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When a guy's local sexy yokai is too annoying at work, he makes sure she's punished for it.
Ragna is starting to wonder if he actually has been corrupting the innocent Ruby Rose, with the young huntress 'looking' for her spoon under the table. For the past ten minutes. With her father a few feet away form them. And it doesn't help that her sister keep's 'dropping her napkin' too.

Tags: Vanilla, Humor, exhibitionist, threesome

Their base destroyed, IMC Major Diogenes Renard and his Titan KR-3070 are caught in the fallout of one last act of spite. Time and space unfold, dropping them into a mystical world not at all like the Frontier. First things first: where did his Monarch go, and why does this young woman respond to the name KR?

Tags: Titanfall, Titans, pilot, sci fi, fantasy, erotica with a Plot, lighthearted, story
The winner of the 300+ fan raffle, as requested by Startale! Years after their last encounter with one another, Crach has finally managed to reach out to Yennefer, eager for another session with the raven haired woman. As she aims to satisfy him and move on with her business, the Boar King realizes that this is his opportunity to seize and make her his third wife!
Lara finds Nathan and Indiana in possession of relics she happens to be after. She does whatever it takes to get them.
Eve buys a strange choker that transforms her body and mind.
A man manipulates time and claims Eve as his bitch.
Explicitly naughty fanfic about an inexperienced Nurse and her chance meeting with a disillusioned survivor. Together they will show each other what it means to feel that spark when their heartbeats race as they get closer and closer to each other. Read at your own risk!
A crossover series between Witcher and League of Legends where Geralt is the captain of a Bilgewater ship in service of Noxus. Triss is his loyal healer aboard the Exiled Moon. The story starts with Geralt's current task of capturing a sorceress by the name of Yennefer. 

Anonymous commission~
Tales and images in my mind from dead by daylight.

Contains gore, violence, rape, and mind break.

To be continued...
In which we take a look at Nintendo's strange new IP, Wii Fuck. Gonna learn about how sex can be both fun and good exercise!
Set during Uncharted 4: A Thief's End

While Nathan Drake is in Malaysia for a salvage operation, he's left his lovely wife Elena Fisher at home alone. Bored out of her mind, Elena is interested by the new Black family that has moved in across the street, particularly the son. Will this new fascination undo the love of her marriage?

Themes of cheating, interracial, younger man/older woman
Inspired by pewposterous's blender animations
Two women, warriors, tools of war searching for a purpose, and they find each other in a mindless, war-torn world. Are they ready for each other?
Set in the For Honor universe.
Read "Warnings & Information" before you start!
Shantae decides to take on a part time job as a dancer for hire to earn money for her very own bath tub. However her clients turn out to be a very unexpected group.
Premise: Mettaton-EX is making his big debut on the surface! He’s got a sweet TV gig lined up so he can show the world his fabulous style. The only issue now is his outfit. Is he really going to go out in public in... this?
[Fate/Grand Order] Florence Nightingale has decided her master, Ritsuka, is in need of very direct kind of treatment to deal with his stress, and her bed care routine is one that Ritsuka is about to become very, very frustrated by. Commission for Grayjack.
This was a request for my first smitfic.
This smutfic was drawn from a series of fanfics on FE Amino where after FE: Warriors, Corrin gets sent to Lyn’s world instead of his own. Link to the first of three fanfics: 

Corrin isn’t my favorite character, but I did enjoy writing this.
Thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day!
[font="Times]¿Bu[/font][font="Times]scando los mejores juegos de sexo virtuales y realistas para adultos?[/font]
[font="Times]Los juegos de sexo online han avanzado en los últimos años y cualquiera que haya jugado en Second Life sabrá lo adictivo que pueden ser.[/font]
Adventures from the lands of the exiled!
Stardew Valley is home to a delightful little town...with it's fair share of dirty little secrets.

This is a series of short tales about the residents of Pelican Town from the game Stardew Valley. Just me letting my imagination run wild about what possible encounters there could have been, before and after the player's arrival.
When the heroes are defeating storming the Castle, Eve is given away to a man as a spoil of war. Commission.
When the squad is away, Dokkaebi will play.
During the festival, Monika does her best to humiliate Natsuki in public by forcing her to do perverted things, only for everything to backfire on her.
Some poker chips have names. Some have kinks. I draw one of each, then write about that character doing that deed!

All names and kinks are suggested by my  This is gonna be a regular thing, so make sure to follow!
Meeting up with Chloe at a party, Max is introduced to her friend's fuck-buddy Leon, whose lovely, hypnotizing stare soon brings both ladies back to his place, Max's objections disappearing instantly under his power.

Kink Keywords: Hypnosis, Huge Dick