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Themes: Mind Control, Fucked Silly, Master/Slave

Summary: In which Professor X isn't nearly as nice a man as he is in canon. In fact, one might say he's... the Reverse. (I crack myself up :V)
A late night team-building exercise has Gambit and Jean under no supervision, and when Gambit decides to make a quick, charming move on Jean, he finds that she's a woman in sore need of exactly the kind of man that he is. Anonymous commission.
[X-Men Evolution] Kitty and Kurt can’t ignore the tension between them any longer, as a ‘movie night’ turns into a passionate first time so intense they don’t think safety as much as they should. Anonymous commission.
Magik has come back from Limbo with a lot of baggage and secrets she doesn’t want to talk about, but perhaps the most potent of all might be a lover she left behind so much that she quite literally put him out of mind. But whether she remembers him or not, he has come to throw her life into discord, and perhaps to drag down her sweet friend Kitty with her. Commission for Jviper.

Themes: F/F, BDSM, Telepathic fucking

Word Count: 2,019

Summary: A commission in which Kitty knows Rachel needs to be able to assert her dominance, after being kept prisoner and kidnapped leading up to the formation of their team Excalibur. Luckily, Kitty is a very caring lover and wants what's best for Rachel, and if that means a bit of bondage...

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Random stories involving the ladies of X-Men Evolution. All characters portrayed are 18 or over in this version.
Storm Vs. White Queen. - Shemale Version.
By SheriffBart.

This is the shemale version of a tale wherein Storm tricks The White Queen and ambushes her. Storm has a score to settle with Emma for having inadvertently turned her into a hermaphrodite and decides to do it in the most fitting way.
Storm Vs. White Queen rope bunny story.
By SheriffBart.

This is a tale of fan fiction wherein Storm tricks The White Queen into sending the rest of the team away. While The White Queen is hooked up to Cerebro chasing a ruse, Storm ambushes her. Emma finds herself bound hanging from ropes in a dark hallway in the basement of the mansion with Storm as her captor. An inhibiting collar and devious use of nanites turns The White Queen into Storm's submissive slave.
In alternate universe relationships of X-Men are still complex. Thats what young telepath John Grey and his girlfriend Summers aka Cyclops grow to understand...

Written by qq88qq88qq88 () and posted with permission
On an alternate earth, everything goes wrong when Jean Grey is forced to give into her deepest desires, unleashing the sexually depraved Dark Queen. With her will and powers focused on cruel ecstasy, it’s only a matter of time until she breaks the X-Men. Their only chance lies in a treacherous alliance with the Hellfire Club.
Viper developes a new venom that enthralls her victims, turning them into her mindless- and more importantly horny subordinates. Who better to target than the unknowing X-babes?

Kitty Pryde is soon to be the next victim! Once again: After her chapter is added, there will be another vote to determine who Viper pursues next. 

While X-23 tries to focus on the game she's playing, her rather single-minded boyfriend Wingbat has other ideas. Commission for Wingbat.
Deciding that leather isn't working out for her, X-23 gets a pair of pants made with unstable molecules, and her boyfriend discovers that there are non-combat benefits to the new material as well. Commission for Wingbat.
On Emma's 'insistence', Rogue learns that just because she can't have sex, doesn't mean she can't do something erotic, even if her show doesn't go entirely as planned when instead of applause, her audience decides to give her some stickier appreciation.
X-23 and her boyfriend Wingbat go to a nightclub, but Laura's attempt to rile him up may backfire on her more than she thinks. Commission for Wingbat.
A glitch in the hotel's booking system upgrades Wingbat and X-23 to a lavish rooftop suite, and the two mutants take the opportunity to enjoy it to the fullest. Commission for Wingbat.
Laura Kinney (X-23) has needs. Luckily she has a secret admirer, Chris Aangher (Wingbat), who is exceptionally eager to help her out in that department.

Commissioned by Wingbat, of who I am now jealous.
At Emma Frost's pool party Rogue & Storm are looking to hook up. They both end up sharing the same guy who is packing a special mutant gift all his own. This story is a prize from my 200 Fan Story Raffle. Tags - Threesome Anal Deepthroat

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It's time for X-23 to open up to enjoying sex. It's time for her to become a woman, and learn the sort of things her body enjoys. A sexual awakening story, told in the first person from Laura's perspective. An ongoing commission for the awesome Wingbat!
(Special thanks to Wingbat )
Laura Kinney has a boyfriend, an ordinary guy named Christian. They're also members of the most misunderstood and hated superhero team on the planet: X-Men.
​A comic book romance that takes a deeper look at the most everyman teenage superhero since Peter Parker and the hottest X-Woman of the new millennium. 
Young mutant Wingbat has had a crush on the beautiful, quiet X-23 for a long time. Now that he finally has a way to get with her, though, he's not so sure it's a great idea...

Commission for Wingbat.
Psyocke, Danger Room, Sentinels.   Nuff said
#20 in the Wolverine Ladie's series: Tifa Lockheart, Fantasy Fuck!
#19 in the Wolverine Ladie's series: Chun Li, Street Fightin' Lady!