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This story was commissioned by The Lone Shogun.

Synopsis: Shinji suggests that Asuka could teach him some basic german to pass the time. What he doesn’t expect is that Asuka intends to turn this lesson into something a lot more intense than he initially thought...

(femdom, oral, cowgirl, doggystyle, breeding, threesome, squirting, anal)

Bonus chapter is out!
The sequel to Get In The Fucking Dress, Shinji. Shinjiko follows in Ayanami's footsteps by hooking up with the first of many new boyfriends. Oops!

Older story. Asuka and Shinji get it on. You know the drill. 
[A TheLoneShogun Commission]

Another path taken; another set of possibilities in reality's Persian knotwork.  The Angels are conquered, and Ayanami is confronted with the philosophical quandary about what to do with her newfound life.  Her answer is fucking the whiny autism out of a much more adult Shinji.

[Footjob, Footjob Blowjob, Oral Creampie, Latex, Leg Fetish, Cumplay, Safe Sex, Condom Play, Mild Femdom]
Rei Ayanami begins to discover her sexuality, with some help from the internet and Asuka. Things don't go as expected. Or maybe they go exactly as expected once Mari gets involved. Includes threesome and D/s themes between the girls.
Misato, while staying in a hotel on business, calls an escort service and finds one of her fears turned into a perfect opportunity…


commission for kinkynokyoukai
Asuka and Misato are done with their frustrating attraction toward Shinji; it’s time they made their attractions known and spare no effort in helping him get the point. Commission for TheLoneShogun.
The absence of Shinji Ikari's mother has shaped his life. When interfacing with Unit-01 results in certain physical enhancements, he learns more about which women are motherly and which aren't.

This story was funded by the Commission Bank tier of my Patreon.
Asuka comes home after a long day to find a very drunk Misato spending some quality time with a black male prostitute. She  stays to sneakily watch, but what will happen if she's discovered?
In theory, Shinji could have been born with a cock thicker than his pussy ass wrists. In theory, Misato could've rimmed him/sucked his dick after he burst out of the shower that one time.

In theory, he could've impregnated Rei and Asuka in the same sexual instance.

In theory.

Commission for Fan Raffle Winner: Gerzy
Shinji as you've never seen him before! 

Shinji is promised a free use day with the women of NERV in order to keep him from giving up in a dire battle against an Angel. When he returns to base looking to collect something is different about him now and none of the women of Tokyo-3 will ever be the same. Tags: Harem, Domination, & my trademark Tons of Cum!(TM)

Rei Ayanami
Asuka Langley Soryu
Misato Katsuragi
Ritsuko Akagi
Maya Ibuki
And maybe some guest stars!
A three-part Evangelion work. Shinji gets transformed into a ridiculously busty, Mogudan-sized babe and gets into all kinds of trouble. [img]//[/img]  
Freya, a manufactured human, becomes the first pilot of the Evangelion Project as shadow groups manipulate events and threaten to drive a wedge between her and her siblings.
A new portion of the Dead Sea Scroll is found and shows not everything is preordain and a little chaos is all that stands between salvation and destruction. A crossover story with the Evangelion and Gargoyles t.v. series.