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Themes: Fucked Silly, Breeding, Virgin Sex

Summary: An incredibly smutty AU in which Junpei Kousaka is not cursed by a cat deity. No, instead he's caught the attention of another deity altogether. Can you guess which?

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Themes: Virgin Sex, Misunderstandings, Humor (or an attempt at it, at least)

Summary: An AU of RWBY in which the SDC is just a bit more intelligent, and all that more progressive for it. All you need to know is that Neon Katt's dad works in the SDC's middle management, and she'll do anything to make sure her father keeps his job. Anything.

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Themes: NTR, Mind Control, Domination, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Kali tries to meet with the White Fang in an effort to keep relations between them and her husband from worsening further. Little does she know, the Fang has seen an extremely recent change in leadership, and Adam Taurus cares little about the costs of seeing his vision realized. The White Fang cell in Menagerie has been given free reign to do whatever is necessary to secure control of the continent.
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Once upon a time, Weiss Schnee stumbled upon Ruby and Jaune having sex in Team RWBY's dorm room. Not only did she watch them fuck, Weiss touched herself to the sight. The images of their bodies pressed together in depraved unity scarred her mind and plagued her thoughts for months after, until finally she does something about it. 

Includes: Threesome. Polyamory. 

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[RWBY] In the locker room after a good, long training session, Ruby can’t help but take notice of her sister’s body in ways she never has before, and her inability to keep her eyes to herself leads them both down a path to explore some curiosities they’ve always had. Anonymous commission.
Glynda finally has a chance to get some alone time with Ozpin, and she plans to use it to quench her desires.

Themes: Dom/Sub, Breeding, Fucked Silly

Summary: A skilled mechanic gets the chance to move up in the world. And he takes it. Along with some lovely ladies along the way.

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Commissioned by GiftedMonster, first in a multi chapter story.

After begin summoned by a gross, overweight otaku, Rias Gremory is pulled into a sleazy deal in order to try and gain a rare artifact.

Chapter 1 - Groping, dry humping, anal masturbation,
As Blake awakens a new need within herself, she finds herself unable to ignore her desire.

Contains: Foot Fetish/Worship, Scent Play, Public Masturbation, Somnophilia, Lesbian Sex.
A Commission for MobyHuge20

In the World of Monster Musume a young man has to deal with the Full Moon and three lovely Monster Girls all vying for his attention.

Hijinks Ensure
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Themes: Reversal, Dom/Sub, Anal, Fucked Silly

Summary: Rin winds up with Ishtar controlling her body after a botched ritual. She’s been running wild, and has now propositioned Shirou with his girlfriend’s body, and bet: if he can outdo her in bed, she’ll let Rin have control and do as Rin and Shirou want. Ishtar is confident, but Shirou has an ace in the hole; the butthole, that is.

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Hx HD hjsa
Ruby and her boyfriend, Jaune, go through a process for Ruby’s first anal experience.

Themes: Legal Loli, Gangbang, Pornography, Exhibitionism

Summary: In which Popura is sick and tired of being treated as a child by everyone around her. So, she gets an adult bikini and goes to an adult beach. Surely they'll HAVE to treat her like an adult there! Careful what you wish for...

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Nozomi picks up Eli for their beach date. 

But of course, things get a little steamy along the way.
[Fate/Grand Order] Mash is caught by her two masters, Gudao and Gudako, in the midst of something private, and finally the chance to ‘help’ her is upon them. Anonymous commission.
Cinder, Salem, and Neo all find a man ready to give them his power and sellout the world just to fuck them.
Commissioned by anonymous.

It's about time that Yuuto Kiba gets a proper reward for all his years of service. Of course, he didn't anticipate that reward being a tumble beneath the sheets with Rias Gremory, but, you know, he wasn't about to decline that kind of offering.

Big cock, deep penetration.

Kiba x Rias, Highschool DxD.
Commissioned by LaDdraig.

All he wanted was a picture to submit to the school for a picture contest. But, in the end, Jin got something much, much better... namely, a busty redhead that went by the name of Rias Gremory ending up in his bed that night. Not that he was complaining. 

OC / Rias Gremory, Highschool DxD
Lusamine and Cynthia meet up after years of being apart, having a bit of fun during their reunion.
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Momo and Shoto have shower sex.

Includes: Temperature kink, and loving, shower sex.

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Midoriya Deku comes to understand what it truly means to become a growing man and not just a hero. For with great power comes even greater fetish responsibility!  First Chapter for a 3 part series, will post more soon.  Themes include: Foot Fetish, Feet, Foot play, Foot Focus, Femdom, Ejaculation, etc. 
Kazuma learns a new thief skill and decides to test it out on Luna, the well-endowed guild receptionist, much to everyone's enjoyment.
[Kizuna AI] Kizuna said she would fall in love with someone if they won a 1,000,000,000 yen lottery. You, with your newly assembled lottery fortune, want nothing more than to make good on that promise, and Kizuna finds out that there's plenty more about you to like than your money. Reader is of unspecified gender but has a penis. Anonymous commission.