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Post War, Narcissa is desperate to pay her debts so she doesn't lose her home.  This leads her to a situation she never expected to be in.
When Hermione Granger gets trapped halfway through a phantom wall, all the guys in the Gryffindor Common Room are presented with the opportunity of a lifetime.
Part Two of the Headmaster Potter stories

Headmaster Potter and his pet explore the Chamber of Secrets, but pet gets far more than she ever expected!

Written on Commission
A series of related stories feature Harry Potter, the Headmaster of Hogwarts History, his devoted Pet (and wife) Hermione, and their lovers. 

Written on Commission
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Harry Potter befriends Luna Lovegood after she is viciously attacked by her peers, leaving her injured. When Harry asks her to the Yule Ball despite her broken leg, romance, laughter, and chaos ensue. The Yule Ball is going to be the event of the year. Don't miss it!
A new Hogwarts policy names a single seventh year witch every Friday to become a free use sex toy for the other students for the day, and Hermione’s turn is up. Patreon poll winner.
In the Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, quiet Gryffindor student Camilla Hughes is the secret, longtime girlfriend of accomplished Slytherin Head Boy Nicholas Thorne. With the end of their final year nearing them, Camilla and Nicholas agree to meet overnight in secret, as they often have before. When they do, Camilla discovers that this night will be a little different from the ones before it.

Themes: Foursome, Fucked Silly, Rough Sex

Summary: Fleur and Bill have an open relationship. A VERY open relationship. So it's no surprise that she invites Harry over to fuck her for an entire weekend at Shell Cottage. She's just not expecting who he brings along with him.
For Harry it is the darkest of times as he suffers through the Death of his Godfather. Can a Lonely Loony Ravenclaw show him the light, and make her first true friend in the process?
Weekly Prompt Poll Winner (Chapter 2 is currently a Patreon Exclusive)

Themes: Needy, Desperate, Breeding, Primal Urges 

Summary: An AU where Sirius Black is Cassi Black, named so after one of her great aunts. And after getting out of prison, Cassi Black has a bit of an issue. Namely, the difficulty of differentiating between her godson and her dead and buried best mate.

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Themes: Loving, Big Dick, Breeding

Summary: Harry manages to defeat Voldemort, and in the process he ends up... changed by the experience. Meanwhile, Hermione feels guilty over 'betraying' her best friend. But as she quickly finds out, Harry is quite the forgiving sort.
Harry Potter had high aspirations when he decided to come back to Hogwarts for his true seventh year - a quiet time without anyone trying to murder him.  With Voldemort gone, Harry felt free to do the one thing he'd always wanted to do: be a normal teenage boy and chase as many girls as he pleased.  But a number of factors combine to give him a tremendous surprise; and now he can go after his innermost desire. And he had his eyes set on quite a few beauties... Harry x Harem, post-war.

Themes: Loving, Transformation, Harem

Summary: Harry Potter is a metamorphmagus, though he doesn't know it. Tonks is smart enough to see the signs though. And she's more than happy to help out. (No Sex in the first chapter.)

Themes: Consensual, Dom/Sub, Rough Sex, Master/Slave

Summary: This is a spiritual successor of Sex Ed. Probably should read that first before jumping into this, as that sets up what this world is about. Enjoy!

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I was commissioned to write 3k words to ignore canon (gladly) and make Tonks tease poor Harry underneath a table at a public gathering with her foot. But I like this little pairing, so I fleshed it out a bit~
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Themes: Consensual, Breeding, Moresome 

Summary: In the celebration after Voldemort's defeat, Ginny Weasley gives Harry Potter a powerful Lust Potion but the Hufflepuff witches rescue him and bring him to their Common Room. Susan Bones, Hanna Abbott and Megan Jones demonstrate what it means to be a Puff. 

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Themes: Consensual, Cuckolding, Toys, Slutty

Summary: Hermione Granger-Weasley is a huge, unrepentant slut. Ron is happy to go along for the ride, but he has no idea just how deeply his wife's perversions run. After everything... Hermione just can't stop herself from escalating.

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Weekly Prompt Winner #32

Themes: Consensual, Dom/Sub, Threesome, Breeding

Summary: Having been elected Minister of Magic, Harry Potter discovers there's something he must do now, something that every Minister before him for hundreds of years has failed to accomplish. An ancient treaty with a Veela Enclave can only be renewed if Harry proves himself. Time for some tests.

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In minutes, Ginny is set to be married to Harry, but she can’t resist the dangerous temptation of letting ex-boyfriend Dean Thomas raw her before a walk down the aisle for one last rush of adventure. Patreon story for Troublesome671991.
After Harry walked in on Ginny cheating on him, something changed. Now single, he’s decided that if he couldn’t have a faithful wife, nobody will, and sets out to seduce away the married witches in his life for his own twisted game. Commission for Sharkbait.
When his witch gets wrapped up in work Ron finds a sensual way to remind her to come home.

Themes: Consensual, Dom/Sub, Threesome

Summary: A bit of a reversal on the ole Marriage Contract cliche~ Daphne Greengrass and Tracey Davis want in on the ground floor. Given just how much the contracts favor him, Harry is willing to let them in. And then he has them show him what they're made of.~

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Commissioned by 

Tonks has been assigned to be Harry Potter's secret guardian at Hogwarts. Her job is to get close to Harry and make sure she's on hand if Voldemort or anyone in the Ministry tries to act against him as he finishes another year at school. Of course, things don't remain that simple for either or our heroes. 

Themes: Consensual, Loving, Slutty, Dom/Sub, Roleplay

Summary: Harry and Hermione end up growing up fast, right around the same time. Suddenly, Harry is a total hunky stud and Hermione is noticing. Meanwhile, Hermione has become a curvaceous, buxom young beauty and Harry has DEFINITELY noticed that. 

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Ginny and Cho are at a Hogwarts reunion. They decide to have a little time alone together. Post-war. Lemon. BDSM.