthroat, Skullfuck, Throatfuck, Slut, 

After hunting Hard Meats with her two yautja companions, Machiko Noguchi decides to indulged her wicked side.

AN: This a reduxed version of the original fic, its adds some new things and cleans up most of the typos/spelling mistakes from the original. Enjoy.
(The Good Place) When in Hell, be sure to avoid accidentally insinuating that you test out spanking-based tortures with your girlcrush.
Weekly Prompt Winner

Themes: Dubcon, Breeding, Mind Break, Domination  

Summary:  When Jon Snow comes back from the dead, he returns as a vessel to something greater than himself. Balerion the Black Dread flies again with the mind of a man, and Jon Snow uses his new form to destroy the Night King and Conquer the Seven Kingdoms. When all is said and done, Daenerys reluctantly submits to her nephew's overwhelming strength. 

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 Shield and the Avengers experiment on Bruce Banner
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Themes: Consensual, Cuckolding, Giant Dick, Cheating

Summary: Joffrey and Margaery's wedding goes off without a hitch and so does their wedding night. Little does Joffrey know though, Margaery already has a man she calls king. Or as he prefers, "god of wine and tits".

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[Buffy] In prison, Faith has a target on her back, and she has only hope to bail her out; the MILF of a warden who just loves to save Faith’s ass from the fire so she can enjoy it for herself. Faith doesn’t mind too much either. Commission for sims2472.
 Phil has to watch Claire go black
The Big Bang crew manage to get tickets to the Halloween event of the year. Howard and Penny take the opportunity to have some fun, oblivious to a dark shadow stalking the mansion.

A commission for ChadCastle26.

Themes: Dubcon, Brainwashing, Humiliation, Police Woman

Summary: It's a twenty-year-old Olivia Benson's first night on the job and she wants to get things right. However, the very first person she pulls over has a surprise for her.

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Themes: Consensual, Seduction, Rough Sex

Summary: This story will basically fix-it fic Game of Thrones through sex and making Robert Baratheon a slightly better man... but still a man. Mostly just enjoy the sex~ There will be at least eight chapters! (Chapter 2 is already up on my Patreon)

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Themes: Consensual, Robosex, Death, Uniform

Summary: Skynet didn't initiate Judgment Day alone, but only now does it have the capability to reward those that died in its service.

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In an alternate universe where Amelia survives Kraven's betrayal, Erika finds herself in possession of great power. Her first target? Selene's ass.

Themes: Cheating, Cuckolding, Domination, Dubcon, Blackmail

Summary: When Kate goes to Rogan alone to get him to sign the divorce papers, he doesn't want a favor. He just wants her. What follows is an awakening for the beautiful detective.