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What would happen if Deathwing had won the war for Azeroth? In this story, we shall delve in a world ruled by Deathwing in the events after Cataclysm where Alexstrasza, the Queen of Life, finally accepted Deathwing's offer in becoming his Prime consort to ensure the other dragons would follow his leadership but also to sate a long buried desire of feeling the Destroyer's girth inside her.
A compilation of stories about several original characters set in the Warcraft universe. Far from the typical differences between Alliance and Horde, these stories focus on a darker side of the story, especially the Burning Legion.
The Myrhail family is a free spirited bunch, despite the problems threatening to destroy Azeroth they maintain a positive outlook. This is very much helped by the open way they approach relationships and the will to try and experiment new things.

Chapter 0 - A lewd shabari bound night walk through the city.
Una compilación de historias acerca de varios personajes originales ambientados en el universo de Warcraft. Lejos de las típicas diferencias entre Alianza y Horda, estas historias se centran en un aspecto más oscuro de la historia, especialmente en la Legión Ardiente.
An ancient foe defeated. Rising tensions. A world on the brink of total war. Two old lovers from different worlds and loyalties come together for a final reprieve before it all comes crashing down.

First post. M/F, rough sex. I'm incredibly rusty, so consider this more of a warmup piece.
Alexstrasza is in the market for a new consort, so she seeks out an old friend who can set her up with a man worthy enough to breed her.
The trials and triumphs of a draenei manwhore.
An orc champion of the arena sells herself to two human noblemen for the night. Was it worth it?

This is a semi-one shot piece of smut, using a character from my other story, The Gladiator's Prize, which can be read here. (Smut starts in chapter 3)
Iridi, our intrepid draenei has come home to find the Undercity burning. She must descend into the depths to find out what has happened to her love.
Anonymous commission.

A human man gets captured by a busty Orc.

Titfucking, slightly non-con, large breasts, large cock, muscular woman
What better way for a guy to celebrate his birthday than having a foursome with three beautiful busty draenei gals? Come on in and see how things go!

Ashaellia belongs to Serenth

Frederik is my OC

Neira belongs to Franarok

Thaliah belongs to Lavitz
Iridi, our light-blessed Draenei champion of the people is returning to her Queens. Hopefully nothing bad happens on the way home.
A human patrolman, Verrick, on the border of Horde-controlled territory is jumped by Vlora, a blood elf scout. Instead of killing him, Vlora decides to take her frustrations out on him and have a little fun.
Disclaimer: Completed this about a year and a half ago but sorta went on hiatus without doing any real editing so sorry in advance.

With how busy the Wardens have been with tracking down all kinds of deadly demons, a friendly emissary decides to assist in an attempt at lightening their workload. 
Byrd Bones is the new captain of the ship, The Silver Lady. Join him as he fucks his way around the seas of Azeroth, building a crew and harem of beautiful, exotic women. 

Vote for ch. 4!
An intimate evening of sexy times between two of my OCs, Frederik and Shariel.

Hope you enjoy!
Dahlia, an Illidari, gets hammered by an Orc.

This contains trap, it is yaoi. If that disturbs you, do not read it.
Story written for the BF awhile ago. Warcraft characters.
A pair of everyone's favorite warcraft dragons go to the beach and remove their tops.  Hawt action ensues
This is a mini story about my recent Illustrations

Ready to be filled by the light

Lightfilled, Fuckforged

Featuring a Draenei who learns the advantages of being a Lightforged. Hope you enjoy it.
A fresh Highmountain Tauren is unexpectedly summoned to a private audience with the Banshee Queen herself on his first day away from the only home he's ever known. However, he'll soon learn that the infamous Sylvanas Windrunner doesn't do anything (or anyone) without an ulterior motive.
Lady Liadrin and Jaina Proudmoore on a beach, in swimsuits, fucking.
Draenei with a dick fucks a gnome and a succubus.
Follow along with Cassiopeia as she slays demons and has close calls with Demon Lieutenants as they try to break and shatter the Elf's will and take her for their own. 

I plan for this to just be an on going story with no true finale... (Maybe)

Please leave a comment if you enjoyed so far!
Moon the troll shaman runs into the infamous Sir- Crits-a-Lot in Dalaran....and the two throw down for an entire weekend of debauchery!

TAGS: Pussy worship,  straight, edging, cream pie, M/F, straight, elf, troll, warcraft, wet and messy, raw