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A human warrior learns something new about his elven partner, and things get heated.
I actually submitted this to the Sex & Sorcery 2 collection as a single huge chapter like two years ago, (you can still see the whole thing in there if you can't wait for more).
A strong, brave barbarian warrior challenges the dreaded Yomela in her black keep. he has slain her guardians, defeated demons and monsters alike and climbed the basalt steps to her chambers. Now, his greatest threat awaits him. A threat to his very masculinity...
Poro the Kobold thief dips into a back alley after a nearly-botched jewel heist. Has she managed to shake the guard off her tail at last?

The work was commissioned by . The characters within belong to them.

My commission information is available here.
What if a Mirror could change your life...?
A CYOA game following Lena, an elf archer currently journeying through the jungle. Join in to vote and choose what happens to her next.[
An Elven Princess. A very dickish Incubus Prince. The Prince is captured for trespassing and breaking several of the Elven laws and brought to the Princess on her 100th birthday for judgment of his crimes. The end result is not what anyone expects as the Princess gets cursed and it forces her to gather two of her most trusted guards and for them to go on a quest to remove it. However, removing it is easier said than done.

I will update the mature content ratings as more content gets added.
 A well-hung gentleman adventurer in a steampunk world attends an exclusive soiree in search of clues to a lost treasure, and finds rather more sex than he planned on. Not that he's complaining. TAGS: huge_penis, consensual, virgin, vaginal, double_titfuck, blowjob, anal, MF, MFF
  The short story of a character from The Traveller (also published here) which seemed not to fit in Altair's tale. 

  Was not my intention to make the Dra. a main character. She insisted on that until I agree, as fictional character sometimes do.      
Cherry is a sheltered wizard's apprentice, excited to go to the Grand Summer Ball until she actually gets there. But sometimes, things work out all right.

Some fluffy high fantasy, featuring a Dark Elf, a handsome stranger, and hiding from a party.
Two of Brynja's wives--Reyn and Rósný--are constantly jealous of each other, trying to be the 'first' wife in the viking's heart. When the tension comes to a head, Brynja comes up with a plan to get them to cooperate.

Commissioned by ImprobableIntellect, to whom these OCs belong.
Princess Lucia being gifted a cursed necklace begins her transformation into succubus demon.

This is an alternative version of my "Princess and Her Cursed Collar" story. Focusing more on the Princess and her increased sex drive and remakes the story fully after a certain point after initial chapters.

F/M sex focus exploring many kinks a succubus would have within the tags this story has.
In an occupied port city in another world's industrial revolution, a woman seeks to negotiate the dangers of faith, revolution, lust, magic, and family. Help presents itself, but can one ever truly deal with witches and emerge unscathed?

Part of a project with FewScrewsLoose, and my half of an art trade.

As always, please leave a like or a comment if you enjoy.
The archaeologist Diana Bianchi writes what she can gather about the women of Heimrødgårðr: their story, their experiences, and their passions.

An example of character development done with the commissioner, ImprobableIntellect, who also owns the characters. Diana Bianchi also owned by RedDeadRaider.
Two famous monster hunters meet the greatest, and sexiest, challenge of their lives. Please comment if you enjoy my stories :D
An ambitious knight runs into a greedy dragon-girl who may add him to her hoard of treasure!

Lewd things start in chapter 2.
Hey guys! This is the first little piece I've done on here so feel free to tell me what you think. It's a little tame to the stuff I'm used to doing. I hope to write more great stories for you all too read!
Look forward to it lovelies. ;)

Please enjoy this little taste of what's yet to cum. You haven't lived till you've died a little. cum with me and succubus your day away.~
Archangel Ariel always was the most dedicated angel in her God's service. To the point she could not even form opinions of her own of anything always just serving the will of others.

One day Ariel was banished by her God to an alley behind a brothel and found a new way to serve.

Prostitution/angels/humans/demons related sexual stuff.
A Witch that haunts an evil forest hasn't felt sensation in so long, she's forgotten what a man's touch is even like. Her only joy comes from killing adventurer's that get lost in the forest, and even that thrill is fleeting.

One stormy night, she discovers a lone man entering her forest. Normally anyone who visits comes to berate, or exorcise her, but this man is unarmed and only carrying a lamp . .
Adrielle tries to kill a sorceress, only to become her slave.
Themes (as of Chapter 2): Yuri, Monster Girls

A collection of tales on life in the demiplane of Heimrødgård... That is, the Norse warrior turned harpy, Brynja's moments with each of her wives.

Commissioned by ImprobableIntellect, who also owns the characters!
Leo the hunter is living on his own, struggling to sustain a quiet life in the woods. A chance encounter with Senna brings that crashing down as he's swept up into centuries old blood feuds.

He'll have to survive with the help of Senna, and hopefully learn how to handle her affections as well...
Another encounter in the elven woods. This time, it's a female half-elf who's been hounding you since the first day you stepped into the forest...
[M/Oral][F/Oral][Elf Sex]
A dysfunctional band of Paladins and the Half-Orc bard who plays the ‘brains’ behind the operation go on a messy and sticky quest to save the Moonlit Shields, a holy order cursed to wear almost no armor and walk around as holy warrior exhibitionists. Commission for ArdenWolfWatcher.
After dealing with the wolfmen and Orc bandits, Sophie and Alex have been adventuring together for some time. On their mot recent mission, trouble from their first encounter comes back to haunt them...
A requested short story for a sexfight compilation to direct folks to my Patreon. 
When asked what to do for it, I wrote two warrior women adventurers competing over a flirty and manipulative gnome waitress.